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  1. HKS Speedloader For K6s

    I've got .22s up to .50s in the safe. Chances are pretty good I've shot one if it's a round gun.
  2. HKS Speedloader For K6s

    I guess you could accuse me of that. The last match I shot was ICORE with a K6s in one division and a 929 in the other.
  3. HKS Speedloader For K6s

    Yes, I use the HKS DS-A models. For best results you will want to thin down the OD of the loader body. As delivered they are a little awkward to use with factory grips.
  4. Chris's World Shoot Blog

    I would say randomly staggered rounds can be very beneficial to determine if your dry runs are representative of live ones. Next time you practice, do something standard like El Prez and run it a few different ways. Do one run with no live ammo in the gun, one run with only live ammo, and one with 2-3 rounds randomly spaced in your moonclip. Best case scenario, your runs will be about the same in accuracy and time. If they aren't, you are doing something different. As for simulating the "match environment" during practice, this is most useful as a benchmark to compare your cold skill set. If you are struggling with a particular skill, by all means put some dedicated practice into it. However, if you just did 50 practice reloads and are hitting a particular time, don't expect to do the same cold. I kept a log of certain drills that were easy to set-up and would run them all once at the beginning, and once at the end of a session. I eventually got to a point where the cold run could sometimes be faster than the final run. Furthermore, it's not a bad idea to pick goals you don't think you can achieve. My old range put a 10" steel plate at 100 yards on our sight in bay. My first moonclip of the day was usually at this plate in slow fire. When I first started I was lucky to hit 1 or 2. After a while, I was able to hit 4 out of 8 cold on average. It's good to have different metrics that provide insight on where you are improving, and where you aren't.
  5. Chris's World Shoot Blog

    Late in 2016 I decided I was going to make GM and ended up getting it done by August of 2017. I shot my first USPSA classifier on 9/3/16 and made GM on 8/5/17. One of the key points for me to improve was related to your statement "live fire is a totally different animal". I used to rely solely on live fire because I didn't think dry fire was very useful. Once I was able to treat both equally, it became a lot easier to progress. My best advice is to start dry firing at the range in between live fire drills. Then test yourself by loading only 2 or 3 rounds in an 8 round moonclip. Space them out and don't look when you close the cylinder. If your "shots" on an empty chamber are not consistent with live rounds, you'll know something isn't right. This can be very helpful in your training. It's a lot easier to practice anytime you want if you don't need to fire live ammo. I went so far as to start treating each practice session, in either dry fire or live fire, as a match. Do the full sequence of range commands and take short breaks in between drills. You also made a comment about your skills cold versus warm. If you can replicate match situations in practice, the difference between warm and cold scores will become very small.
  6. Alaskan454's Range Diary

    We moved just as the 2017 shooting season came to a close. Months later I finally have my workshop back in reasonable shape and will get started on a dry fire room shortly. Just signed up for a few major matches and hoping to improve my skills before the first match of 2018.
  7. Just signed up, is anyone else going? https://practiscore.com/2018-uspsa-area-5-championship/register
  8. Parts- 1 website for everything?

    I've reshaped two of the MIM hammers, they are stronger than you'd think.
  9. Ruger ICORE survey

    I've never shot a Ruger on the clock, but the cylinder release has never bothered me. I reload strong hand and the same motion I use on a Smith seems to mash the Ruger release just fine. I could see it being a reach if you don't change hands when you reload. I used to reload strong hand but eventually switched to WHO. On the Ruger I have an odd way of opening the cylinder but it works for me. I use the weak hand to press the release and my strong hand pointer finger to push the cylinder out. If all goes well, it's plenty fast.
  10. Ruger ICORE survey

    Some might be surprised how light you can run a Ruger. I had a Super Redhawk running at 6# DA with Federal primers for a while. The biggest weakness in their design is the cylinder release. I sincerely hope they take these surveys and act on them. Competition amongst manufacturers should be good for all of us.
  11. Redhawk .357 8-shot in USPSA

    If you're looking at 8 shot 357s make sure to have her handle the S&W as well. The Redhawk is very stout but the single spring action is hard for some to master.
  12. IRC 2018 and 2019

    Looks like these dates will work for 2018, hope to see you guys at the IRC.
  13. IDPA Revolver??

    It's definitely not overkill, if you intend to run a revolver you owe it to yourself to run a smooth one. Just remember, the trigger return speed will soon become more important than pull weight. I ran an 11# rebound spring all last year and eventually realized a 12# helps for the close range open targets. Too many short strokes with a firm grip.
  14. Broke my house gun

    The cylinder is easy to disassemble as mentioned. You may have some debris that is stuck in the assembly. I would certainly try that before sending it in.
  15. Rules and the 627 V comp

    With the standard Ruger release I've found it fastest to press the button in with your left thumb and pop out the cylinder with your right pointer finger from the right side of the gun. In that method I don't adjust my grip and reload with my weak hand only. Mess around with different methods and see what you like. If Ruger had some type of extended release on the comp guns that would help quite a bit.