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  1. Trubor accuracy problem

    This is a pretty common problem that has been discussed before. It actually can occur in both tight and loose fitting guns. Is the gun new? Is it tight? It's likely to go away as the gun breaks in. Is the gun older and loose? Odds are it won't go away on its own. It's okay if the hood is a little loose in the breech face, a lot of guns are built this way. If it locks up tight enough on the lower lug to not allow the barrel to roll relative to the slide it's fine. If the barrel will rock then that can be the cause of accuracy issues.
  2. 3 gun open pistol recommendations

    It's not gonna matter. It's what you like. Full size barrel length is not needed to shoot major. Shortys go major easy and can still be flat as you want. Shortys don't transition faster but lighter guns in general transition easier. But shortys can be heavier than full sizes and full sizes can be lighter than shortys. The reciprocating mass, balance, and bulk in the hand make the biggest difference between the two. The point is, there's no answer. Buy one, wear it out.
  3. 2011 ejector issue

    Really? I see lots of guns with a decent gap here. All blended up in the back and the gap really isn't an eyesore. I just put a CK ejector in a new build using a CK slide and CK frame. Same interference issue. Worked on the ejector. I actually prefer this because the tighter that ejector is to the inside of the ejector cut out the better off you'll probably be in terms of functioning.
  4. What RTS2 Mount Locates Sight to Rear of Slide

    Increased field of view through the glass, location of the dot relative to your grip, and yes the dot movement. I won't say the movement is "better" but it is absolutely different. The dot doesn't return to poa any faster, that's gun physics, but I feel like I "see" it more. I've found that some people really do not like the way it tracks and others really do like the way it tracks. There's no question the actual sight itself moves less which you can equate to less dot movement and less stress on the optic. Yes, it is offset. Yes, it is a less stiff system. Main design parameters were focused around maximizing the clearance angle for ejection and maintaining as much stiffness as possible while getting all the benefits of the rear mounted dot.
  5. What RTS2 Mount Locates Sight to Rear of Slide

    Contact me for info. The mount does what you would expect it to do. Yes, you need to make sure your gun runs properly and consistently. I've run prototypes exclusively since July on my guns and we've had success on other guns with caliber being irrelevant. If you find the benefits of the mount as some do, just like everything, you will find a way to make it work. It isn't for everyone but definitely for some.
  6. Lite Primer strike

    The build up of pressure firing a round seats the primer against the breech face, sometimes pushes out the bulk of the indentation created by the firing pin, and often flattens the primer noticeably against the breech face. This is unique to every gun and combo of parts, but firing pin indentation being "undone" by chamber pressure is common in major loads. That's probably all that's happening. If you come to the wrong conclusion evaluating your evidence you could be fighting a battle you've already won.
  7. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    It's all good. I'm known to tinker more than the average bear.
  8. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    zzt, This is true. I've spend good time with 115's. And 121's. I found I thought I really liked 115's. Shot them a lot in practice, liked them, and then shot a lot of matches with them. Somehow ended up trying 124's again and didn't notice any real difference until I shot a stage under the timer. Been shooting 121's and 124's since. Don't know what it is, but a lot of stuff, whenever it's "new" feels great in practice. I found only the long run really told me what I liked, but determining it is a little bit of a commitment. This holds for all ammo changes and most gun mods. Moral of the story, it really doesn't matter.
  9. Odd trigger issue at speed...

    You figure this out? 99% sure it's in the grip somehow. I just went through this when swapping a different grip onto a working gun. Basically somehow the geometry of the grip and sear spring allowed the disconnector to travel downward a little too far when hammering the trigger allowing the sear to disconnect early and return against the hammer and catch half cock. One grip causes it to happen, two others do not and otherwise all parts are the same. It's all in the grip, sear spring, fire control geometry. If it's not a failed, loose, or poorly fitting grip it's just the combo of parts.
  10. KKM open gun barrel

    I have done it. Worked for me fine.
  11. Probably a dumb question

    Yep, it is.
  12. Help with magazine issues

    Constantly overlooked "mag problem" is the catch interface. Look for abnormal wear on mag catch, magazine cutout, or grip pocket. Try some different mag catches too.
  13. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    If that's your whole theory and all that matters then you're only halfway there. HS-6 is well off of what is available for "maximum gas". Just saying, if you're gonna try your theory, actually try your theory.
  14. Metal Grip Question

    Let's be fair, there are a lot of stainless steels in the right condition that have higher yield and ultimate tensile strengths than some of the common mild to medium carbon steel alloys. Same goes for the machinability aspect. So it's important to not generalize all stainless steels and all carbon steels. Having said that, I totally agree, stainless isn't magic, it's just another alloy. Good carbon steel is more than adequate for a forever lasting grip, as is a good stainless.