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  1. Allowing pistol change at match

    I mean, technically, I have. If a gun that shoots a little slower for me and is running 100% while my favorite gun is better but running at 90%, then the 'better' gun will be on back-up duty.
  2. Allowing pistol change at match

    IMO, this is and should always be the answer to 5.1.7. HOWEVER, I have paid attention to RM's and heard that SOME of them interpret the rule in a MUCH different way. In other words they will look to see if your 'backup' gun to them seems 'advantageous'. It is a slippery slope and in my mind an improper interpretation of the rules. I think as long as you fit the division you aren't at an advantage to anyone else in your division but some RM's are looking to see if you are at an advantage vs the original gun. I believe any backup gun is good to go as long as it still fits the division. Where scrutiny from the RM should really come in is if you continually want to switch back and forth and are looking to switch a gun seeking an advantage for a stage or stages. I've never been not allowed to go to a backup gun, however, be warned you are somewhat at the mercy of the RM.
  3. Clark/Para versus Wilson/Nowlin modification

    I say this as having never cut a frame for W/N but having cut a frame for C/P. Figure out your C/P cut. If there is enough meat left to get a VIS cut in there per the C/P profile you should be okay and you should be able to time. If the material is gone that you otherwise need to cut the radius in then you're in bad shape. That's all that is going to dictate whether you not you can get it timed. Don't fret over the top of the bridge, I don't believe in going for any contact there, you want the VIS to be the workhorse.
  4. Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    I have seen a guy at a pro-am shoot the first position without stepping back into the shooting area. My best is 2 procedurals and 3 mikes on a 10 round stage of all muzzle touchers at the FIPT this past December. Didn't go as planned.
  5. "Shorty" open guns for USPSA?

    Some people do find the shorties violent, but I've also seen some that run awfully good and fast. They definitely lose a lot of slide weight right off the bat which is a very nice bonus. It is a personal preference thing. I like the shorter than fullsize guns just for the size and the balance, not the weight. Nowadays you can pretty much make any length gun weigh whatever you want, but the balance is a little more tricky to adjust if you're fixed on your desired weight and length. So I kind of know the weight and balance I want and that's how I end up with a length. Longer guns are easy to make muzzle heavy at a target weight. Major in a shorty is no problem. It's whether or not you prefer the gun impulse and balance overall vs the other options.
  6. Reading a primer

    I've loaded a bunch of major in x-treme brass now. The case volume is on the lower end, and I load it all together and adjust accordingly. The combo of parts in some guns is going to lead to some primer extrusion into the firing pin hole. I've seen this a lot, but never found it to be the cause of any real problems. I would look elsewhere, but do make sure the firing pin hole and channel is clear and burr free.
  7. 9 Major ejector length?

    Hey, Ken. I have had the best luck with the shorter ejectors like the CK in my guns. I have also been able to get longer ejectors running, but they haven't been quite as consistent. Do make sure to have good, consistent extractor tension on all cases. I've found it's not really over done until your tension either slows down feeding enough that it keeps the gun out of battery or you can feel it when shooting. Also, a trick I've found is to mess with magazine location. Sounds weird but works. I keep all kinds of mag catches (stock and modified) on hand to find what each gun likes in terms of the final position of the mag to the grip, frame, and slide. Go get 'em!
  8. Magazine round count critical?

    We're good, no hard feelings. Down here we are fortunate to shoot with lots of talent but I don't think that's a legitimate defense of a position.
  9. Magazine round count critical?

    Thank you. But to also be fair, I never made an argument that mentioned anything having to do with your own shooting or your area, nor did I mention mine. I agreed with Max's comment because, yes, it was funny. You did take a shot at me personally by way of my classification. But I'm still okay with that.
  10. Magazine round count critical?

    He prefers the hooray for me, ef you debate technique. But that's okay.
  11. Magazine round count critical?

    /end thread
  12. Magazine round count critical?

    I don't own any 140's. Aaaaand I'm not conducting your experiment for you anyways.
  13. Magazine round count critical?

    It either costs something or it doesn't. ANY cost is relevant AND matters.
  14. Magazine round count critical?

    Yea, Cody needed that and more. I shot it and just said, "eh, reload, can't hurt to be safe, right?" Dumbest thing I did that day.
  15. Magazine round count critical?

    But you now admit it costs something. And every something matters. That is my point. Height of the fruit doesn't matter, it all needs to be picked. Random examples of winning a match with a handicap is not proof that the handicap makes good sense.