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  1. Southwest 3 Gun Series

    We will be Live on Facebook on Wednesday, March 22nd at 8pm for a Q&A session about the Shooters Source SW3G Series, Championship and Shootout Finale. We will outline the series, talk about the clubs involved and their schedules, explain how to get invited to the Championship, what the Shootout Finale is, and anything anyone brings up. The FB page is here!
  2. I love this. Just wish it was not on the same day as another match in DFW. They are within a few hours of each other ! I realize the DFW match is not on the calendar though... Maybe next year.
  3. The goal of this series is to incentive people to shoot monthly matches around the state and work towards qualifying for the Southwest 3 Gun Series Championship Match and Shootout Finale at the end of the year. For 2017, the series will start in April and run through September, with the Series Championship in November. Shooters will accumulate points relative to their finish at monthly matches through participating clubs. Participating clubs (Texas): Copperas Cove Pistol Club– Kempner Dissident Arms Multigun– Navosota Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions– Waxahachie North Texas Multi Gun– Cresson Texas 3G– Marble Falls Check out the website or Facebook page for more details.
  4. Check Cabelas for Grizzly Targets. I have some of their ground poppers, auto popper, and mini ipsc. http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/browse/targets-chronographs/grizzly-targets/_/N-1100227+4294375707/Ne-4294375707?WTz_st=GuidedNav&WTz_stype=GNU
  5. Has anyone ever organized a "State vs State" 3 gun match? Just bouncing fun ideas around... Traveling trophy, change locations/ranges every year, Ryder Cup Team style Match? "Captains" choose 40-50 shooters that reside in their state for the last 6+ months. 2 day, 8-10 stage match. 5 shooters from each "team" per squad (10 shooters total per squad). Some stages may be relay type, some may be all the team members shooting at once (long distance rifle or something), some will be individual time (added together to get a team time). Fastest total team time wins. Thoughts? Dreams? Comments?
  6. Here is my video of an all shotgun match that Jeremy Moore of Shooters Source organized in Texas this past spring. I liked the stages and layout a lot. Scoring was stage points. Divisions were Semi, Open, Pump. I like stages where you walk through the woods with 30+ targets. Cool/different stages at this match- Stage 3 (the tunnel), Stage 4 (hoser slugs, reload from barrels only), Stage 6 (big buckshot only stage), Stage 7 (stair-step slugs), Stage 8 (inside a car). If something like this appeared elsewhere, I would attend no doubt (within a days drive). A "field/hunter" division would be interesting!
  7. Tips and advice are appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Looking for some constructive criticism on my shotgun match from last weekend. Was able to finish 15th of 77 shooters, but feel like I lost a few spots due to mistakes. Where can I make up time? Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25lgzECoZpk
  9. I second that. I really enjoyed the range, match, stages, ROs, and how well everything ran. Top notch. Looking forward to this match happening again next year!
  10. Gearhog.com has a Grizzly Targets ground popper on sale today for $38. http://www.gearhog.com/?did=68922
  11. Changed extractor in my M3000 and...

    Much appreciated! I am looking forward to sending my m3000 to you for more work after this season!
  12. Changed extractor in my M3000 and...

    Which direction are you going? The pin is half blind, you need to push it out from the side where you only see half of the pin, use a punch to carefully catch the edge of it and get it started. If you are hammering in the end you see fully exposed you are going the wrong way. I'm going the correct way, but am having trouble finding a punch to fit exactly in the hole. Should I use a regular flat head punch or a roll pin punch? What size? My current set of punches are limited, so I am looking to add more. thanks.
  13. Changed extractor in my M3000 and...

    What tool did you use to remove the original extractor from the bolt head? I'm having trouble getting the pin to budge.
  14. *****DATE CHANGE TO AUG 15th.***** Registration link and location is still the same.