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  1. Mag Pouches using M&P Mags

    Looking to see what you fellow shooters are using on your competition belt using S&W M&P magazines. I'm currently using DAA Racers and thinking of exploring other options. I think the pouches work phenomenal but designed more for extended length mags such as Limited or Open mags 140mm or longer. Not enough mag body sticking out the top to grab ahold of for me. So what are you guys using?
  2. Favorite shoe for shooting

    After 2 slides in the mud with a loaded gun in hand you realize how important footwear is if you move quick. Im a big guy but I can get trucking so i need something to grab so I can stop! I place good footwar an equal part like a quality competition belt!
  3. Favorite shoe for shooting

    What are all you guys with bigger feet using? Seems like most manufacturers think sz13 is the biggest they can make! Sz15-16 what are you guys using? Ive been using Nike baseball cleats but its about time to replace them.
  4. Cj arms .40 thunder ftf

    OAL is more than likely your issue. STI mags run flawless in my Edge and they arent tuned. 1.18oal is the sweet spot for feeding FP bullets in my Edge
  5. I have a set of molded earpro from prem ear now. a little over a year old and theyre starting to peel so its time for some new ones. Who are you guys and gals using for them? I will be shooting the Buckeye Blast this weekend so im not sure if someone will be on site doing this or not. Just seeing who everyone else is using and exploring options
  6. Suppressor recommendations (pistol/rifle)

    Love my YHM Titanium Phantom .30 caliber rated to 300UltraMag!!
  7. You have any vendors plan on being on site Mads? Any molded earpro vendors plan on attending? Time for a new set of earpro
  8. New belt

  9. Federal SPP Shortage

    Found them at a local store couple days ago. Had plenty instock for $39.99 per K. No wonder they had them!! Id shoot Win or CCI with a heavier MS before id pay more than Match Primers price!!
  10. HD sights?

    If all guns had the same POA/POI there would be no need for different height sights. Sounds like you need a shorter front or taller rear sight.
  11. Postmortem on DAA / CED Backpack

    I've been looking for a solid rubber wheel with an axle OD that fits this cart, but no luck. Where did you buy your wheels? PM Sent
  12. Need a powder for .40 S&W 180gr Blue Bullets Major PF

    I use to load Blue 180's with Bullseye until I tried Vihtavuori N320 and im never looking back unless i cant find N320!!
  13. Federal SPP Shortage

    This is what I was looking for. Someone with a in at Federal. Tell your friend to start working doubles we all need some primers!!!
  14. Coated bullets?

    As many have said before The Blue Bullets are the way to go!! Im probably approaching 30k rounds fired with Blues with 0 issues!! Loading 9mm 40 and the occasional 45acp
  15. Federal SPP Shortage

    People still use Revolvers!? You know there is such divisions that allow you to use doublestack magazines and you can fill them up! Some even hold 30rds!! lol Sorry I couldnt pass the opportunity up! Best of luck in your search for hens teeth like me!!