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  1. Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    I made a hobby out of that at a major last year. Ugh.
  2. Looking for a CZ dealer

    I've purchased two from Oak Hill and one from CZ Custom and good experiences with both.
  3. AD?

    Agree with Sarge and DKorn
  4. Similarity.....?

    Unless you're a really high-end and high stakes competitor, your backup is mainly there so you won't have to go home if your primary goes down. Nice to have a backup that's at least reasonably close, and carry a small spare parts kit.
  5. Freedom Munitions

    I ran 180 RNFP in my TS without a problem until I started rolling my own.
  6. Which pistol for first USPSA Match?

    A little off the topic of which gun, but it sounds like you're going to make your first match a major? Lots of stages, assume Level 2? If that's the case, I strongly suggest you find time for a local or two first.
  7. Moving to Carry Optic

    I'm in kind of the same situation as OP, having just started shooting open. "Finding the dot" on my draw was a struggle. It's getting a lot better, though, primarily through lots of dry fire time. Slow and deliberate at first, then adding the timer and gradually shrinking the par, bringing the gun up to the target in a way that has the dot where I need it. Still plenty of work to do, but the progress has been there.
  8. Gun having match nerves

    Fickle things, these guns...
  9. Don’t take new equipment to a match

    I learned running marathons that you NEVER do anything on race day that you haven't done in training. Don't eat anything new, don't wear anything new. Saw a training partner of mine get dreadfully sick from a carbo gel he decided to try for refueling mid-race when he couldn't find his usual product. Watched another guy with blood running down his leg from a badly stitched seam on a brand new pair of shorts - 26 miles of anything scraping your skin with every step is gonna get ugly. So - no mags, no springs, no ammo, no nothing that I haven't run in practice.
  10. Starting with a CZ75B and then what...

    Amen, amen, amen. Perfectly serviceable gun. Could do a few things with springs and polish internals if he wants, but play the game a bunch and practice a bunch so he'll have a better feel for what he may want down the line, and will be able to tell the difference from one platform to another.
  11. Anyone shoot both Open and CO?

    I'm about to find out, maybe. I shot a little CO last year, but recently I drank the Kool-Aid and got myself equipped for Open. We shall see. My CO rig may not make it out of the safe this year.
  12. RO'ing major matches

    After I first posted to this thread back in August, I worked my first level 2 (Kentucky State). I got what I was mostly wanting, which was that I learned a lot from the two more experienced ROs I worked with. I certainly can be a labor of love - spent a good part of it in pouring rain. I was also reminded over and over again about why I like the sport (apart from the shooting stuff). Really good people, working really hard to put on a good match for the sport. You can't do one of these things without coming away with a bunch more appreciation for those folks who put out the effort to make it all work. And I can't remember any complainers or problem children. I got to watch a lot of good shooters. I'll be working BITB this year, and I'm looking forward to it.
  13. Squading with better shooters

    I usually shoot with friends, and all of them are pretty much way better than me, so the question gets settled by default for me. Every once in a while I'll end up in a squad more like my own ability, and that's kinda fun. Mostly though, I just want to shoot with friendly people who conduct themselves professionally and take care of business running the stages.
  14. Carry Ops>Limited?

    Different divisions = different toys = different games. Shoot what's fun for ya.
  15. 20 years ago ...

    How true that we assume there's more of a thing to come, and then discover a long time later that it never happened, in part because we just assumed it would happen and didn't actually take the steps to make it so. Probably the same thing happens with people in our lives - we're going to get together with so-and-so, of course we will, but the actual action never takes place. A reminder to take seriously the things we want to do. But hell, maybe not top-16 but still the possibility there to enjoy all the good things that come from playing our game.