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  1. Factory jp gmr13 runs like a champ topped with trijicon mro have had one malfunction on it and it was a ammo issue
  2. PCC that take glock mags

    I run a psa factory build ar9 with a glock mag lower ... it has not skipped a beat yet through 1500 rounds very accurate and well put togther little rifle I would definitely suggest one. Also highly recommend are the TF +10 base pads can get 41+1 with a factory glock 18 mag it's been a great combo so far for me
  3. CZ SP-01 shooter from Idaho

    Welcome to the area! I run leatherhead bullets in my pcc and cArry optics gun which I either order online or buy from hawktech in Boise the owners are great people and do a lot for the local shooting community. As far my open gun bullets I order them online from precision delta. For powder, primers, presses and anything else competition shooting wise i highly suggest hawktech arms in Boise which is only few hour drive .. also idaho custom arms and ammo carrys sti's and some bulllets and brass.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Limcat front sight

    Mulkey if u replace the front sight u not going to have a excuse for losing to me glad u got that new 8" long front sight think u have about a half pound of fiber in that baby !!
  5. Autocomp 9mm Major Load Data

    7.0gr ac 1.155 col 124gr Montana gold jhp 1400fps out of my dvc open
  6. Sig Romeo 3 review / comparison

    Deceided to try one of these myself ! Initial impression is I'm going to love this thing .. Glass is very clear the dot is super bright and easy to pick up ... Switched from a slideride cmore and loving how less cluttered the slide looks with this thing .... I modified a slide ride mount to fit this bad boy because I was to impatient to wait for a rts mount only 100 rounds in and I'm liking it as long as it holds zero will be good to go
  7. 170mm Mbx issues

    I was able to get one response from Adrian and then nothing back in response ... I did do the Enos bend to my 170 and the mag ran flawless for me in last weeks match in my dvc open ... Hoping the 170 and my two 140 Mbx's keep running as state match is closely approaching
  8. I've had issues with a 170mbx nose diving 5-6 rounds into a mag ... I did the "Enos" bend as advised by some guys on the forum and so far it's fixed the issue... Haven't had a chance to run it much since the fix but hoping it holds up like it has in practice
  9. Double Alpha

    I'm a big fan of their products they make some top notch stuff everything on my belt is double alpha
  10. 170mm Mbx issues

    Give that a try when I get home ! Thanks for all the tips I emailed Mbx as well see if they suggest anything different
  11. 170mm Mbx issues

    So the Enos bend consists of Bending the 3rd coil up a bit ?
  12. 170mm Mbx issues

    I'm needing some advice on a mag issue. Im Running a 170mm Mbx 9mm/38 in a 9mm dvc open. With new springs I loaded the mag to 29 and let it sit for 24 hours as advised by several other shooters.. The issue araising is I'm having rounds nosedive about 5-6 rounds into the mag and not wanting to load the next round ... Once I take the mag out and strip 2-3 rounds out the rest of the mag will run fine ... Any help on the matter would be appreciated
  13. Hiya from Idaho

    Are u from the Boise area ? I'm from twin falls but shoot quite a bit of uspsa in nampa and some in Emmett... Really good group of shooters in the treasure valley
  14. I just received the limcat in the add today !! It's a sweet gun idk how it lasted that long on the classifieds ....
  15. STI 1911 9mm for SS and IDPA?

    I really enjoyed my Trojan 40 combined with Tripp mags the gun ran lights out .... Until I got tired of reloding and bought a open gun