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  1. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    The MD at my local club is on the top 20 GM list. My current classification is within 1% of my average match score compared to him. If the point of the classification system is to roughly predict match scores at a national level, it does a fairly good job.
  2. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    I'm pretty sure his point is he loses around 4000 cases a year, which costs $600 (for Super) to replace regardless of how many times they were used. This argument is silly. 9mm costs less, 38 Super is the better open cartridge. Is 38 enough better to offset the cost difference? Well that's up to you to decide. I shoot 9, I hate picking up brass at matches. Although Brazos' Pro SX is temping me.
  3. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    Redfisher, that looks pretty slick. For now I'm inclined to leave it alone, but we'll see.
  4. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    Received word back from Baer Custom. It is one of their builds on a customer supplied frame. Circa 1994.
  5. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    That's what I'm thinking, as long as the scope works anyways. I have open blasters to compete with, this is mostly an interesting collecting type thing. Roughly $950,
  6. So I was wondering through one of the local gun shops, and found this thing with a 25% of tag on it. According to the guys at the counter, this was part of an estate sale that included some more old open guns. There was another one behind the counter, but the slide wouldn't travel back enough to lock back and felt like the recoil spring was installed incorrectly, but they wouldn't let me take it apart to check. So I grabbed this one. I can only find one reference to the WG prefix on the serial number which seems to indicate it's an old smith kit frame. Which would make sense given the Propoint. It's a Canadian frame. The slide is serrated on top, with the serrations carrying over the comp. The grip safety is very nicely blended and looks to have been pinned at one point. The barrel is a Nowlin Super 38. The comp appears to be a threaded on cone type. The slide has a little play in it, but still shot very accurately with store bought ammo. The scope worked but had a bunch of spots in it, which that turned out to be a lot of grime that cleaned off. The mount has Dawson's arrow thing on it, so I assume it's a Dawson mount? So is there any way to know anything concrete about this gun? Is this actually an old Baer open gun?
  7. Is major falling out of favor in Limited

    In the off chance that you're not trolling, what would you consider a legitimate shooting sport?
  8. My P-09 Mod results.

    It will likely ruin the reamer, ask me how I know. Also, bowenbuilt is correct, a chamber finishing reamer is not what you want. A throating reamer will remove some of the rifling to allow longer OALs.
  9. Slow Motion Comp Testing

    Luke, I started with HS6 and haven't changed, just figured any minute difference wouldn't matter until I learned what I was doing. Anyways, I was screwing around today and filmed this, first video is my HS6 load, second is WAC, it's the same Cheely comp you have. I think I preferred the WAC load, but I have 8 lbs of HS6 to burn through so maybe in 6 months.
  10. Making minor out of major gun

    Just shoot your production load. It'll probably run just fine as is.
  11. Romeo 3 Mount

    Nice looking blaster! Guess I'm calling Atlas next week.
  12. 9 major - grease ring or no ?

    Don't get the ring. You'll want to load them long, that stupid thing will get in the way I would think.
  13. Romeo 3 Mount

    Is this still on the table? I just got another Romeo 3 in the mail.
  14. Which would you buy in bulk for 9 Major?

    I've mixed 115s and 124s in the same mag. Couldn't tell the difference when actually shooting.
  15. Atlanta Arms 9mm Major in Czechmate?

    They also tend to be slow barrels. I needed a lot more to make major than what I'm running in a kkm barreled gun now.