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  1. Magazines

    If those are MBX's, after a bit of time you will be able to get 23 reloadable in the 140's, and 29 in the 170, but the fully loaded 170 is not easy to reload on the fly, I usually download that to 28 when I'm going to load that after the start, same thing with unloaded starts. I find that loading a full 170 will take a couple of tries to load securely.
  2. 2011 Mag Issue

    If you have a 1911/2011, you need to have a caliper. You need exact measurements, appearing to be similar is not exact enough. It only takes a few thousands of an inch to make a difference, too small of a difference for a tape measure. You can get digital calipers for much less than the cost of a magazine.
  3. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    Especially since high classification in one division reflects on all other divisions. So much for the word "Provisional" when dealing with a "boutique" division.
  4. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Easy fix, don't drop your gun.
  5. Those are pictures of an old gun that has since been replaced by this
  6. Case Head Separation issues in PCC

    That's why you haven't had any case head separation. I load my 9mm to 174PF, never had a separation.
  7. In Open there are no holster restrictions, other than it has to cover the trigger guard. Actually there aren't a whole lot of restrictions in Open Division (which is why I shoot it, don't have to remember all those rules ) Then again, you could take the M&P to the extreme like I did a while back. (the slide cracked after a year, I've since gone to an STI)
  8. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    I wouldn't worry, the classification system isn't going anywhere and this is just another "forum conversation" that has no meaning (except to a few)
  9. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    Ouch, reading this took me back to painful memories of Statistics 101 . Think I'll go shooting now.
  10. Shooting cart???

    Needs a motor/engine
  11. Ear pro survey

    Adjusting the volume lower than you think it should be gets rid of a lot of the "tingyness". I find I can still hear fine, but without the extra noise.
  12. Hello from Wa

    Welcome to the traffic nightmare.
  13. 650 Reloading Poll

    Depends on what the coming week schedule is. If I have a major match coming up, then obviously more. I do have a 500 round stash of 9 Major in case something breaks on the 650 that isn't in the spare parts kit.
  14. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Just have him/her demonstrate the "unsafe" condition. If they can't, then shoot on. RO's aren't the last word, they have to back up their decisions by rule. 5.1.6 says that after examination, the handgun has to be declared unsafe or unserviceable. To me that means something has to be found during the "inspection", and they have to demonstrate the unsafe condition. If they still persist, get the RM or MD involved.
  15. STI DVC suggested ammo

    What I meant to say is that I don't shoot minor PF anymore, not insinuating anything.