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  1. Magazine release scallop cut

    https://tangodown.com/shop/vickers-tactical-gen-4-extended-glock-extended-mag-release/ what about this? i use these along with grinding off the "thumbshelf" and haven't fumbled hitting my mag release in the last few years.
  2. Torquing rings

    What mount is it in?
  3. Stung by a yellow jacket

    Bee stings cost me an $1800 trip to the ER and a $300 EpiPen. Kill 'em all I say, except honey bees. We kinda need those.
  4. Torquing rings

    what do you have the rings torqued to? i do all my vortex scopes at 20inlbs and never had them move. what mount are you using?
  5. it might be worth it depending on your uses. i shoot a MPX and do not reload. a friend of mine has an MPX and reloads. his ammo in my gun, the dot barely moves. then i'll shoot the fctory ammo, and no wonder i'm getting my ass kicked. before i bought my MPX, he let me shoot his JP (same blow back as a CZ) and the MPX, i chose the MPX because the dot didn't move around as much letting me get back on target quicker. so to me, it was worth it. i only have a combined total of 5000 rounds thru the 2 MPXs (3000 gen1, 2000 gen2). i have had 4 stoppages with the gen2, i was using gen1 mags. when i sold my gen1, those 2 mags went with the gun. i started using 2 different brand new gen1 mags in the gen2 gun without a stoppage in 1500ish rounds. i was going to SBR the gen1 (but decided against it a month or so ago) and i bought 10 mags for it before the election. i also bought my gen2 carbine right before the election as well, so i am kinda stuck with gen1 mags.
  6. Double Feeds

    are they colt pattern mags i am assuming? if so, there was a guy running colt pattern mags in a dedicated 9mm lower. he was getting the same double feed as you. another shooter stepped in and said the feed lips are probably too wide and they need bent in more. i have an MPX so it's not something i'm going to go digging into, but you might.
  7. low vs high hits

    good points about not worrying about the recoil spring. let's disregard that for now for new shooters. he didn't even bring it up, it was just a thought i had from what i think i remember reading about that. so i'll have have focus more on grip pressure/strength then and keeping his wrists locked. i forgot to mention and explain that to him. he says he can see his sights, but when i ask him if he knows where he hit, he says he doesn't know. we did go over seeing his sights correctly before he fires his second shot, he says he does, but he drops them all low. crazy consistent too! first shot almost dead center, second shot, 8" low at 6 o'clock. 2nd string, half inch to right or left, 2nd shot 8" low at 6 o'clock and so forth. it was weird lol. i'll also have him worry more about going slower and getting good hits. it was probably my fault for trying to speed him up too quickly his first time out "doing real shooting" as he said. he actually did pretty well for his first time out "doing real shooting" not just standing there and killing paper without a clue. most people i take out it's quite interesting. i'm sure y'all have been there, done that lol. now that i think about it, when didn't work too much on grip and locked wrists because he was doing better than i thought. again, my fault. any other thoughts or ideas that i am missing?
  8. low vs high hits

    i took a buddy shooting that wants to get in to uspsa. we started off slow, with the ball and dummy drill (no flinch, which surprised me) and did some draw and 2 rounds on target just so i could get a baseline of his draw time, split time, and where he was hitting. i noticed all of his second round hits were very low. at 10 yards, they were about 8" low, damn near right under his first shot. i do remember reading sometime, somewhere that this could be due to recoil spring, or something? someone also had a away to diagnose what was going on if second round hits were low/high. any input would be much appreciated. gun is a bone stock glock 17 gen4, his reloads were from his dad, which were 115gr, but he had no idea what speed or power charge.
  9. M&P pro series sights

    i meant the M&P pro sight
  10. M&P pro series sights

    does anyone have one of these on hand to measure the rear notch width and front post width?
  11. M&P pro series sights

    thanks guys
  12. M&P pro series sights

    i had a M&P pro long slide and really liked the sights. does anyone know what brand they are? they were the fiber optic green front and plain black rear. i would like to get some for my glocks. thanks!
  13. G34 Not going to Slidelock

    i had this same problem. i was replacing the part every few thousand rounds. what i think was happening was i was putting pressure on the slide release, wearing out the spring. i would put a new one in, problem went away for a month or 2. so i cut the SOB like 9x45 said and haven't had the problem since. i don't use the slide release to drop the slide, i sling shot it. i shoot my 17 in limited. i am a fan of changing the equipment to fit you, not the other way around...to a point obviously. sometimes you DO need to get a different gun or change your grip.
  14. i just wanted to thank you guys for the comments and suggestions. the last few months, i really haven't had much trouble. i just have to watch what i do.