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  1. Magazines

    My magazines work as good as I thought, although I have 1 that drops out of the gun after the last round? Will get around to looking at it this week, thinking a follower may be causing the issue? hope so, easy to fix that. The round count in the magazines is still 28 in the 170, and 22 in the 140, guess I can live with that.
  2. Magazines

    I kind of figured as much, they are new. Are you still using MBX internals? I have seen MBX followers leave the magazine.
  3. Magazines

    Well, I received my magazines yesterday, can get 28 in the 170s and 22 in the 140. They fit well and eject easily, will take them out the next day or so and see how they work.
  4. Getting into reloading 38 super comp

    I'm using the 223 shell plate, works good. I also just got an EGW undersize die, seems after a few reloads, the cases bulge. I have been told that the cases will stretch, check for OAL also.
  5. Magazines

    Well, MBX it is. I settled on two 170s and one 140, MBX said they are not going to make 155s for the Caspian. Caspian referred me to MBX. I expect that they will preform as good as the others I have, no tuning required.
  6. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    I load 7 gr of VV340, 125 gr HAP, 1.225 oal, Starline SC case, and CCI spp, my pf is 167. There is more room in the case for more powder. The primers are in very good condition, can push this load some more. All of the reading I have done since making the jump to open, is to reduce muzzle movement and keep the dot on the target. I don't know if this is the right combination or not, and understand I will try other combinations, but am not disappointed with the recommendation of this load.
  7. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    It maybe to fast, on the burn chart, 340, 3n37, 3n38 and 105 are all right together. I know from the chart that 340 is faster than the others because it's at the top of them, but how much faster? I will experiment with other powders that are slower and produce more gas, this is a starting point.
  8. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    the primers look good, no sign of over pressure, I have a Caspian, the load shoots pretty good, the sight doesn't move to much, as I stated, I'm new to open guns, just going on advice from whom I bought the gun from, seems to work. I have been shooting a 40 in limited for years so I am not new to the process I will be talking with others locally who have more experience and I will try more powders in the future.
  9. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    The person I purchased my pistol from recommended VV340 and 125gr bullets, I am using 7gr of VV340, 9mm HAP 125, 1.245 oal and cci spp, get 170pf. Am still learning
  10. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    I'm waiting for 155's for Caspian style
  11. Crimping the .40 S&W......

    I get this on my 550, but not with 40, but 38 super, not sure why, the crimp is fine, just a nuisance I guess. It happens on the up stroke, and seems like the case is slightly stuck until the ram lowers enough and the case pops out of the crimp die.
  12. Magazines

    Ya, seems like the 32 round stages are becoming very popular, most the folks in my area seem to have more 140's than 170,s I have a Caspian, and mag options are limited. I am going to get a couple MBX and see what works, they are expensive, but not really as compared to welded up mags. I will be making the switch from Limited to Open next year, still trying to figure this thing out, always wondered about chasing the dot.
  13. Used Edge

    I use a Taylor Freelance magwell on my RIA with no problems, guess I was lucky, also have been using STI mags with Dawson base pads? they work, but the bullet has to ride the ramp into the chamber, I have modified STI's to help with this, but got a chance to try an MBX, and it locks into the mag release higher for better alignment to the chamber. I know they are expensive, but you can feel the difference when racking a round into the chamber. You can get a 3# trigger out of the stock parts. My biggest issue with my RIA was the barrel, sewer pipe, have a KKM in it now and life is much better. When all is said and done, knowing what I know now, if you can find a reasonably priced used Edge(folks think they have gold),you will have about the same cost into the RIA, and you will be shooting better sooner, than working the issues as time progresses with the RIA.
  14. Magazines

    I just bought an open gun and am wondering what maybe the correct combination of magazines, 1-170 and 2-140, or the opposite? Any other combinations?
  15. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    MBX work great in the Pro Match 40, I had been using STI, but the MBX holds higher than the STI mag, and the bullets have a straighter shot to the chamber