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  1. Using N310 for 9mm 147gr

    Can you prove that or are you just talking $hit? Hint: I know it's the latter.
  2. Advice on COL, First time reloading

    The above was not my work, I just cleaned it up a bit. The information above was obtained from "The Original CZ Forum".
  3. Advice on COL, First time reloading

    How to determine a pistols max OAL
  4. Shoot It or Pull It?

    I'm voting again.... Shoot it.
  5. XDs 9mm Load Data

    The barrel length won't affect the safe charge weight range but it does affect performance/function. The longer the barrel the more velocity it will produce. What does this mean for you? If you were looking to achieve a constant bullet speed for 3 different barrel lengths (e.g. 3.3", 4", 6") using the same components for each the 3.3" barrel would need the most powder and the 6" barrel the least. Below is an example which hopefully better explains my ramblings above: Safe charge weight range for a 147gr bullet with Titegroup = 3.2gr - 3.6gr 3.3" barrel - 147gr FMJ - 3.6gr of Titegroup - OAL 1.09 = 900 ft/s 4" barrel - 147gr FMJ - 3.4gr of Titegroup - OAL 1.09 = 900 ft/s 6" barrel - 147gr FMJ - 3.2gr of Titegroup - OAL 1.09 = 900 ft/s
  6. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    Who said I was loading a coated round nose? What's a tapered cone? I've heard of a truncated cone but never a tapered cone. Are you on the wacky tobaccy? lol.
  7. Shoot It or Pull It?

    Shoot it.
  8. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    I'm not sure why I was quoted in your reply. Are you having a conversation with yourself? Who said “FPs load better than SWCs”? I think you're a little confused, remember you're the one who posted a general statement that made absolutely no sense, lol. P.S. We're not mind readers, next time try to be more detailed.
  9. If the clutch is not allowed to slip (too tight) you'll burn out the motor (or shorten its life span). The manual tells you how to find the appropriate amount of slip. We all want to load massive amounts of brass into the casefeeder but it might end up costing you in the long run.
  10. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    Exactly my point, that's why Memphis' reply confused me.
  11. I use Dillon dies but I've still managed to break/bend a few pins in my day. I get 10 pins for $8 so it's not a huge burden on the wallet.
  12. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    Weird. For me it has more to do with the bullets ogive than the point/meplat. My situation is the exact opposite. The FP I load have a wider ogive, which means they engage the rifling sooner, so I need to load them fairly short (1.09) for my CZ Shadow. Generally, I can load much longer with RN bullets.
  13. After breaking my first pin many moons ago I decided it was a good idea to keep a 10 pack of pins on the reloading bench from that day forward.
  14. 9mm bullet ring

    I use Dillon dies to load 147's without issue but the bullet I load is RNFP so the round nose stem doesn't make contact with the point/meplat of the bullet. I would take out the seating insert and make sure it's clean. Also, you can probably fill the hole in the seating stem so that it won't mark the bullets but I would make sure the insert's clean first.
  15. Muffin top issues part II

    Just out of curiosity what "new bullets" are you using?