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  1. Nose diving problem

    Try Grams Engineering.....
  2. Grip sizes?

    Grind them down.... then apply your grip tape.
  3. How to make a Tanfoglio run with hammer spring X Y or Z

    We've yet to set off federal primers with our Mark 7 driven 1050 in the shop and we have them set .012-.015 deep, and coming up to about 50,000 federal primers seated.
  4. Grip sizes?

    If you need smaller than the Xtreme your out of luck........next option would be removing the grips and holding onto the frame.......
  5. How to make a Tanfoglio run with hammer spring X Y or Z

    Actually ill just start forwarding everyone to my "Support Hotline"..... Bidding starts now on Memphis Mechanics direct Cell Phone Number!!!!!
  6. How to make a Tanfoglio run with hammer spring X Y or Z

    Hahahaha, yes....... and $200 if you call me to ask for help then tell me you dont think it'll work because you read different online.......
  7. BOLO Tuning for a longer DA pull

    Get us some pics on graph paper where the BOLO DA breaks compared to your factory interrupter DA broke at...... From what i recall from our conversation you where running S&B primers which is about as hard as they come. There seems to be some difference in the trigger bar thickness on SF tanfos, Ive been working on one lately that required some extensive fitting in both the height and the curve.
  8. How to make a Tanfoglio run with hammer spring X Y or Z

    This just brought a tear to my eye.... im printing this out and hanging it on the shop wall!
  9. BOLO Tuning for a longer DA pull

    The BOLO will be one of the last pieces that wear in your gun, it's through hardened to RC50-52, and you would have to be shooting in extreme tempature shifts in order to see any kind of change in size........ and we would be talking about maybe .0001" of an inch
  10. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    Sorry, late to the party but it seems these guys have you headed in the right direction....
  11. BOLO Tuning for a longer DA pull

    What memphis said, just the tip....
  12. Tanfo limited 40

    We just got restocked with them as well, no reason to spend the extra money on the Xtreme version..... and nobody knows when the new model will finally be imported......
  13. A tale of two safeties - happy ending or fitting woe?

    Call us this afternoon to discuss what your seeing. We'll see if we can help you out.......
  14. Filing new PD plastic grips

    I've experimented with dremels, belt sanders, sand paper, etc..... Remember these are 3D printed and not completely solid. The infill is 60% so once you break through the top 4 layers of material; it leaves pretty quickly. However by switching to a finer or less course material you can then smooth it out to your liking. Also when stippling you dont need as much heat as you would on a normal polymer pistol frame, you stipple them up pretty darn quick!
  15. Filing new PD plastic grips

    Not exactly, we're focusing on getting the Small Frame and CZ models out before we release a smaller profile palm swell grip..... all great things come in time