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  1. Delta point pro 2moa or 7.5 triangle

    I tried this on the 7.5 moa, it just didn't work as well for me in practice as it did in theory. Switched to the 2.5moa and have been happy.
  2. Best mag setup STI or MBX

    My 170mm MBX mags had issues with the stock followers. Switched to Grams and they run 100%.
  3. New style STI mags

    Two malfunctions today with these mags. One was bone stock with factory guts, the other had factory guts and Dawson basepad. I have tried Grams guts in these mags and they don't run with Grams. Considering trying TTI guts but not sure if I want to spend good money after bad at this point. MBX runs without issue for me.
  4. CK slide weight debate - SOLVED

    Thanks for sharing this information. I didn't think the two CK slides would be that close.
  5. Crack in 3 week old slide

    I paid shipping out, they paid the return. About 8 weeks. I sent a gun to STI the same day that had a problem with the sights from the factory and that gun still isn't back yet. And all it needs is a new front sight.
  6. Crack in 3 week old slide

    Just figured I'd update since I got my gun back from Bobby today. When I sent it off I stripped out one of the optic mount screws on accident. Bobby replaced the slide, removed the stripped screw, remounted with 5 new screws, remounted the comp with fresh set screws (I think he cleaned it a bit too), refinished the ENTIRE gun, and sent it back literally like new. And he didn't ask for a dime even for the stripped screw that was my fault. Can't say enough good things about CK right now.
  7. The slow motion footage on the video makes it look like the Q100 had significantly less muzzle flip than the K100 you reviewed previously. Did you find that to be the case?
  8. CK Arms IDPA Pistol

    Bought a used one off the forums here. Was a bit concerned since one of the grip screws was stripped out and there were some cosmetic issues (from the factory, not from use). Took it to the range and was blown away. Accuracy was incredible and the gun ran no matter what I put in it.
  9. Deltapoint Pro Dot Failures

    This. Sample size of 1 is irrelevant. Read up on the RTS 2 and you'll find a lot more issues.
  10. You only need a thin piece of plastic with 16 numbers and an expiration date. Step 1: go to www.midsouthshooterssupply.com Step 2: Buy Hornady powder measure. Step 3: Wait a few days Step 4: Now you have a standalone powder measure!
  11. Crack in 3 week old slide

    November of 2015 is when I purchased
  12. Crack in 3 week old slide

    Yes it is a CK, there are about 10k rounds through the gun.
  13. Crack in 3 week old slide

    This look like the beginning of a crack around the ejection port? It continues up the slide, over the ejection port, and back down the other side a bit.
  14. Deltapoint Pro Dot Failures

    Mine have been 100% as well
  15. Because then I would have no wife and no Trubor when she takes it with her. Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon. The kind of birthday present that ends with me sleeping on my best friend's couch!