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  1. PT Evo Grip Magwell Options

    Thanks. My thumb would rub the slide and can occasionally slow the slide down to not feed. Problem solved.
  2. PT Evo Grip Magwell Options

    Dawson big on both.
  3. Cold weather clothing

    Same as Ben. I think I have the 2.0.
  4. Shooting Shorts

    Is this you?
  5. 9mm Minor

  6. how many times do you reload major brass

    Prob 10+ times. I either lose them or split them. I load everything except stepped.
  7. Holster for EVO grip

    I just filed the edge off my STI blocks and works fine.
  8. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    Not sure how rounds falling under the follower is self inflicted? I tried to work with them several times. It came down to sending all my mags to them for x amount of time? Not willing to spend weeks without mags after spending $900. I fixed them myself. After I switched to another brand of followers, my rounds under follower issue went away. As did others with the same issue. Also not sure how mags not dropping, rubbing on slides and touching the feed ramp is self inflicted? This was on 3 guns. 2x FGW and 1x MCG. That is great for you that they worked out of the box. For most around here, that has not been the case. For me 1 malf is 1 too many. I am not a 1 in 1000 or 1 in 5000 fan. I try to have zero. Since I fixed my mags, I am at zero. Prior to fixing them, it was nowhere near that. Sorry to offend you if you are an mbx shooter, but it was a long road....
  9. Cmore mount hole standard?

    .375 o.c
  10. Carry Optics dying out?

    Too late.....
  11. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    The front of your mag will have dings or you can open your slide and see it is close or touching the feed ramp. To find out if the slide is touching, you can also look with the slide open and by feel. I also colored the mags with a marker or dykem and ran the slide, removed the mag and you could see the marks. One of my guns would not even come close to running with them. It took a lot of hours to get 7 mags to run in 3 guns. I also ditched the mbx springs/followers. They are junk.
  12. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    Make sure it is not rubbing on the slide. All my MBX had to be tuned to work. They rubbed the slide, touched the ramp, etc.
  13. Tuning an Aftec Extractor for an Open Gun

  14. Magazines

    3 140's, 1 155, 3 170's.
  15. Just loaded 800 rounds. It helps a lot. Removes all movement of the case. I dropped my dwell down by 3 and no powder spill. wish I got this long time ago.