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  1. Reloading 40 Polly coated bullet help!

    That was a lot. I’m sure if you’ve collected brass that was stamped 40sw, at a semi popular club that shoots any type of action pistol, that was shot out of a Glock at some point. There’s now way to tell. And you lived.
  2. Reloading 40 Polly coated bullet help!

    Impressive. How do you sort Glock brass that was processed and shot out of a different gun? [emoji6]
  3. Feeding Problem

    They exist.
  4. Asym re manufactured 9mm

    I'd say it's good to go. They have competition shooters (1 national champion) in their employ. They are on top of quality. I've tried some and liked it. I reload now, so I don't buy anyone's ammo anymore. I'd say it's a go.
  5. New powders

    There is a thread about IMR Target.
  6. Canadian Clays disappointment?

    I load it for a different caliber but I am finding it a little slower than the AU stuff.
  7. Think about changing OAL to 1.180? Side note: stop winning things like awesome guns and bullets and stuff.
  8. .40 Minor for IDPA

    There's a warning here. The Australian Clays was good for 3.0gr. The new Canadian Clays needs to be worked up. Check your bottle for which plant it comes from.
  9. IMR Target - Has anyone tested this powder yet?

    Update: I loaded a few test rounds with some other test powders. I loaded 20 rounds using IMR Target. I don't have the screenshots because I forgot my cord for the chrono. I'm using a Caldwell Chronograph. My load is: 4.6gr IMR Target 1.155 OAL 180gr FMJ I did not make major with this load as it was just a test and it was not my focus. My PF was a 162. It didn't have the impulse that TG has but it was a bit more harsh than WST. I think with a good coated pill it could be a good powder. More testing to come. This was shot out of a Sig P320.
  10. P320 Safety question

    Unless you get the version with the actual thumb safety, all the safeties are internal. No visible safety outside.
  11. IMR Target - Has anyone tested this powder yet?

    I ended up winning a pound of this powder at a local match. I'll do some testing with a few different types of bullets at a 1.155 oal.
  12. Upgrading to a progressive press

    XL650 - lifetime warranty. Dillon's customer service is hard to beat right now.
  13. Need Help -- My reloads won't feed on my Glock 19s

    Other bullet types most likely won't work at that length. Shorten it to 1.120 and try again.
  14. Lets talk P320 USPSA Hangers and Holsters

    I'll give you my set up as it pertains to a lot of things you mentioned. I ran a Glock 35 in limited. Ended up getting that race concept holster from Bladetech. I thought the same, that it might fall out. I got some thumb screws from Stoeger along with his Boss hangar. I would loosen it when I got to the line during make ready and tighten it when I holstered. I thought it was too much. I got the P320 and did not get the same holster. I wanted to be able to go back and forth, if I wanted, from Limited to Production. So I transferred the Boss hangar over to a standard Bladetech. My future plans will be with RHT when I'm ready for something different.
  15. W231 not metering well.

    This is a very odd situation, to me, W231/HP38 has always been one of the best powders as far as consistency on my press. We only differ in press makes. I run a Dillon. I use w231 for 9 and 45. Steadily my best dropping powder.