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  1. Tunnels, low obstacles etc, stage design

    I enjoy having all types at matches, but as you said you are not competitive so what does it matter?
  2. Tanfoglio Elite Match

    I use to shoot one. I really liked it. It ran perfect and parts where not that bad to get. Trigger needs some work otherwise you will have a lot of take up and a long reset. All that being said 2011 are super cheap and readily available on the forum. If a Tanfo goes down at a match there is not going to be anyone there with a spare or parts unlike a 2011 which almost half the field will have.
  3. Switching divisions

    This year has been about nationals. Started off CO, I am now shooting SS, and after Classic Nationals I will be shooting Prod.
  4. First welcome to USPSA and second nice shooting. Here are a couple things I saw right away. Move with a purpose, grip hard (already said), work on transitions, It looks like you are aiming a lot which I am sure comes from IDPA, but you can get away with a fairly sloppy sight picture for the target distances we shoot. Also don't stick you r gun into ports if you have to come back out of it. It is slower and better chance of getting ahead of the gun and breaking the 180.
  5. Copper Grips

    I have run them on my 1911 for 2 seasons now and they have been great. Hands down some of the best customer service.
  6. Depends on the range. Lots of 3 gun matches are outlaw so yeah it is probably allowed.
  7. Commercial 9mm major loads.

    ORM Tech ammunition also has 9 major
  8. Trust but Verify, a Chrono Story.

    so area 5 was a similar issue. first 3 were just under so he shoots the 2nd 3 ( which actually made it on there own, but I told him he needs to take the best 3. Same song of not my first time. I showed his the rule and also the fact that the chrono sheets say right on them best 3 of 6. Know the rules and be confident, not angry, when trying to get the right call.
  9. Your Critiques, Please

    Stop slap the mag after you reload. Ha. I use to do that as well. It looks like a couple times you forgot where you where going next. Make sure you are going through your plan to the point you do not have think about it. Stage 5 work on your activator sequence. Low hanging fruit as you just stood there for at least a second to shoot the clam. Foot work looks solid and so does your grip. I don't normally suggest to people to shoot more matches as it is practice that most people need, but I think more matches will help with stage plans and how best to shoot activators.
  10. Lower profile and slighter bigger screen. Great customer service and they sponsor tons of matches. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  11. So I have been listening to Practical Pistol, That Shooting Show, Triangle Tactical, and Shannon Smith. What other ones are out there that people like. Looking at ones that cover USPSA.
  12. HA! missed that last line. Goes to show you need to read the whole thing not just where you think it should be. C models are allowed providing that the barrel is non-ported and the other requirements are met. Short Frame (SF) versions of models approved.
  13. I would not be so sure on that one. That model glock is not on the approved list and the rules prohibit using a different barrel that is not OFM or similar to that models barrel. For locals you would probably be fine, but at some point you may get called out. BARRELS: Current rules remain in effect - you may replace the barrel with an OFM or aftermarket barrel which is of the same length, contour and caliber as the original barrel for that model of gun. Special Notes/Clarifications: For purposes of this interpretation, a barrel within +/- 0.1" of OFM is "the same length". Barrels of the same length, contour and caliber but with different crown profiles are authorized.
  14. USPSA newb question

    That is crap that you need to shoot x number of matches before a level 2. What you need to have is a good understanding of the rule book, which I hope anyone that is going to any sort of competition would have. If a person DQs it is because they were too lazy to make sure they knew the rules or to make sure their equipment is appropriate and in good working order. It sounds like you are doing things right, becoming a SO and a RO. Go to the match you will learn tons and find out what the next level of competition looks like.