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  1. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    3 - noted. 2 - I see what you mean, it's nowhere near as bad as last month was with the shuffling, but definitely room for improvement. 1- yeah saw that too. 5&4 - faster and more accurate. Check. That should be easy
  2. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    My "home" range has started picking up the brass from their indoor range, sorting, cleaning and selling it. They have pretty good prices and since it's all off an indoor range it's never exposed to the elements and not likely to have any 9 maj. brass.
  3. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Lol the trick is have a buddy start an ammo company, shut down the ammo company but in so doing get us set up with SNS. The range that also does shotbrass.com is where I used to be a match director for IDPA so it's really just helping buddies out. At the end of the day it's really just a nice shirt in the GA heat. If I wasn't "sponsored" I would buy some of their plain shirts just to wear because it's darn hot. I am now a high A classed shooter pushing for M. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    So my recap. Overall - I did fairly well. A couple close D's and a mike, but only a couple bobbles that cost fractional time - I improved on the stuff I wanted to improve on so that was a win, which was less time on sights over aiming and not re positioning my feet but leaning. Stage 3 - Unloaded start, reloads must come from barrel start outside shooting area. Reacted quick, got the gun cleanly charged it and started shooting cleanly. The first 8 shots were a little slower than I would like but I was first shooter on the first stage. I need to figure out how to get in there quicker and have my confidence at the beep and not build it as I navigate my first stage. I shoot first pretty much at every match. This match especially - they weren't real hip to the "cycle down the list" type, so I ended up shooting first 2 times at least today and declined to go first on one when they asked if I was ready. Reload form the barrel went fine, but I felt like I needed to release my slide so I touch my slide stop, costing me probably half a second i didn't need to spend. Not sure what that was, we'll chalk it up to programming. Stage 2 - Tight area with tight sight lines caused a lot of leans - the leans went OK - I can speed those up and tidy them up a touch. movement to the second position was a large loping step, I could probably speed that up with shorter choppier tighter steps. All in all it didn't go poorly. Stage 1 - Movement into box was fine, shooting was fine - movement to second position was fine, movement into third position was fine, wide transition was good for me, could be a little quicker. Reload into the last "position" basically where I was standing was a little slow and I threw a mike on the second target, I broke the shot too early swinging onto the target and missed left. Stage 5 - Crackerjack - This is a tough classifier. My time was a little slower than I'd like and my points were trash due to 2 D's. Shot a 57%. Nice. Stage 6 - Down the middle. Draw was a little slow to a 7 yard target, that's probably a confidence thing. Splits were OK and transitions were OK - it came out to be about 82.5% - not what I wanted but probably an honest reflection of where I am. I want to focus on speed between positions and trying to chase the limited guys now - so that's going to be a lot of moving reloads and staying REALLY low in and out of position with short choppy steps.
  5. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Match write up to come. Shot a high A classifier and a C class classifer.
  6. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    7/5/17 Cleared 4 shots per dot today on the dots drill @ 15 feet! I'm starting to get a feel for how to make the gun track shot for shot. About 1 dot per sheet had 4 holes touching or 4 touching and 1 flier. It was taking Jake's advice from the opposable grip on production gun threads. The butt of my support hand thumb interfaces with the top of the grip, once it touches I roll it forward and apply pressure simultaneously in through rolling out my elbows a bit, and forward through anchoring my fingers and pushing forward on the frame toward the target. The sights track MUCH more uniformly and quicker using this method. I wasn't used to how quickly the sights would be back. If I can hit this a high percentage of the time and get used to how quickly the sights cycle doing this, I suspect and expect to pick up a good bit of time on hoser type arrays without giving up points. Makes me wish production guns had thumb rests. Gah I wish I had the ammo/time to get out twice a week in live fire. In other news, dryfiring EVERY day - no days off - is leading to more consistent results in training.
  7. P320 X Five and releasing the striker out of battery

    This is exactly my point. I had my reloads developed for my CZs with me when I shot it. The very last round was a touch to long and stuck in the rifling some. Later on when I realized what was happening I got a little concerned as I had 125 TCs at 1.110 and it got in the rifling, could have gone bad. Similarly, at make ready you could not close the slide with enough energy and have that same problem, or if you braced on a barricade, or whatever. The chance is remote, but in the realm of the possible Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. P320 X Five and releasing the striker out of battery

    You're right, I'm assuming that's what he means by it. Loading a magazine initially I could see it hanging up on a round and sticking partially out of battery depending on how you charged the round. I didn't notice any issues firing. It really is like a glock with a tuned trigger with an over travel that wont' quite go all the way into battery if you gingerly manipulate the slide, but the trigger is live with the slide out of battery slightly. As I mentioned - the barrel doesn't appear to start unlocking from the slide just yet in this position.
  9. Sig P320 X5 Case Separation and Extractor Loss

    does your striker release out of battery? How close is your load to getting into the rifling? The X5 I borrowed will release out of battery, if you were into the lands and released out of battery that'd be a pretty big problem.
  10. So a buddy lent me an X Five to play around with. It's a pretty sweet gun, but I noticed that the slide would stick very slightly out of battery, when fired would release the slide all the way forward and release the striker. I verified this by putting a pencil in the barrel and seeing it launch the same as a regular striker hit. I did some checking and Mas Ayoob wrote up that this is a "feature" for stand off capability... that said I personally know of at least 1 shooter locally to have an OOB KB and on here I saw someone else's X5 did the same thing and there's one other instance on reddit of a vanilaa P320 FS doing it. I thought initially this was catastrophically bad because the slide sticks out on press checks and obviously "make ready" would be an issue when chambering the initial round. No issues test firing the thing but I'm curious what your experiences have been with this platform. Is this truly a feature or potentially a flaw? Or do we need to embrace the power of "and" in this situation?
  11. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    6/26/17 TLDR: I tanked my very first stage on a hard lean picking up 3 no shoots causing me to rush the rest of the stage with probably 3 makeups on steel a couple deltas and a mike. Those were all the penalties I had for the day but it was enough to cost me 50 match points (I was about 78-82% of the HOA Production all day) and that cost me about 50 match points and 3 places. That said the rest of the match went well. I was seeing well, what makeups I had came pretty quick. Points were good-ish (90%) times need improvement. Stage 5 - The hard lean and makeups ate my lunch. Bad points and a slow time (29) where it should have been 22-24s. 3NS 1M 1D Stage 6 - First position I probably should have drawn to the harder target and exited on the 3 easy ones as opposed to only giving myself one target to back out on. First reload sucked so movement was slow and setting up in the second position was slow and I dwelled and watched steel fall as I got out of position. 2 D's. Left the third position well and ran the last array pretty well. Set ups / moving reload work needed in a big way. Stage 7 - I kind of lost my nerve as I had thrown 2 D's so I wanted to settle down so I over aimed a bit in every position on every target. Went OK - too slow. Stage 1 - I made up 2 shots on paper one I called and one I observed transitioning off and picked up leaving position, in the last position I called the mike high on the partial stack immediately and made it up, which lead to a hero or zero slide lock on the mini popper I finished on. I got crushed on this stage on raw time. I over ran the second position. shifting to the 3rd position I didn't aim through the wall at the next target so it took longer than it probably should have. Foot speed was really slow leaving position due to the mag hanging up in the chute preventing me from accelerating like I needed to. Lumbered out of position, started the reload then looked to the next target before completing it. Kind of slow swing on the 90 trans with a pivot. Last Array was OK other than the mike I called/made up. Stage 2 - That's about all I have as far as skill is concerned right now. Moved around pretty good, reloads went really well (because I practice fast 2-3 step reloads, it's the 3-5 step ones that get me). I probably could have picked up time on coming into the last position on the close target then shooting it near to far rather than far to near but I am please that the cadence improved as the targets got easier. Stage 3 - El Prez - 5.79s 7A 5C. Time is decent, a couple tenths on the reload (moved in the body, slow getting to mag pouches)are available but biggest issue was points. Draw was 1.25. If I had connected on the hits it would have been a good one, but as it was I was blasting at brown rather than focusing on the A zones. Trigger control was probably a little janky, C's were left and low on the left target and they were left on the right target - the center target I had good discipline on and got all A's. I was surprised that it was not 6A/6C but one shot was touching when you got closer to the target so I got the alpha. I was preparing for the "Madness" classifier that we were supposed to have so coming into El Prez cold was pretty good since I rarely practice it anymore. Stage 4 - I shot 87% on this stage with a bit of a positional bobble mid stage - not bad. Hung up one D. ALl in all my setups are lacking and it's usually due to my reloads slowing the movement down . I am going to drill set ups and reloads coming into position for the next month. I need to set up wider and lower.
  12. See title. I've searched and not found anything. I'm curious if I'm missing something. Items I am reasonably sure are not: - CR Speed - Guga Ribas - Black Scorpion
  13. Custom made jerseys

    My only experience has been with TechWear, I have a match shirt from an MFG who will not be named - the TechWear is pretty nice. Gunsta is the only other brand I'm aware of that wasn't mentioned.
  14. USPSA Production Mag Pouches

    I am quite fond of the racers. As long as you keep the acorn nut loctite'd they are fantastic. So much easier for mag retrieval. Got a couple race masters to start playing with as well. All in all if you are very serious about shooting production the racer is at the top of my list Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    5/29/17 After action report for the match. So coming in with like 4 days of dryfire and 1 live fire session and a month off otherwise. My expectations were pretty low and I did pretty well. Stages were balanced where you had enough rope to hang yourself. I decided to listen to Steve and JJ/Rob. I wanted to see my sights on each shot and whatever time it took, it took that long. 1st Stage (Stage 6) - So I shot first on the squad. I was hitting everything and went one for one on steel as I recall - I was moving around pretty good. Steel didn't fall (2 out of 4) despite center punching. Called for popper calibration and got a re-shoot. Next run I swapped up my approach a little and I probably still wouldn't have done it that way. All in all - nothing to cry about - finished well on the stage. Probably should have gone Steel while advancing paper while advancing back track then repeat. i was 3 seconds off the stage win but st 2nd Stage (Stage 7) - 2 boxes, from Box 1 had to shoot 1 paper (open) and a texas star at about 9-10 yards. Mandatory reload to Box 2 - Mini Popper, open paper, Target stack with a noshoot, and a swinger that had NS. The side you could ambush it on had the NS. I ran the star like a boss went 5 for 6. Teed up the mini popper no problem to activate the swinger, took the open paper, 1 shot on a presentation of the swinger. The partial target, then 2 shots on the swinger... and the second shot landed int the NS. Still good enough for a 2nd place finish despite the penalty - just by a wide margin (82%). I ran the star like a boss! 3rd Stage (Stage 8) - Field course. My mission of seeing my sights slowed me down. I missed a position by a bit to see the mini popper hiding down range. Advancing from the first position I was too conservative on the open targets. Transititions are a bit sluggish but the second array is the only thing I'm a little upset about - I finished well on this stage as well. 4th Stage (Stage 1) - High value field course. They gave us the choice of taking some 20+ yard shots or you could run a significant amount further and advance and take the shots. I advanced since my confidence at distance wasn't there due to month off. I still finished up 2nd at 95%. I was beaten by 2 seconds but had better points. I'm not sure what the stage winner did. I made up a hard cover hit on a no shoot, called what I thought was a D and made it up too. Pretty strong shot calling for me. 5th Stage (Stage 2) - A side scroller through ports with lots of targets shot from different angles. I shot them as I saw them for simplicity sake. i did not dwell on targets I needed to ignore - which is a BIG win for me. That's something that was giving me fits. I had 2 mikes - 1 was forgivable (as forgiveable as a mike can be) - it was less than a bullet diameter from the edge of hard cover. The second, I think I just heeled a shot over the top - I didn't see it happen. Booo. So I was 71% when I should have been 91%. Less than a second off the pace of the stage win (a G) so that was good. I'm still proud of this stage. 6th Stage (Stage 3) - On the Move Classifier - so this is the one stage where I didn't let my sights dictate my pace and tried to shoot the pace of the HHF. As a result - 3 no shoots, 1 mike! lol. Whoops. 7th Stage (Stage 4) - Back to letting vision dictate the pace. It was a weird hose fest where the first 6 paper needed to be shot 3 times and the final 3 ducks needed to be shot twice. throw in 2 MP and 1 P from the first box. I tried to be cute with engaging a popper with each of my first mags rather than just a standing reload. What I should have done was draw to the right target, engage the left target, advance to the next target on the left, reload on the way up, engage the 2 targets on the left, reload in transition to the 2 papers on the right and the steel array, reload while advancing. I'm not sure what the best way to do this was. I was a second and a half off the pace, but my way netted the best points (by 5 alphas) - but the factor for the stage obviously favored the speed. Plan was executed as well as it could have been, in the last position I made up a C - probably should have let it slide - but I did it pretty quick so i don't know that it hurt me but I don't think I gained anything. 8th stage (Stage 5) - Last stage went pretty well. I was 4th at like 89% and it was due to speed - nearly 2.5 seconds. I'm not sure what got me... just have to wait for the G to drop his match vid and find out. again, it was a weird stage and I'm not sure the best way to shoot it. All in all - the match was a big success. Finished 2nd in PRD at 89%. My total time was 4 seconds off the match lead. All the points were basically the classifier and the carnival stage. I didn't have any stage wins but I was 2nd - 5th on most of them. I threw the videos in ClipShot and it appears a lot of my controlled pairs are like .4-.5 splits. I need to get that down to .3 and have control. Transitions a little sluggish, reloads went well - gun was generally up in position. I felt the trigger on most shots which was good. Excited to get back to training. I might borrow a buddy's Sig P320 X 5 and mess around in limited next month - since he stippled it and went all nuts just to see what it's like for a bit.