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  1. Crimping the .40 S&W......

    Yes, I've loaded thousands. Are you using a Lee FCD?
  2. Crimping the .40 S&W......

    Are sure it isn't the powder funnel/expander sticking in the case? As far as crimp, all that is "needed" is to remove the belling from the case mouth.
  3. f*&cked up 40 brass

    If you spend enough time at a public range, sooner or later, you'll see everything! I'm constantly amazed at just how forgiving firearms can actualy be...
  4. Accuracy for reloads.

    Start with velocity. Chrono some Blazer and then chrono some of your hand loads. I'll bet your hand loads are slower.
  5. new to reloading

    My local Bass Pro has had Clay's in stock for a while now...at Bass Pro price though!
  6. Freedom Munitions

    It would vary from one gun to another for a number of reasons. The best way to find out would be to chrono it using your gun.
  7. That's where we are!
  8. Do bullets fly in a straight line?

    If that was true, there would be no reason to ever test ammo or guns past 10 yds.
  9. Is your shell plate too loose?
  10. Check to see if the knurled not on top of the primer tube is too tight. Just turn it to where it makes contact, don't tighten it. Tightening it can deform the plastic tip on the magazine tube and cause primer feeding issues. The Tula's are probably slightly different in size then the Federals were.
  11. 100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    That's my experience as well with using thousands, but I am also due to place another order... I phoned them a while back with a question, left a message, and never got a return phone call. I wasn't too impressed with that though.
  12. Squib rounds

    Are your cases swimming in case lube when you load them? Are you seeing un-burnt powder anywhere after "firing" one of these?
  13. Did you give up and send it back to Dillon? Having two of them, I can't imagine anything on a SDB that could be that perplexing.
  14. "Hi" drops cases faster than "Low". If you are outrunning the case feeder with it on "Low", switch it to "Hi" !