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  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on the match. We approaching over a third full so far, and have had a lot of inquiries by new shooters from several states. If you have put off signing up please consider signing up soon to secure your slots. Dwight and Pam Stearns have been working hard.. I think we will have a great prize table this year! The Big Dawg Steel Match 2017 will be held at the West Liberty Gun Club on October 19-22. We have tweaked the match this year and promise cooler weather! Come shoot 15 stages of plate rack excitement against some of the best shooters in the area! This is set up like the Old American Handgunner match in Colorado. Please like and visit our Big Dawg Steel Match Facebook page for information and updates. https://www.facebook.com/BigDawgSteel/ This continues to be a 50 % cash payback match, paid to the top five shooters in the limited (iron sight) and Unlimited (open) categories. Plaques will be awarded to Top Senior, Top Lady, Top Junior, Stock and Open Revolver( out to 3 places if enough shooters enter). We are soliciting prizes for the prize table as well. If you can help with that please contact Dwight at dpbastearns@aol.com. We will be using Practiscore scoring with paper back up. You will be able to squad yourself as well once you are paid. ******I have attached a paper application for those shooter who are not internet savvy.....******* https://practiscore.com/big-dawg-2017/register/heather A change to the match this year is we will be shooting 5 runs and throwing one out, similar to Steel Challenge scoring. Due to requests USPSA PCC carbines will be allowed to shoot on Thursday along with the regular pistol classes. Friday and Saturday will be limited to Pistol Entries only. (this is a pistol match but we want to accommodate our friends with their new toys!) At this time we will use Sunday as the prize table/ awards and Shoot off day like we always have. All updates will be posted on the FB page. That has become a very efficient way to contact everyone. Think about making hotel reservations now. I have blocked out rooms at the Heartland Inn in Coralville. I have twenty rooms locked in at $75.00 a night. Prices have gone up in the area so don't wait too long.Their direct number is (319) 351-8132. http://www.heartlandinns.com/ http://www.thinkiowacity.com/ has links to hotels and answers many questions about the area. Please send this to all your friends that may have shot the match or want to so we can get the information out to them. Thanks and hope to see you on the Range on 2017! A big thanks to Eric and Heather Martin for stepping up to help and making the Practiscore sign up and scoring a reality! If you see them at a match tell them thanks! Get to loading ammo, it will be here before you know it! PS. if you need anything hit me up on the FB page.......it will be a quicker response! Doug Carden Big Dawg Steel Match-Paper application.docx
  2. 2017 Bianchi Cup money Winnings

  3. Poor Accuracy, New Barrel

    Did someone say Crown???? Try an EGW bushing and see if you get any better results? DougC
  4. Roll sizing brass, is it worth it?

    Roll sizing came about for commercial reloaders being able to recondition brass so they could reload it. A large benefit is that case rims are cleaned up and takes out the big nicks. The cases are also morw consistent. This is important for repeatable accuracy. The Casepro came about for 38 super shooters in the 80s that had bulged brass from unsupported barrels and 180PF loads. We did accuracy testing at 50 yards in 9mm and 38 super/comp and there is an accuracy improvement with roll sized brass versus non rollsized brass. It is almost a necessity for .40 with all the Glocks out there. Believe me, once you are over 40 you will appreciate roll sized brass and case lube on your arm and elbow, regardless of the caliber. I am out of the reloading gig but still have my automated case pro and run it for anyone who needs it. Pretty cheap insurance for reliable ammo. If you know someone who has a roll sizer give it a try and see what you think! DougC
  5. Range Brass Combination

    Dumb question. Why would you not casepro 9mm brass for 9major?
  6. Why is my sizing die peeling brass?

    What did the manufacturer say?
  7. 1911 9mm mag help needed

    The Metalform 9 round mags with the ramp on the front is what I run in my metallic gun. They drop free from the Protocall Basepad and you can put whatever pad you want on it as well. DougC
  8. Bianchi 2017

    All, It is the same match as it has been since 1979. I go to shoot and try and do my best and see where I end up against some of the best in the world. I try really hard to get past the drama and just go to shoot and see my friends and have a good time. I was just as hot as the others when things were not like there were supposed to be last year, but some change is not the worst thing. If you decide to spend your money at other matches so be it. Regardless of the tweaks of the match, the shooting challenge is the same. Shoot 192 shots in the x/10 ring. As long as that isn't screwed with we will have a match to attend..... DougC
  9. Dude, take a chill pill. Look at the date of the post. At the TIME of the post We didn't have Shockbottle, or the much better Victor Precision units, of which I have one. The nice thing about the Victor Precision unit is that they are the same size as the Dillon 100 count boxes now. At that time there were no commercially available units except ones that cost $400 a piece from Machinists. As long as the ammo has been tumbled and is nice and clean/shiny I will still give you a run for your money gauging one at a time but the newer ones are very nice. I appreciate my VIctor Precision unit. It makes gauging match grade 38 Super much easier. Merry Christmas! DougC
  10. Sources for ready-built SC 22lr rifles

    Both TacSol and Volquartsen have a large following in the Rimfire racing department. One thing you want to make sure is that you have a sporting chamber and not a match chamber. That will help immensely with reliability. From there, the sky is the limit. I have guns from both companies and like them both. The cool thing is that everyone will let you try their toys and you can see what you like as well. Just ask and play with some of the cool toys. Have fun, DougC
  11. Range Report: Factory Bianchi Guns

    Try 4.8 330/340 with that recipe and a .377-78 crimp...... ;0) DougC
  12. 2016 Steel Nationals in Florida

    Don't worry Phil........I will bring some unlock tools for you just in case... DougC
  13. Greeting from Eastern Iowa

    Welcome. I don't recommend the 550 for new reloaders as they tend to either double charge a case or make a squib if they keep going due to not rotating the shellplate. It is easy to get distracted and leave the press and not pay attention. The 650 will do what you need just fine....If you are near Iowa City come by the AMMOBEARER Gun shop and you can take a look at the different presses. DougC
  14. Anyone seen the Korth L-frame 9mm cylinder?

    All I know is last year they sold out of their little Air marshall 9mm revos and were taking backorders from European police agencies.....so I guess yes, there is.....but it does make you shake your head too..... DougC
  15. Anyone seen the Korth L-frame 9mm cylinder?

    They told me that for Police Service the moon clips were too fragile and prone to damage and that they make a speedloader for the cylinder, which is like a HKS with a plunger for all rounds and it is positive into the cylinder. Korth is cutting edge and everything they make is over engineered and pretty impressive.