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  1. Triggers...

    Pricepoint will be a big thing and it will still have to dethrone the hiperfire as the king. I do like the looks of it though
  2. Primer shaving on XL 650

    Ordered now. That should help some
  3. DQ or a WARNING

    He’d have to. He’s not taking care of it himself lol
  4. MSA Sordin Ear Protection Availability?

    I paid more than 269 for mine
  5. Gonna be another poke the bear and get bit type situation.
  6. Thats what I found as well. I was all excited for a bit.
  7. Which Grips are the most "Grippy"?

    The lok are tough to beat.
  8. PCC at Major Matches

    I took my ro class in October. Pcc was covered extensively
  9. Is it hard to get the weight that low? I built an actual 5.56 gun that comes in right at the four pound mark with mro. I spent a small fortune to do it but I literally found the lightest parts available and used them. I’m assuming cost is a factor in this hunt
  10. Wait so that fits on an ar-10 lower? I may just so happen to have a large framed sbr lower. Off to google
  11. AR triggers (2018)

    I’ve got the following hiperfire 24c hiperfire eclipse hiperfire elite geisselle ssa-e geissle g2s geissle sde cmc flat drop in for my 15/22 for me its a toss toss up between the 24c and sde. If we’re talking straight hosing then I don’t have a faster trigger than the the 24c at this time. I have not shot the eclipse yet. It’s in my hoser sbr lower. Geisselles in anything precision though
  12. Stock 2 Grips

    Looks are thinner than the pd for sure
  13. If it wasn’t for this forum there was zero chance I would have picked one up. It’s ok stock but polished and tuned it’s a great gun
  14. You won’t find a unicorn for rent most likely. I made that switch. If you aren’t putting in serious work expect a setback. I regressed pretty hard core when I did it.