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  1. Canik TP9 SFX issue

    No problem. I am a little puzzled they helicoiled all the tapped holes. Usually you only do that if you have to put threads in soft material (plastic or cast) or you messed up and used the wrong size tap drill. I am leaning towards somebody messed up and they just did it across the board. If future versions come tapped I guess we will know. I know my slide racker post won't seat all the way down so I am side loading the threads, need to check and see if the tang for that helicoil is knocked off like it is supposed to be. I noticed a few still present on my other plates but don't remember if I checked the plate I ended up using.
  2. Canik TP9 SFX issue

    You'll need to install new helicoils. Mcmaster Carr sells the kits which include the helicoils and install tool required.
  3. CZ Shadow 2 Nitride at Hinterland In Stock

    I work in a manufacturing environment and there are a lot of reasons the polycoat version may be cheaper. No doubt CZ wants to put their best product forward but when trying to push the boundaries of machining/plating/cost you are going to run into snags. We know the polycoat is a band aid to cover imperfections in the metal parts. What we don't know - Is are there people sorting frames/slides to cherry pick the best candidates for the nitride version? If the imperfections are small enough there may be an opportunity to clean up the part in question with an added manufacturing step. Are there more pre-cautions needed when assembling a nitride gun vs. polycoat? I have several polycoated CZ's and they look cheap sitting next to my Nitrided S2. Whether or not you care about such things means little as there are enough people out there that do as witnessed by the lack of available nitride models for purchase. I have no regrets for spending the extra $100. I would gladly spend an extra $100 and replace my 97 or PCR with a nitride version. If I were to compete with this S2 I'd relegate it to a backup gun and pick up a polycoated S2 for a primary gun. Makes sense the extra polycoat layer would help resist abrasion from holstering.
  4. Offical Shadow 2 pre-order receipt thread

    Yes. Rear sight actually has a fairly large slot so none of my usual sight adjustment screwdrivers in my range bag would budge it.
  5. Offical Shadow 2 pre-order receipt thread

    Picked up my pistol today. Oiled it and headed out to the desert around noon to put 200 rounds thru it. Was shooting low with the loads I had on hand (125gr Eggelston coated projectiles over 4.5gr CFEP @ 1.06 OAL). The neck area shots were head shots. Did some slow fire at the bullseye with good results but as I sped up I started pulling left. Very smooth shooting and didn't feel as heavy as I thought it would. I was shooting my 1006 the day before so maybe my hand was already calibrated for a brick. Anyway, gun was flawless with stock mags, had two failures to return to battery with the CZ 75 mags I brought along to try in it.
  6. Offical Shadow 2 pre-order receipt thread

    Just got the call today and was given the choice of black grips/polycoat or blue grips/nitride for $100 more. I went with the blue grips/nitride. I sent my check in the last week of October but didn't get a pre-order confirmation until 11-15-16. Will pick it up Monday since I am local. They were not open today (Sat.) but were notifying people.
  7. Beretta mags don't work without cutting a new slot, I scrapped one mag by being slightly off with the slot cut.
  8. My DB9FS was one of the early versions with the Novak style sights. It was a very inconsistent shooter with lots of strange fliers, after several outings I was on the fence about selling it. Pretty much assumed it was the Glock style trigger which I am not very good at manipulating. I put the gun a way and continued practicing. Both my wife and I have gotten to be really good shots with a SA trigger and can easily work our way down a dueling tree with my go to range guns: Witness Match, CZ P09 or Taurus PT111. Fast forward over a year: I pulled the DB9FS out of the safe last November figuring I'd give it a go again but had the same results - lots of fliers and horrible grouping no matter who shot it. At this point I noticed my DB9FS had the sloppiest slide to frame fit of any gun in my safe. You could shake the gun up and down and feel the slide moving. I got out some feeler gages and determined at rest there was a .020" gap between the slide and frame at the side of the muzzle. You could pull the slide /frame apart and increase the gap another .015" or push them together and eliminate the gap. So essentially the front sight could move .035" up down which totally explains our poor shooting which was mostly from a draw using a shot timer. DB tech support was pretty useless IMO. Their answer was that is was a mass produced gun and that they could not adjust the slide/frame gap. After more pushing he said he didn't think it was a warranty issue but I could send it in on my dime and they would look at it. Not wanting to sell this to someone else I bit the bullet and shipped the gun off ($75 for FedEx overnight). With these guns now selling for around $250 I was really questioning my decision. When I got the gun back about 5 weeks later it had a new slide on it with the Glock style sights. The guide rod/spring assembly and barrel were also replaced and looked different than what the original had. Frame to slide fit was now really good, almost no movement up/down, not as tight as my P09 but better than my PT111. Proof was in the groupings, first mag thru the new gun resulted in a 5" group at 15 yards with all projectiles on paper. I felt really good about that considering how little I shoot that style trigger. I went ahead and ordered some extra mags the next day and the pistol is now in our shooting rotation. It is fun to shoot, feels light and pointable when moving if that makes sense. Just wish I had gotten a good one from the start. Cliff notes - I suspect the slides with the Novak style sights are pre-production or first run. I wouldn't buy one unless you can check the slide/frame fit in person.