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  1. Maybe in each division. But nice awards to each class is going along with the participation trophy route. You get an award if you are the best of the bad shooters?
  2. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    it does change both the content and extent actually.
  3. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    It's a voluntary "upgrade" if this was a mandatory recall your thinking would be more in line with reality.
  4. Where do you see that in the carry optics rules? The box wouldn't allow it in production.
  5. Missing instructions for CGW adjustable billet sear

    thank you! that's pretty much what I did just guessing but wasn't sure if there were any specifics
  6. 38 Super Double Stack Magazine Loader

    Uplula is the best one
  7. Strike Eagle 1-8

    that would work well as long as you aren't changing magnification during stages. It's easy to throw your lever to 8x, harder to be sure you stopped at exactly 5 or 6.
  8. Missing instructions for CGW adjustable billet sear

    Yep did that and found lots of "stuff" but not the instructions.
  9. Missing instructions for CGW adjustable billet sear

    anyone know where to find the instructions or could take a picture?
  10. Strike Eagle 1-8

    the bdc is built to be used at 8x with subtensions used in reticle being sfp. what is the plan for those of you that say you aren't planning on using it at the full 8x?
  11. Ex Machina

    Very good movie!
  12. What size dot?

    I don't agree with this at all. Really depends on the sight. Brightness is more important than size. A 2.5 moa dpp is much easier to pick up on a bright day than a 8 mos fastfire 3 for example. havent seen a romeo 1 in person but regarding 2.5 or 7.5 dpp both work fine but I like the dot better. It's just as easy to pick up and I think it looks more crisp than the triangle. Triangle isn't too big if you zero with the tip rather than the center of the triangle.
  13. Dies for 38super

    Lee u die for me