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  1. marking Glock sights

    Incidental contact it should last a good while, if it gets scrubbed or flooded plan on reapplication. For mags I just paint marker no prep, it fades, but annual reapplication is not a big deal. With the age and use mine are getting this year I need to go do that... If I wanted a permanent solution I'd either notch the baseplates or mark the same with a soldering iron/woodburner. The more expensive and best looking option would be laser etched alloy baseplates.
  2. marking Glock sights

    Witness marks? So you can return to zero? Carbide scribe. Colorfill scratch if you want. If fixed rear sight apply rockset or sleeve retainer if it isn't tight in the dovetail, or peen it. Mine fits tight, it'd take a hammer to move. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  3. Top 3 pistol powders

    Red dot - very soft and pretty quiet Titegroup & Bullseye one or the other is always availible, meter well, work well in a lot of calibers, maybe a little dirty. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  4. Reloading

    Lyman book, read it. Supplement with online data from manufacturers. Verify things you read on forums with both. Just pistol, get a progressive, beyond that you'll need dies, a scale, caliper, and some method of cleaning brass. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  5. 9mm Minor

    Reddot with 155s takes very little, but bulky for ease of viewing, fairly clean Titegroup or Bullseye with 147s, meter well, little dirty Bullseye with 133s, probably my most accurate to date I'd still like to mess with American Select, E3, Cleanshot and others, so many choices.
  6. When dryfiring...

    I just slap it and focus on keeping the sights steady when I do so. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  7. Slug Tested My 1911 9mm Barrel

    Are your wadcutter slugs dead soft pure lead? Alloyed bullet lead can spring back slighty. .354/.355 Jacketed or plated will be fine. Coated or cast you might want to source size .357/.358, though I've run Blue Bullets and my home coated which are theoretically undersize without leading or accuracy issues. 9mm groove diameter is rarely the spec .355, most run large, some very large, it can present a challenge with cast. Fusion makes pretty good stuff, I have no experience with their barrels but would expect them to be a good value.
  8. Red Dot vs Bullseye vs Prima V

    I've had pretty good results from Bullseye and 147s. Red Dot seems cleaner, charge required for 155gr bullet is lower, recoil impulse softer, case fill better, have yet to try it with any normal 9mm weight bullet. Titegroup for me is virtually identical to Bullseye, denser, took a tenth or two more to equal velocity just as "dirty".
  9. Glock mag extensions in Limited

    The 5/6 Tarans are advertised as legal and many locals use them. I have not seen or heard any of them have any issues from them. ETS makes 140mm mags for Glocks.
  10. Three matches within an hour drive. One Sat, 6 stages always at capacity tic over 8o shooters, set up night before and morning of, first shots at 1000 over and torn down by 1530ish at worst Other Sat, 6-9 stages, 80ish shooters, paid range staff handles set up, first shots at 1000 almost always runs to and sometimes past 1600, tear down is mixed, range staff handles some. Sunday afternoon, 4 stages, set-up 1000, 60 shooters max, first shots 1300, torn down and out by 1530 90% of the time, now defunct
  11. My experience as a caster, lead scrounger, and shooter of lots of steel, anecdotal, not scientific as I don't care enough to set up repeatable experiments, don't measure BHN, and don't chrono every round I shoot. Hard alloy (water dropped COWW) at a certain impact velocity (still sub) will shatter, turning to just about dust with some 1-2mm fragments (spall), the distribution is typically circular and IIRC read 20° relative to the face of the target, I never bothered measuring the angle, as it rarely matters unless placing steel above/below/beside things that will be ruined, but the side and upward spall may travel significant distances. Soft alloy will pretty much always flatten to some extent relative to impact velocity, it will usually ricochet very little mostly (not perfectly) perpendicular to the face of the target and generally fall within a few yards. Shoot steel enough times and you will be hit by stuff.
  12. If you want economy e3 is what you seek, know some locals that love it. I dabbled in Limited, with a 4.25" barrel and SNS 180gr TC 4.4gr Red Dot av 944fps 4.5gr Titegroup av 949fps 4.6gr American Select av 951fps All shot reasonably well. Also tried Bullseye, but recoil seemed to get harsh before PF was attained.
  13. What cast to buy for 9mm

    The 120 gr Truncated cone that's been suggested above a few times. Lee does not offer a heavy bullet designed for 9mm. Some of the heavy bullets designed for .38/.357 work in some guns if want to gamble. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  14. Pretty standard crimp, been seeing it more recently. Lee FCD will leave almost the same marks, only four though, less joints in the collet. Chamfer/deburring tool will clean it up well enough. I know nothing of case gauging, but they'll chamber and fire just fine with proper prep.
  15. First AR Build - Lower

    Aero parts are as good as anyone's. Anderson is probably the best value going right now. PSA is often a good deal as well. I don't care about roll marks, just function. Really the only bad reports I've ever read in any volume have been batches from small virtually unknown usually local "manufacturers" I suspect most of them have pulled out of the market.