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  1. P320 X5 Thread

    Called SIG today and the were really nice , got new screw for the sight coming . Then I've called Dawson and they are sending me .205 (original one is .250)front sight free of charge as well. I guess I just have to bring it to my gunsmith to change it.
  2. P320 X5 Thread

    WTF? These things are like unicorns. Finally found one , then in this commy state (NY) took 3 weeks till I was able to pick it up. Bad enough that regular 320 mags don't work(had to pick up 10 rounder till gunsmiths pins the regular mags) , without major surgery to the basepad , I finally go to shoot till and need a bed sheet at 50 feet to figure oou where it's hitting . Had to max out elevation of rear sight and it's still 6" low. Then while shooting it , elevation screw from rear sight goes flying and lands somewhere in grass ( RIP) , so I have new gun , that I've put 30 rounds thru , that is useless. Sig rep is going to get an earful on Monday and the better be overnighting some crap to me fast
  3. I might have the one built on Friday. Not crazy about the trigger. Does your have such a long reset as well ? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  4. Just sent them an email , hopefully more of you will
  5. new Canik TP9 SFX

    just picked up mine. Fits in Grand Power holster , so probably will fit in Glock holster as well
  6. Any Sphinx owners here?

    Fondled one at the store and really like feel of it. Have P07 Duty and Sphinx feels like luxury model of that gun. But my P07 has just under 6lbs double and just over 2lbs single action trigger pull. I might pick it up anyway , just to add to collection
  7. so , how do I go about putting magwell on this thing? I have few machine shops around , but have no clue where to start
  8. Empire Match

    I'm gunning for you Josh ::):)
  9. MAC Grand Power MK12 Review

    I'm just hoping he's gonna do follow up after he puts more rounds thru it. GPs are tighter and like to be oiled. I had G35 that I had nothing but problems with , does that make glock bad ?
  10. MAC Grand Power MK12 Review

    he kind of concentrated on negative. I understand that it didn't perform flawlessly out of the box , but neither did my Xcalibur He should really do follow up after putting some serious rounds thru it.
  11. Grand Power Xcalibur

    That sucks lol
  12. Grand Power Xcalibur

    I normally shoot Xtrim which has a slide cuts and it is SSP and ESP legal. I was thinking new rules got away from bull barrel . New Sig 320 X5 is legal in ESP , don't see why Xcalibur wouldn't
  13. Grand Power Xcalibur

    So , with new rules , Am I wrong thinking Xcalibur is ESP legal ?
  14. another 929

    Lol , damn autocorrect
  15. another 929

    Nope , got all my brass and moon lips back. It's actually an achievement at that range. Lol Now thinking about revolver for IDPA.