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  1. What would you do?

    Well, I'm wondering how it all turned out...
  2. I started with a Lee and the blank discs proved to be the way to go for dialing in loads. It worked pretty well.
  3. Watch, listen, pay attention, ask questions. Most folks are more than willing to help out when you're new. When you're new to pasting, DO NOT PASTE IF YOU'RE NOT SURE THE TARGET WAS SCORED. And in general it's a bad idea to try and impress anyone. Be deliberate and take your time until you've had a chance to get through it a couple of times.
  4. Trigger control with a light trigger

    Flipping the safety up still happens to me once in a great while, lol. Fun surprise... Yeah, I think you can expect the kinks to work themselves out with more time.
  5. Gun choice for CO

    Already on my short shopping list. Haven't been in a hurry since focusing on Production for last few events of the season. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    Whether or not the shooter can "handle" extraneous conversation is beside the point. I'm not mad strict about it, but part of my job is staying out of the way. As an RO, I don't have the warrant to take the chance of being disruptive, or the mind-reading skills to be sure I can tell who can or can't respond okay.
  7. Gun choice for CO

    My SA 5.25 got a new life from doing that. I went to CZ for production and the SA was sitting in the safe. Swapped out the rear sight for bracket and dot and I get to play in CO. Even better when I did the trigger.
  8. I was using almost nothing but FM reman until I started rolling my own about two and a half years ago. I never had any trouble with it. I never really saw it at matches back when I was shooting it, and I had the impression that it wasn't very well known. I started hearing complaints about six months after I stopped using it, and I've wondered if their quality control suffered from getting bigger market share.
  9. Advantages Limited vs Production?

    I think that's a good quick summary. We often suggest new shooters go with limited in the beginning, even if their gear is production-type (like 9mm). They can get away with fewer mags etc, and can learn the basics of negotiating a stage safely without the additional demands of multiple reloads and stage planning.
  10. To buy or not to buy? XDm 5.25

    Thanks. I'm going to try it, and I'm going to do the trigger on the XDM as well.
  11. XDM 9mm recoil spring?

    Thank you!!
  12. TS mags ok with TSO?

    Thanks so much. I have six 20-rounders and glad won't need to buy new ones.
  13. TS mags ok with TSO?

    Looking at the TSO, wondering if the mags I have for my TS will work or if I'll need new mags.
  14. To buy or not to buy? XDm 5.25

    I was just looking at dovetail mounts for CZ Shadow and SP-01 at Springer. My Shadow currently serves as backup for my SP-01 Accu-Shadow in production division, but I'm thinking of getting the dovetail mounts for both the Shadow and my XDM 5.25 to try out CO.
  15. Max COAL for XDm 9mm mags

    I've used BBI and Blue Bullets extensively (with TG) with good results. I clean pretty regularly so dirty is not a problem for me.