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  1. OAL for 40 caliber stock 2

    @waktasz may be able to chime in
  2. Red Dot Slide Milling

    Many optics share the same mount profile....... For instance i know the following will fit the same slide cut ( Docter, Vortex, Burris).... Only one that's considerably different is the Leupold DPP. Same as abve Only if its in old english.......
  3. New IFG “LimPro” update

    If the new limpro has checking front and rear that's more than likely where the material increase is at.
  4. Red Dot Slide Milling

    21.2b Milling of slide — only as required to insert optical sights A slide may be modified specifically for the purpose of installing optical sights or cocking serrations. Textured finishes, grip tape, milling or stippling on the slide to provide texture is also allowed. Cuts that are designed to specifically or signific antly lighten the slide, such as holes, are ruled as competitive advantage and prohibited.
  5. New IFG “LimPro” update

    That’s funny I just finalized our SF Firing Pin and grips....
  6. LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    MM is correct..... this is a completely different company from anything in the past and has no affiliation with anyone at EAA. IFG are really good folks to deal with.
  7. Optimized Firing Pin

    We're currently in production of qty-1000 of the Gen 2 Firing pin, new material, better design, and of course heavier than the factory pins......
  8. Does anybody have any idea when they updated the weights on the Stock II and III pistols? I think they where well over do for updating as i cant remember when the last time i received a stock II under 45oz out of the box. Sorry if this is old news just now catching up to ensure some future projects are not held up. The information below was taken straight from USPSA.org TANFOGLIO Website: www.tanfoglio.it Notes: (Stock Custom model is NOT approved for Production Division) Weights for some Stock II and III pistols changed 91616 Stock II (44 oz.) Stock III 9mm (45.85 oz.) Stock III 9X21 and 38 Super (45.85 oz.) Stock III Xtreme 4.93" Barrel9mm (49.4 oz.) Stock III Special 4.93" Barrel 9 (49.4 oz.) Stock III (witness Elite) 4.93" (49.4 oz.) Stock II Xtreme 4.50" barrel 9mm (47.6 oz.) Stock II L 4.93" barrel 9mm 9X21 (49.4 oz.) Stock II (Witness Elite Stock II (47.6 oz.) Notice how they specifically call out the "Witness Elite Models" for the Stock II and III pistols. I always recall the 44oz number being thrown around but that more than likely was based off a small frame pistol.
  9. Tanfo trigger reset

    Bingo ☝🏼
  10. Tanfo trigger reset

    Waktasz is correct, the BOLO does not change the reset (letting the trigger back out until the trigger bar jumps back in front of the sear leg on SA is what dictates that. The BOLO reduces/eliminates pre-travel.
  11. LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    I’ve already sent an email asking..... I guess it’ll depend how Tanfo markets it to IFG and if the powers to be at USPSA see it as the same platform.
  12. LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    I’m hoping the same price point as before..... we’ll see as we’ve been hoping this would happen for a month or so and IFG just got the word that it’s going to happen. Hopefully we’ll have more details at SHOT show when these things are discussed in more details.
  13. LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    Taking pre-orders
  14. Milling in a red dot,,,

    Milling is for sure the only way to go with red dots.... its crazy how low you can get these in the slide. Sight picture is way easier to acclimate to if your an iron sight guy. We'll be offering this in the next few weeks.... just finalizing what all optics will work on the tanfo platform
  15. Stock III Carry Optics

    pure genius!