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  1. Power Pistol - Bianchi 38 Super

    Yes that is what Bob gave me for load data as well. I hated the slow powder and noise. Start at 5.5 and see what the groups look like. DougC
  2. 2018 Flagler Cup

    I will try to help if I can! DougC
  3. Update. We are almost to 100 shooters. If you are thinking about attending this match please sign up soon. www.practiscore.com Big Dawg steel match. Cool weather along with the most steel shooting you can find for $50 bucks! See you there, DougC
  4. Prescription shooting glasses

    I have used Lehman Optical since 1997. He sets up your focalpoint for your front sight distance. My last set was for shooting 50 yards for Bianchi Cup shooting. He made me test lenses with my new prescription and send test lenses to put in front of the new lense so I could dial in what I needed for 50 yards. Now I can see the front sight perfectly and see the lines on the target as well. He is a wealth of knowledge. Allan Lehman Optical No reviews · Optician Dewey, AZ · (928) 632-5848 He doesn't do internet anything. Call him. He travels to all the big shotgun shoots and competes as well with his family. Pretty neat guy! DougC
  5. Hello my friend! It is a blast. We are going to take a lot of video this year and also have a drone with an HD camera. Like the FB page and we will post everything after the match! Hope to see you at a match soon! Doug
  6. If I get 25 or more PCC shooters I will then do the 50% cash payout with the PCC entries. If I have enough PCC shooters that want to participate in the shootoff together we will do that on Sunday. Bring me the shooters I show you the money....... Thanks, Doug
  7. We place the target in a tall bay and take precautions so we don't have anything go over any berm. It is a lot of fun and a crowd pleaser as well.
  8. Great! see you there. Doug
  9. Hi Thomas, Here is a pic of the newest plate rack we have. The Falling doors. Our match is modeled after the American Handgunner World shootoff in Colorado. A bunch of us used to go out there for the match and couldn't make it out there all the time so we started our own match. This set of targets used to be on the ground but it was complicated so we came up with a new system on a rack off the ground. We will be shooting the stages Thursday through Saturday. On Sunday morning we will have the man v. man shootoff for open and limited. I will be paying out $100 of the separate entry fee for that. The prize table/ plaques/ cash will be paid out and then we are done for another year. We have 15 different sets of racks, and two double decker racks. I think you will find it challenging and fun at the same time. Hope to see you there! Doug
  10. Ok PCC shooters.....Here is the deal. You get me 25 shooters and we will do 50% cash payback to the top 5 shooters. After I pay the range I will pay back half of the entries. Period. Show me how much you want it! DougC
  11. UPDATE- We have opened up the match for PCC to shoot any of the three days. We were trying to have them shoot on Thursday but due to the heavy demand we have opened it up on Friday and Saturday as well. Start position will be Shouldered and Pointed at Cone. Come run what you like!
  12. Club bans FMJ in SC Matches

    So we have been shooting steel targets for close to 40 years in recognized competition and now they are a problem? If they offend your sensibilities then don't shoot steel. If you educate yourself on velocity, how to angle the plates, and distance from the plates you minimize the potential risks and get some good shooting challenge in. Just understand that splatter happens and yes, you may get hit with a frag at some point. It is rare but it does happen. DougC
  13. I understand. We don't use armored steel and by keeping down the velocity down we save our steel and keep the match cheap for everyone. DougC
  14. Hi everyone. I just wanted to drop a line and update people on how preparations are going. People are signing up at a furious pace, and I believe we will have some of the largest numbers of shooters we have had for some time. If you are a regular shooter please sign up soon so we can make sure you will have a spot. We have a lot of things going on in the Iowa City/Coralville Area the weekend of the match. Please think about making hotel plans and reservations soon. We are removing the falling plates this year. It will be replaced with a plate rack with decreasing sizes of plates so it should be a fun rack! It was fun but lets face it, It was a PITA to reset and some days were better than others. We will have a moment of silence for the retired target.........I am excited to see what John comes up with and will post it here when I see it! I had an email question about power factor and thought I would share the answer with everyone here. We try to set the plates up so a .22 will drop them. We have to balance that out with someone using major power ammo slamming down a plate and then getting a sympathetic fall with other plates. It is cool when it happens, but not fair to everyone else. The simple answer of the match is that all plates must fall. If you hit it and it doesn't fall then shoot it again. For your best results we recommend a 125-130 power factor. That means- 115 grain bullets you need to run at least 1100fps. 124 grain bullets you need to run at least 1030fps 147 grain bullets you need to run at least 860 fps You get the idea. For those people that are shooting 9 major leave your major loads at home. Our max velocity is 1250fps, period. If you are using 115 grain bullets or less the frags are more of a problem and we want to minimize the stuff flying around. If you haven't signed up please do so soon. For those coming, make sure to bring a friend. This is a lot of shooting for not much money. We try to give you more bang for your buck! See you all soon! Doug and the match staff!