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  1. Should I try a 929 (again)?

    What moonclips were you using? The really thin ones can back out when fired due to the tapered case. I have some of the eBay clips that came with my gun and they do this with my USPSA loads at 131 PF but not the steel loads at 105 PF. Never had that problem with .040 TK or .042 HearthCo.
  2. Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Shot our club IDPA match this morning and did well ending up with 3rd overall. I had two short strokes early on that cost me 4-5 seconds in clock time, I need to dry fire a bit more before switching up guns next time around. The 625 needs just a touch less pressure on the trigger to make sure it fully resets, my 929 is a bit more forgiving. If I didn't screw up with two short strokes or drop a -3 on one target that would have been enough to hit HOA. I guess I need to keep practicing and try again next time! Here's some video:
  3. Alaskan454's Range Diary

    I forgot one of the stages was thrown out due to prop issues, I guess the last match was my most accurate one so far at 97.1% of possible points. I really need to start speeding up and see what I can get away with.
  4. How are revolver HHF figured for USPSA

    08-03 is one of the classifiers that AZS has an incorrect HHF for, I think a few too many people got 100s on it when they had the HHF set at 8. I noticed a similar trend with 13-02, the HHF changed quite a bit recently but AZS has not updated it. It's nice that they post the classifier percentage right next to your score on the USPSA website now, you don't have to wait until the classification updates are processed.
  5. Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Thank you!
  6. Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Well, it looks like the HHF has not changed and I finally made GM in USPSA. Moving forward I only have one goal for myself, I'd like to place within my classification at Nationals next year and earn a match percentage of 90% or greater. I've always been better at the stand and deliver speed shoots than large field courses so that's where I need to make improvements. One thing that should help considerably is shedding some weight, I think dropping about 20 pounds will need to be part of the process. In 2017 my match percentage was 81.078% so I think it's very doable if I keep working to improve. Here's the stage that put me over the 95% mark:
  7. How are revolver HHF figured for USPSA

    That's good to know, I tend to learn a lot from you.
  8. How are revolver HHF figured for USPSA

    Randomly saw this a while back and it relates to the discussion: "The high hit factors for USPSA classifier courses of fire have been updated from time to time over the years. In reviewing the current data, it is apparent that all of the classifiers need to be reviewed, and in some cases adjusted. Some of these will go up in difficulty, while others will go down in difficulty. Eachdivision will be reviewed for each classifier. The new high hit factors will be the best 10 records on file for each classifier in each division, throwing out only statistical anomalies. When the update process is complete, USPSA will release high hit factors to the membership via the USPSA webpage, along with anannouncement to the membership." Source:
  9. How are revolver HHF figured for USPSA

    In an ideal world each classifier would start life as a major match stage, then the highest stage score simply becomes the initial HHF. I think ICORE did this recently when they added new ones at the IRC. Although, as MWP mentioned I've seen far too many people go the zero or hero route on classifiers. I think I saw one guy who shot a special classifier match and got a single 100% followed by a zero on every other stage. No matter what you do I think some people will try to artificially inflate their classification and others will always sandbag to stay in their current class. In my limited experience the best ones for a true percentage are the older 6 shot neutral stages like El Prez. I shot an 85.97% on El Prez and the next month earned an 81.078% at Revolver Nationals. Pretty close all things considered. On the other hand I also scored 105.25% of the HHF on 13-08 around the same time during a match. It was a great run but obviously shouldn't have been over the 100% mark.
  10. How are revolver HHF figured for USPSA

    It's my understanding that they were initially based upon an average for some of the best recorded scores and are updated if the HHF is being met more regularly than expected. I know of at least two HHFs that have changed a lot since the 8 shooters were allowed, both of which used to require a standing reload. This is all based upon chatter I've heard from those with more experience in USPSA so it may be incorrect. If someone has the "right" answer I'd really like to know!
  11. Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Unless the HHF on 06-03 has recently changed I think I made GM over the weekend, a 98.42% on that classifier would bring my current average to 95.65%. I haven't had much time to practice lately so I could have done a few things better during the match but was still pleased with my performance. My accuracy was where I wanted to be earning 96.8% of possible points on target with minor scoring. That worked out to 141 Alphas, 2 Bravos, 10 Charlies and no penalties. The biggest area for improvement right now is probably my footwork and speed moving in and out of position. I'll think up some drills to help me out in that department. In January of this year I said that I would wait until I made Master to take off the iron sights. Since I've met that goal I'll be putting my C-More back on the gun and focusing on ICORE Open and OSR in Steel Challenge for the rest of the year. I still have my 625 set-up and running so I can use that in USPSA if I want to shoot an iron sight gun for the next few months. Also, I ordered a 12 MOA module for the C-More and will be looking forward to giving that a try. The dot doesn't look too obnoxious but is noticeably larger than the 6 MOA unit I was using before. I have almost two months to practice before our next Steel Challenge match and my plan is to shoot the 929 in OSR and the 625 in ISR. With any luck I'll be able to make Master in both divisions. This year has gone by very fast and I've been happy with my progress so far. The two things that have likely helped me the most are dry fire for 5-15 minutes a few days a week and treating live fire practice just like a match. My overall skills have improved along with my consistency from first run to the last. As an example, I recently had to reshoot two stages and the scores were virtually identical between them. I've also noticed the same in my Steel Challenge scores when running the same gun and load in two different divisions. The one goal I'd really like to achieve next is getting HOA at our club level IDPA match with my 625. I know it's possible if I shoot to my full potential and don't have gun problems. We'll see how it goes. Here's some video from the USPSA match:
  12. Do we need a rule regarding the number of shots on target

    I like the current ICORE rules and occasionally take advantage of designing stages with 1 shot on target. If you do 3 or more just change them out more often.
  13. Your grip (and its evolution)?

    I got mine from 10mmdave on this forum and those are his parts in the link above. The best thing about his design for me is that it does come up high enough that I don't need to move my strong hand to press it.
  14. Your grip (and its evolution)?

    Not sure which one you have but there's a long and short version. http://www.revolversupply.com/cylinder-release/
  15. Your grip (and its evolution)?

    Not at all! It's just funny what we don't notice until someone else brings it up.