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  1. Getting Grounded...

    Yes, which is exactly why the static charge jumps from you to the press!
  2. The point is, reducing the main spring to lighten the trigger is not necessary ON 1911/2011 PISTOLS, so why risk light strikes by doing so? Edited in bold.
  3. Changing main springs on a 1911 to reduce trigger pull makes no sense at all. I run a 2 lb trigger with a 23 lb mainspring and can easily reduce it to 1.5 lb pull.
  4. Clavus/Corn - Grip too tight?

    Umm, you mean right handed or normal, right? I never noticed how many (other) left handers there were out there until I started shooting.
  5. The 650 has no depth stop or limiting device on the priming system *if maintained properly, so it seats the primers to the full depth of the primer pocket as long as you operate the handle up properly and have it mounted to a good, sturdy, bench. *What I mean by "if maintained properly" is that some have had the primer punch back out (unscrew) which can limit the primer from fully seating, which isn't the fault of the press if you don't look at things and make sure everything is operating properly.
  6. "Primer depth" has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Primers need to be fully seated in the case, period, which is what a XL650 will do if operated properly form a sturdy bench. If you have primer seating problems with a 650, it's you, not the press! You can have the same issues with your hand primer if you don't operate it properly.
  7. Getting Grounded...

    That is what I do during the hard Florida winters when loading.
  8. As for the crushed cases...I keep a finger touching the case until it is engaged by the sizing die. Just enough pressure to keep the case fully in the shell pl;ate groove. It's a timing thing in order to get your finger out of the way before it gets pinched between the ram and the die plate though. If your timing is off, you'll know it right away, because you can't imaging how much it hurts! As for the shaving...the bullet is not sitting on the case straight when it enters the seating die.
  9. ^^^ The SDB doesn't use locking rings or standard dies.
  10. Primer Seating Variability

    Sounds normal for mixed brass. The important thing is that they are fully seated, not the specific depth.
  11. I've been using a MBF funnel in my SDB for .40 for thousands of rounds with no trouble at all. Perhaps something is incorrectly adjusted as I have six thread of adjustment left where the OP has none. In fact my SDB has the "fail safe" system and it runs quiet and perfectly smooth without all of the clacking and jumping that others seem to complain about.
  12. This is interesting, as I have a M&P40 and it's the most useless pistol that I own. It's about like you say, a 6"-8" group at 15 yds. Glock, Sig, Beretta, all shoot very well on the same ammo, but I gave up on the M&P after about a year of fighting with it and trying different loads and projectiles. It was actually worse than that when I first got it and it went back to S&W. They replaced the barrel and it was better, but still useless in comparison to other pistols. YMMV