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  1. They had one for the MPX at SHOT 2016, but it's never made it to market. I asked recently and they still plan on releasing it, but wouldn't give me an ETA. In TF's latest newsletter he says they are coming out with a +20 for the MPX this year.
  2. Whats your favorite coated bullet

    Gallant Bullets
  3. I was talking about Quarter Circle 10. https://www.quartercircle10.com/products/barrels/quarter-circle-10-ar15-barrels-9-mm/9x19-mm-barrels.html
  4. They have a 7.5" and their feed ramp is one of the most forgiving I've tried.
  5. QC10 would be my choice for what your wanting to do.
  6. The smoke composite stocks need a quarter in them no matter what buffer you run.
  7. Shortening the piston will not do anything. You need to shorten the overall compressed assembly the amount the cushion added from the main buffer body. I would suggest the end the cushion is on.
  8. Powder question

    All I shoot is 320 in my MPX and AR9 blowback. The slower powder route never panned out for me.
  9. MPX is my primary USPSA gun and the Gibbz is my backup...
  10. With no LRBHO, I don't mind not having the bolt stop...even though it's nice to be able to manually lock the bolt back in certain situations. They are also working on a left handed bolt and side charge upper.
  11. If you look at their website they have an animation of it. It’s more of a design to be ambi, and the KE struck me as an add on to existing designs.
  12. PCC USPSA Classification

    I started shooting PCC exclusively in October of last year as an A class production shooter. My initial PCC classification was A and I’ve moved to M and then GM since then. I shoot at quite a few different clubs down here and just shoot what’s put in front of me and never reshot or cherry picked anything. I see myself as a competitive A (or low M) shooter, but currently sit at 99.955%. The most I see them doing is decoupling the PCC’s from the handguns. When they update HHF’s I doubt very seriously they will change any past classifiers shot. But I’m sure if you recalculated your hit factors and requested to be dropped down they would do it. If my match performance doesn’t get where I think it should be by then, that’s what I’m considering doing.
  13. I looked hard at it and the Gibbz. I ended up with the Gibbz because I liked their mag release design better.
  14. MBX Extension help!

    When it nosedives and hangs up firing, is the bolt able to get it past the mag and jam on the barrel or does it jam on the mag?
  15. MBX Extension help!

    Running tapered rounds in a straight magazine is going to have more problems the longer you start making the mags. I could definitely see spring tension playing a part in this. MBX sells a 24 coil for the Mini extension (Mega is 28). You could try one of them and see if it helps. Also, you didn't mention what lower/barrel/bolt you're running. I started PCC with an NFA lower build and had constant problems with TF extensions. It would run like a top with stock 33 round mags, but not with the extensions. I switched it out for a QC10 and never had another issue.