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  1. You don't track current wait times do you? Wait times are almost a year at this point. It's not going to drop over night either
  2. light strike / squib

    Agreed. I've gotten powder and even managed to stuff a 147 in a 380 case. Lol. I'm not so sure I'd like to fire it though
  3. I've seen people cut the grip for a shorter grip with full barrel. I haven't pulled a glock apart in a bit but there are inlays at certain junctions. I'm not sure if you would be cutting the inlay. If I wanted to try it I may be tempted to pick up one of the drilled and assembled glock lowers that are floating around and do it that way instead of having to drill it.
  4. ISO of a better range finder

    I use a sig kilo 850. Its quick and easy to read and accurate
  5. Josh Lentz winning US IPSC nationals

    Only if you provide running commentary like your vids.
  6. I use the aim bolt and the taccom buffer in my three gun rig. I like both. I'm running a precision armament m4-72 brake though.
  7. Oh Jesus. That's a face palm.
  8. Isn't magtech brass stepped? Could it be the brass?
  9. Strike Eagle 1-8

    The reticle is different with the dot. Depending on if you like that or not would be the deciding factor. For me the dot wasn't clear but I have an astigmatism so that's why. My buddy likes it. Im glad I went with the razor lol
  10. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    I'd agree but what if there are three that are a full point higher. Are they outliers. Or are they just fast? What's the threshold for an outlier. There has to be a metric and a standard set. Are they calculating a standard deviation to determine outliers or any other quantifiable method?
  11. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    Curious what the metric is for the outliers. That should be interesting.
  12. Reloading Bench Table Top

    Mine is 3/4 inch oak ply doubled up and a frame made of 2x4 and 4x4.
  13. Reloading Bench Table Top

    Mine is 3/4 inch oak ply doubled up and a frame made of 2x4 and 4x4.
  14. Tanfo getting hung up in Bladetech

    I've tinkered with the bladetech. I'm waiting on my rta now