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  1. Yes, that's the exception but still at the match director's discretion. I was more voicing my opinion on just letting someone freely re-enter a match in a new division and shoot for score because their equipment broke. I don't think it should be allowed and it's not even an option at II's and above.
  2. Absolutely not. At no point should a competitor get to shoot stages (PCC or otherwise), abandon that entry, and then RE-shoot stages already shot for score in another division. Do as you please to get them through the match and shooting for no score, but unless in the case of a legitimate reshoot, never should someone be allowed to shoot a stage for score that they have already shot whether the first run was for fun, in another division, etc.
  3. 9mm SAAMI question?

    Knowing OAL for a particular bullet in a "standard" SAAMI barrel isn't going to happen. Basically, the SAAMI specs don't precisely define the throat so there's legitimate variation. The main purpose of the spec is to dimension the chamber and identify headspace.
  4. Help Needed 2011 Build

    Yes, you can tune this interaction by adjusting strut length, which is fine. I prefer not having any preload on a down hammer with the slide off. Obviously this has a small effect on trigger feel and hammer strike.
  5. Odd trigger issue at speed...

    Yep, check grip/frame interface first.
  6. Pictorial Comparison RTS2 vs Deltapoint Pro

    They probably call it "inscribed" because it creates (inscribes) a unique shape, in this instance a triangle, within the window. Poor use of the word, but typical for marketing jargon versus being technically accurate. Pretty sure the "creation" of the triangle is no different than the way they "create" different sized round dots.
  7. Pictorial Comparison RTS2 vs Deltapoint Pro

    Isn't the 7.5 the triangle thing? Other than that it's just like every other reflex sight.
  8. 1st stage nervousness ...how to shrug it off?

    It's not something you should worry about "getting past". It's something you should embrace. Used properly it is a performance enhancer. If seen as a negative, it will manifest as such.
  9. Great STI Customer Service

    Haven't heard that in a while (it's one of my favorites), thanks for the laugh!
  10. Cmore mount hole standard?

    You are totally right, I wasn't making any sense. Sorry!
  11. Is this maybe where the disconnect lies? In what "seeing the sights" means? For me "seeing" the sights on these targets doesn't mean looking at the sighting device, processing information, making adjustments, and deciding to shoot. It more means I railed two shots based on index and in the time over which that occurred I "watched" what my sights did. Therefore, I "saw my sights" but only used the information post shot in order to call the quality of that hit and decide if a make-up should be squirted. The seeing of the sights was only confirmation that all went well. I think that's what most everyone is saying they are actually doing and to some people the word "sights" above would mean the front post, but to others it means the outline of the slide, and still yet to different people it means your hands. I think it all boils down to the fact that we are watching and looking for different things depending on our experience and practice. At least, hopefully, that's where we all come from. But I don't necessarily think that watching (seeing) the sights means processing that information before firing.
  12. Cmore mount hole standard?

    0.135" down or 0.235"?
  13. 1st Major Match in Open

    Lowest hanging fruit #1: Stop shooting minor. Lowest hanging fruit #2: Too slow. Everything is slow that I saw. Draw, movement, index, reloads, splits, and especially transitions. All those little 1-5 tenths add up quickly as you see. Draw: practice, hit it in dryfire. Movement: learn to run with the gun, it's a skill. Also, you tend to lunge into a position with a long step which kills control. Break it down as you approach a position and get yourself under control with choppy steps, gun up. Index: dry fire this and come into positions controlled. IMO this takes the longest to perfect in our sport and it's worth bundles. Reloads: practice, snatch that mag Splits: grip that gun harder, you should be driving it where you want, don't let it drive you. Transitions: Huge hitter here. Push that gun around like you know where you want it to go and like you want it there NOW.
  14. Best mag setup STI or MBX

    MBX have worked at a higher rate across multiple guns for me than the highly tuned STI mags I had. The new STI mags I know nothing about. Just pick something and go realizing both may need massaging in your gun/s.