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  1. anyone load for PPQ-45?

    Thanks! f
  2. anyone load for PPQ-45?

    That about says it. Just got my sweaty little hands on a PPQ in .45 and am wondering what to feed it. Or what NOT to. Thanks!
  3. Or I guess I should ask HOW MUCH does it matter which profile (Glock or M&P) you use? i ask because I just swapped my M&P for a CGW CZ P-09 and there's no laser trainer in that shape. I'd guess the Glock is the closer match to the CZ... is is it worth worrying about?
  4. Can I use this holster?

    Thanks for all of the advice. I got - for a whopping 14.99 - a generic airsoft holster. My concern right now is that it's too big and the gun will slide around. A well situated bolt/nut thing should fix that though.
  5. Can I use this holster?

  6. Can I use this holster?

    Hi I'm in a weird situation. I just traded my IPSC gun for a new one, but only have two magazines for it. I have a P226 with a holster. But only three magazines. I also have CZ P01 with five magazines. But no holster. New magazines and a holster are on their way, but won't arrive until Monday. I have a match on Saturday. SO The cheapest way out, it seems, is to get a cheap holster for the CZ, use it on Saturday, and then bury it in the back yard. The local airsoft place has these generic, adjustable(?), NC Star holsters. i'm assuming they are total crap. But also that they can make it through a match. Can any of you see a reason why i can NOT use this in a match? Thanks! f
  7. being an idiot

    This is all wonderful feedback. Thanks! I really appreciate it! f
  8. holster for P01?

    That's basically it. I'm thinking of using my P-01 in Production, but don't have a holster for it. Any recommendations? Anything I should steer clear of? Thanks!
  9. being an idiot

    Thanks for all of the feedback! One thing I feel I should make clear is that I don't resent the DQs at all; these were all totally my fault. And, since we ARE playing with live ammunition, I figure the RO is doing me a favor by preventing me from having to live with hurting someone. The DQs themselves don't really have much to do with the brain dump thing. The first was a 180 violation on a stage that began facing uprange. Literally the first time I'd ever tried that, and I drew too early. The second was even dumber. I entered the box with a magazine in the pistol. Just plain dumb. Another mag holder on my belt would have prevented it, I just went into autopilot while loading and put the magazine... well.... where magazines go... Anyway, it looks like the gist of what I'm hearing is that I need to slow down and stop trying to be John Wick.... Thanks!
  10. being an idiot

    So... for the second time in a row I was DQ'd at my 'first' match. Which is fine... When I decided to take this up (50th birthday midlife crisis kind of thing) I resolved to treat it as a Zen 'the-journey-is-the-destination' thing. There's a lot to learn and these things take time. And the DQs were "just" forgetting rules (I mentioned "idiot" right?). It's not like I had a tantrum or hurt someone. BUT What I've found, both times out, is that when the first stage buzzer sounds my mind goes completely blank and I end up simply forgetting to engage all targets. I do the walkthrough, make a plan, watch what others are doing and evaluate their strategies against my own... I think I'm doing all the things. But then I'm DOING it and can't remember my last name... let alone my fantastic plan. Can any of you give me some tips?
  11. I've been struggling with whether or not to get a SIRT training pistol. Or, rather, whether to spend the extra money on going infrared. Oh, and trying to decide which kidney to sell so I can buy it all. Just to make things more complicated, I came across the Coolfire system (http://coolfiretrainer.com/), which uses C02 to simulate recoil. Can anyone offer their thoughts on which is the better route to go for dryfire training?
  12. sights for CORE

    Turns out that the CORE model takes a different rear sight than the regular M&P...
  13. sights for CORE

    That's exactly what I needed! Thanks!
  14. sights for CORE

    Thanks to everyone who helped on the "install yourself or not" post I put about putting new sights on my M&P CORE! Now, kind of an obvious follow-up, would any of you who HAVE changed from the factory sights mind telling me what you got and why? No one seems to make adjustable sights for this model (which I wish I'd known when I bought it...). If this has been done to death already - could someone point me in the right place to look? f