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  1. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    New training update here:
  2. Prod/CO legal mods to increase trigger reach on P-09?

    who cut your slide?
  3. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Started a new VLOG series on chasing GM and training:
  4. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Update - Made "Master" at the end of hte year shooting an 85.5% on "Can You Count". Onward and upward - moving forward will probably do a vlog on my YT channel as I chase GM this year.
  5. How much do you feel it in your elbow?

    no it's not causing pain - just a lot of fatigue located at the elbow - to the point I could understand where it could develop.
  6. SO I've always heard of shooters elbow - never really understood it. @Jake Di Vita in the opposable grip on a production gun described the sensation of his grip as being like holding a bench press bar somewhere between 75% and 95% of the up position. In recently trying to stabilize my gun to the point that nearly any trigger press yields little to no site movement - my dry fire sessions have started causing fatigue around my elbow, both on the "downhill" side of my forearm and uphill at the base of my tricep. I couple that with a "firm thumb" where it feels like my strong hand thumb is pressing the frame into the rest of my strong hand and I get near zero sight movement and the sights track much more consistently. It's not a maximum effort necessarily and it's not particularly "tense" - but my elbow is rolled out while my shoulder is kind of rolled down. Looking at the mirror in my dryfire dojo (read: my wifes minivan) When I do this it appears to align the the recoil impulse linearly up my arm into my shoulder - which speaks to what Yong Lee mentioned on the firearms nation podcast of joint manipulation and I've heard it echo'd sense. The grip strength from my strong hand is still firm but doesn't feel like it needs to be crushed anymore. So mighty GM's - is this the sensation you get with the gun at full extension? This technique appears to be lining up the sights more consistently from teh holster allowing me to get on the trigger faster and it seems easier to transition more precisely to an extent as well. Long story short - anyone else feel it in their elbow?
  7. Which Shadow 2 finish holds up best?

    my two urban grays have issues with poly coat flaking off - it's in high wear areas specifically - but I have the urban gray - or at least they're urban gray for now... I was upset at first - then I remembered they're competition guns and they're going to get used. All said - I would have appreciated hard chrome or nitride frames. That also said my shadow 2's were also sub $1100 so I will take what I can get.
  8. Yeah it didn't live up to expectations established last year. Last year was a different range and different club hosting. NC section was managed about as well as it could be for a half day format - kind of gives the GA match a black eye IMO. If I sign up next year it will be a last minute kind of thing. If.
  9. Same- shot In the dark on my last stage by the light from the flood light of the shelter at the back of the bay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I heard on Friday they actually ran clocks and ipads to score. The match was advertised as staff reset and the price point reflected that- but that’s not what was delivered Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Top Shelf 1911s vs Glock based Pistols

    Eh not a perfect analogy it's more like a corvette vs. a car that has a corvette engine but not the suspension or tires to really keep it on the road. You can learn to drive it just as fast maybe but it'll be harder.
  12. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    2017 GA State Section 11/4/17 Well - the match went OK as far as performance is concerned. Other than shooting in the dark on the last stage - that was lame. Into it - I was 17/77 in PRD @ 74.28 % Stage - 4 - first shooter of first stage - I need to work on running steel with confidence - I only shoot in doors and this hoses me on these stages. Off to a slow start but kept the wheels on. Stage 5 - initially duffed 2 head shots which lead to a standing reload - thank you reshoot fairy! un mounted my gun randomly - ned to work on programming a bit more - not happy with my transitions generally. Stage 6 - not sure of the good plan on this one but I set up too hard in those windows. Over ran a position, that's a theme for me. From my hat cam I appear to pull my head off the target before done engaging. sTAGE 7 - Running steel with confidence is an issue - and don't miss paper. This is fundamental marksmanship stuff - need to work some more on longer distance engagements. Distance change up. Stage 8 - I dropped a shot into hard cover (just barely) in the first position. I should have drawn to the side i was on as it was more natural to then open up toward down range and take the other position and leave to go down range rather than crossing up like I did. 2nd to last position left some meat on the bone with throttle control. last transition was a bit lackadaisical. Stage 9 - I liked the plan 2 other guys on my squad ran - engage right, reload, engage 4, reload, engage 3 in back left corner, 2 in the middle reload back to the final position then engage 5 static. The match winner ran my plan so clearly it's an execution thing. Again with the transitions - need to ID an acceptable sight picture faster. Stage 1 - slow on the steel array and then didn't get on the gas with the two easy paper arrays. first reload was slow because I threw the first magazine on the ground and had to grab a second one. Stage 2 - I should have started leaving on the second 2 targets and slowly advancing rather than posting up hard. the two hard cover targets I should have ate charlies on and kept my feet moving rather than rolling to a pause. Last position my transitions and splits were a little on the weak side. Stage 3 - Bad plan. should have made this 3 positions, should ahve paused at the second barrel stack and taken 2 steel poppers and 4 paper, then from the last position taken what was there in the window and added on the last paper which was visible from the window. That was the best way to shoot the stage - I didn't see it - nobody in my squad did. Match winner did. I kinda was checked out mentally on this stage to be honest - it had been a long day. Shot calling in the dark is difficult - I bit on 3 deltas on this stage... shouldn't have been an issue.
  13. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Thanks for the kind words Tyler. I've already begun the process looking beyond GA state. I've been drilling my draw/grip in an attempt to get my draw time down. I started gripping the gun differently - not necessarily harder just putting pressure in different areas in an attempt to stabilize the gun with bad trigger pulls (strong hand only) - then building it out. Then I'm working backwards on the draw with the micro drills with the gun to target, then hand to gun drills. In my first live fire session I can tell it's working- quicker first shot times and more consistent sight tracking on the dots. At least once per sheet I put 2 rounds through the same hole. I'm going to keep working on this - I think this is the easiest way to a little bit of speed and a lot of confidence. I had weird turblence in my sights at full extension - focusing on locking my wrist out in the holster and smoothly joining my support hand onto the gun as I present and smoothly settling into the sights. It's caused a different area in my forearm to get sore - but it seems to be validating itself in live fire.
  14. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Update - I now have 2 shadow 2s. Got that box firmly checked. I need to set them up with springs - but I'll do that after GA state section next weekend. I'm used to the 9# / 3.25# trigger at this point. New one has an even better trigger than the "old" one from a smoothness standpoint - but the pull weight is slightly higher - though really really close. In practice I'm invested in improving my classifier skills now. I'm buckling down with Skills and Drills and going to focus on turning up the classifier skills through the end of the year. I'm not overly worried about GA state - I'm going to double up on practice in the week leading up to it to get full confidence in my new "match" gun and get used to some recoil - but I know what the deal is. At NC I had a few penalties - I've been more intent on seeing since NC so I'm hopeful this will translate into better hits/ fewer makeups / fewer penalties. At the last monthly I shot the same points as the PRD winner. Lost time was due to makeups and a couple flubbed reloads. I've been working reloads and working vision so I'm confident it's going to go reasonably well. If I do 83% or better in PRD then I'll bump to M. My personal goal is going to be 85% - or more appropriately only 1 penalty (7-9 stages has been 3-4 average). At NC if I wiped out my penalties/huge time wasting errors I could have been 91%. Obviously it depends who shows up and how they shoot - but I think I'm good for at least 80% - Sevigny ain't coming - but if Sal Luna does - it'll probably be 80%. Goal is to finish up at M for the year - but really I'm reaching for GM. That'll be a stretch but I am happy to try. I need about a tenth off my draw, not sure on splits/transitions for the moment. I'm counting on a pretty good bonus here pretty soon which will net me a gun club membership. At that point training can hit high gear... I can't wait. Going to bite on at least 3 more matches with classifiers for the year.
  15. Do Shadow 2s still come with the extra safeties?

    Update - I've bought 2 of the urban gray shadow 2's now - they both came with the extra set of safeties but neither came with a test target. WTH CZ?