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  1. 1911 FTF

    Well I FINALLY got to the range today and was able to test my new batch of reloads and magazines. The longer OAL ran just fine no fail to feeds. I do have one magazine that isn't 100%. I have marked it for training/practice now and will look into replacing the spring/follower or just replacing with a Wilson.
  2. I like the Vortex PST 1-4x really good quality glass for its price range. I haven't had any trouble with the zero wandering. My 3 gun rifle doubles as my varmint/pig gun and sees plenty of abuse in the field.
  3. Lubrication for an AR 15

    I agree with Alaskapopo, I use royal purple 5w 30. It isn't the cheapest but a quart will last for years and years.
  4. 1911 FTF

    Switching to a round nose or loading COAL SWC longer seems to be the solution. I am going to try to get to the range this week sometime. If my SWC load doesn't I will order some 230 round nose bullets.
  5. 1911 FTF

    Thanks Texasref, my test load has about a thumbnail thickness out of the case. I will try and get these SWC to work, if not I will try some round nose.
  6. 1911 FTF

    Thanks Rowdy, I will keep those in mind if the mags are the problem.
  7. 1911 FTF

    Well i loaded a test batch loaded to 1.255. hopefully I can get to the range soon.
  8. 1911 FTF

    Thanks J MIKE, I will make a test batch of longer COAL. It's not brand new the previous owner said he shot less than 50 rounds through it. I haven't tried any factory ammo yet just my reloads. The MecGar mags are brand new they have 1 range trip on them.
  9. 1911 FTF

  10. 1911 FTF

    Good evening evryone, I am having some trouble with my 1911. I am getting failure to feeds fairly regularly. The gun is a Ruger SR1911 that I have about 300 rounds through. Mags are factory Ruger and 3 MecGar 8 round mags. The rounds nose diving in the mags, slipping forward on the first round and jamming into the top of the barrel when the slide is returning to battery. The bullets have a pretty bad gouge that deforms the nose and breaks through the coating. Bullet is a 200gr SWC loaded to 1.225. The MecGar mags fit looser and have more play up and down than the factory Ruger ones. This is my first 1911 and I am.not sure how to fix this problem, any help is appreciated.
  11. New .45acp Reloader Here

    I followed the Hodgon load data, use 3.7 gr TG in my 9mm minor and like it. I have several pounds that's why I wanted to test it in my .45. My friend has a crono but he lives 2 hours away so it may be awhile before we get together. I picked up a pound of Clays at my local shop, it was made in Canada and the powder I was using to test was from Australia, load data is the same though.
  12. P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone seen an X5 on the shelf at a gun store yet? My local shops have full size P320's but I was interested in handling an X5 before I ordered one. I already have a P320 compact and love it, and thought about getting a P320 RX for CO but have heald off buying one. I like what I have read about the X5 already.
  13. New .45acp Reloader Here

    Thread Revival! I have been to the range several more times with these two loads,accuracy is about the same. Group sizes have shrank since I got back on my dry fire schedule. The load of 4.1gr of clays has the softer recoil, more of a push where the load of TG is snappy. I haven't chronographed the loads yet but my manual says both will make major PF.
  14. New .45acp Reloader Here

    Well test loads batch #2 are ready, I kept the Clays load at 4.1 and the Titegroup load I backed down .1 to 5.0. I ran out of brass so the 2nd round of Red Dot will have to wait. I upped the sample size to 25 rounds for Clays and 23 for TG because I ran out of brass. I will test these at the range off a bench/rest instead of out in the pasture. I don't have a chronograph yet but will eventually.
  15. New .45acp Reloader Here

    Hey guys I'm not writing off any powders from these results, all 3 loads shot well enough to justify further testing with bigger batches. I agree that I need to shoot from a bench to really test accuracy and take the human element out of it.