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  1. Just started my first 2011 Project

    Very interesting, keep the updates coming. One question: Is there a source for a forged 2011 frame or are they all machined?
  2. Starting load for Tite Group out of Glock 17

    Just curious - Why the powder switch?
  3. Gen 4 extended magazine release

    I recently put the Glock extended mag release on my Glock 34 Gen 4. The Glock 34 Gen 4 does not come from the factory with the extended release. The length difference is very slight. I found more improvement by bending the stock mag release spring and eventually changing to a reduced power mag release spring from Rock Your Glock. http://www.rockyourglock.com/custom/RYG-RDMGCT.htm These changes reduce the force required on the release button to drop the empty mag. Bending the spring causes the button to protrude less from the grip so the extended release helps counteract that effect.
  4. 165's for 9mm ?

    Have him contact Xtreme, they have very good customer service and will make it right. I have used a lot of their bullets and never had anything like that. I have loaded over 5000, probably closer to 10,000, 165gr 9mm Xtreme's and have never seen any quality issues with the bullets.
  5. X-Treme Bullets 165gr 9mm

    I have loaded and shot over 5000 165 gr Xtremes through my Glock 34 Gen 4 with stock barrel and recoil spring assembly. 2.8 gr of Titegroup at 1.155 OAL gives me reliable power factor, and acceptable accuracy. I've never had a problem with stabilization or cycling.
  6. 165's for 9mm ?

    I continue to use the 165's. 2.8gr of Titegroup at 1.155 OAL gets me 130PF through my Glock 34. I just checked it this past weekend to be sure it was consistent. This is my most recent 10 shot PF data. 132.33 131.34 133.15 132 135.13 131.51 133.15 132.33 133.98 130.35
  7. LED light strip on your press?

    This is what I use. I shopped around for an eBay strip and figured any savings wasn't worth it on this. No complaints.