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  1. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    I love WST. 3.4 chrono at 130 out of my stock 2 with Bayou 145
  2. Steel closer than 23 feet rule

    I doesn't hurt that much.
  3. Rationale behind double action first shot

    I don't get it either. Having said that, you can get a smooth DA from your CZ. Lots of dry fire and it's a non issue. You don't have to click off the safety either.
  4. Cold weather clothing

    Long sleeve thermal shirt with tight fitting sweatshirt I can tuck in. I can easily shoot with this combination and stay warm. Depending on how cold, heavier coats on top of that in between stages.
  5. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    Yes, my Stock II does the same thing. No combination seemed to fix it. I just don't look anymore.
  6. Tweeking eyeglasses per stage design

    I have +.75 added to my distance prescription. You'll need to have your focus a bit farther forward. It's a controlled blurr. Target more in focus, front sight less. There are trade offs. Carry Optics is great.
  7. Is it possible the one on the right is an Xtreme trigger bar. Comparing the two images of the standard and Xtreme trigger bar images on the PD website. Will the extra .020" of meat on the TB surface extend the DA pull? seems like it would.
  8. coated bullets

    I'm shooting 145 Bayou, no lube groove. Very nice.
  9. X treme Brass

    I have X-TREME brass. It doesn't have a step. Is this the same brass you're talking about?
  10. 9mm Autocomp loads

    4.8 grns with 125 coated bullet gets me around 1000 fps with my Stock II
  11. I keep the original bags. wright the date you install the spring on the empty bag.
  12. BOLO Tuning for a longer DA pull

    How was the DA pull compared to stock interrupter? How close is the over-travel screw adjusted between DA and SA?
  13. DeltaPoint Pro Screw Problem

    Putting the tip of the soldering iron on the head of the screw should localize the heat. Might work.
  14. DeltaPoint Pro Screw Problem

    Have you tried heating the screw up with a soldering iron?