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  1. Finding a shooting coach?

    Great feedback from everyone, thank you! fyi: I'm already scheduled for Gabe's class here (PDX) in October. Oddly enough it doesn't appear to be on his webpage... I'm looking forward to the class, but in the interim was hoping for a few 1 on 1 or small group sessions, even if informal as "we're in bay 8 on Thursday nights from 6-8:30, come on down". I also understand that not everyone who's good at something is good at teaching it or wants to teach/coach. I'm sure a motivated and enthusiastic 'A' coach is better than a 'GM' who is bored to tears talking grip/sigh picture/trigger press for the millionth time to noobs. Which is probably why I've read Stoeger says don't sign up for his class until you're at least a 'B'. Makes perfect sense to me. A new guitar player wouldn't seek out Joe Satriani for lessons, while a Kirk Hammond would - you need a certain amount of skill and common language to make the lessons / coaching useful. I do know I've been hanging around by myself too much in the basement dry firing, and neglecting live fire. I got to the range for the first time in 2 months, and was sure I was going to smoke the basics I've been working (draws, WHO, SHO, transitions and arrays) - complete cluster. Missed everything at first, my Acceptable Sight Picture in dry fire was insufficient for live fire. It got better after I tightened up the ASP, but felt glacial. so much for my belief in a .8 draw... And my great dryfire groups for SHO/WHO weren't great at all in live fire... I'm planning to go get out at least 2x a month live, I've been lying to myself...
  2. El Presidente Drill Critique

    Besides the book, always look at youtube for help. Tim Herron has a really good series of videos for newer comp shooters. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-RmTUYDL0c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfTL8hYAA28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZLVP-93pow
  3. El Presidente Drill Critique

    Take this for what it's worth, but your turn draw seems slow and complicated. In Steve Andersons book - Get to Work, he has a really good chapter on turning draws. I don't feel comfortable giving that away, but I'll say the book is WELL worth the 20 bucks and will do so much more for you than a turning draw. as far as times, I'm not quick (at all), but my turn and draw is about 1.1...
  4. Finding a shooting coach?

    Thanks all, I'll ask the MD and RO's at my next match.
  5. Hi, Fairly new competitive shooter, and have a few local matches under my belt. I've been doing a ton of reading (this site, Stoegers and Anderson's books). It can really feel like drinking from the firehose, and as mentioned in this thread, some common advice is to find a coach / better shooter who can assess your skills, and give you guidance and a development plan. What a great idea, and as an older shooter I want to focus my efforts most effectively. To that end, is there any list of coaches by area? For example, I'm in Portland (OR), and would happily work with a more experienced shooter / coach once a month for an hour or two at the local range, and pay for their time/expertise. This is different than a class, which I'm not opposed to, but my feeling is classes and coaches have different purposes... Maybe I should ask around at the local matches, but it feels like I might be missing something...
  6. How do you track your progress?

    Just found this thread, would love a copy if possible. I'll be happy to host it so others can use if that's your wish.
  7. Shooting/Training Books

    Love they simplicity and prescriptive program of Anderson's first book. Refinement and Repetition for a concrete action plan Dry Fire Reloaded for additional context and a different explanation of techniques and purpose. Brian's book for deep dive background and historical context / evolution.
  8. Hand chalk/grip lotions

    Pretty new shooter, and just wanted to share that doing LOTs of dry fire w/o progrip, and then shooting live with progrip isn't optimal. I've decided to use progrip when dryfiring as well as live fire - something Stoeger said in one of his books but which I thought wasn't necessary... I no longer think that.
  9. New Cabelas opening Aug 1 right down the road.

    I have to say, I was curious as to where you live, then saw your profile info - Metro Detroit. I'm surprised to see so many outdoorsy stores in an urban area.
  10. really helpful thread! some good ideas. thanks!
  11. Replacement part for DAA Mag Pouches

    Very cool. I've been looking for new mag pouches and will go with the DAA Racers...
  12. Late to the party, but being 56 myself, I feel qualified to opine. First off, congrats on your 'A' rank, that's awesome! I've just started and only have a few matches under my belt. But as far as fitness, a few thoughts 1) I don't think you need to be fit to be a good shooter, you see many GM's who are overweight and don't move like greased monkeys. 2) Having said that, it can only help, so I do think it's a worthy goal. 3) More important than shooting however, is focusing on how improving your fitness/weight/agility will improve the quality of your life 24/7, as well as your shooting 4) If you're 56, and into shooting, I'm going to assume you have some disposable income - if you do want to improve your agility/fitness get a coach. They'll help you come up with a safe and effective routine that's tailored specifically for you - well worth the money. I don't recommend jumping in with suicides or any exercise without some professional coaching. There are 56 year olds who can do it easily, and others will get injured. 5) Personally, I've found focusing in my fitness tends to motivate me to work on my shooting too. Good luck! Shooting is fun, but investing in your health will improve your overall life - and your shooting. win/win
  13. On my way to A...

    SLC, wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your training log. I just read it from beginning to end and see solid progress and commitment, and a template to follow for my own improvement. I see a lot of myself in your journey, my WH is a challenge and I wish I had your reloads - I need 10,000 more solid reps I guess... Keep up the work!
  14. Shooting classifiers

    I've found the idea of match mode (see Steve Anderson's books /podcast) is really helpful when I'm shooting a stage - "I will see my sights on every shot" In fact, practicing match mode nightly till the classifiers will be helpful to get the most accurate score (your current level of skill).
  15. Loosing mental focus

    In my 50's, I found the following helpful 1) rest whenever you can, make sure you have a seat when not taping / preparing for shooting 2) hydration and electrolytes are huge. 3) some caffeine is good, too much isn't. you need to learn your body to figure how much out. 4) stay warm/cool as necessary. 5) for me, I've moved to a ketogenic diet, and find now that I'm fat adapted my focus is much much better. Burning fat > carbs