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  1. It will be much like a 3 gun match or recycled club stages. I hope desperately I'm proven wrong.
  2. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    10/14/17 - Cherokee Gun Club match 83.86% (or something) - 4/17 in PRD. First match with a Shadow 2 using a trash holster (good one on order) - haven't swapped springs yet. Getting the excuses on the table - I have a gun I've only shot with for 3 practice sessions and 2 weeks in dry fire. On top of that I hurt the palm of my strong hand at the base of my thumb. I've had to stay advil'd up pretty strong until today to tolerate any sort of practice / shooting. My holster is straight trash - Ghost Thunder - it's not made for an S2... it's just not. Sight channel sucks - scrapings still come off the sight channel even after 2 weeks of dry fire - and the S2's weight causes a pretty stout amount of flex on the hanger - was an issue with the SP01 - but not to this level. All that said I was about 84% of a GM which has been typical for me recently - so even with a "new" gun and being hurt - things went well. Excited to settle in with the new gun and see what's possible. The match went reasonably well with the following observations - I need to come out harder for my first stage - I leave some speed on the table on my first stage - this has been an issue in two matches now. - Classifiers I need to practice a little more - I've been shooting at speed of vision for match mode for so long - I'm not pushing the speed you need to score well on classifiers - and for all the good it did me - botched DA on pucker factor for a mike and and threw a HC mike on Down the Middle. Pace was somewhat lethargic so even if those runs were clean they would have only been enough for like 80-83%'s. - I need to practice loads running full tilt - leaving some meat on the bone there. This is tough since I usually DF in my garage and I don't have enough space to really open up the speed. My 1-3 step loads are looking OK. - Makeups on steel cost me. stage 7 - the star forced a standing reload for 1 shot to immediately perform a mandatory reload and engage the second array. They both went well and my time didn't hurt that bad. - Stage 6 I had a make up on one plate - I whiffed on the activator popper in the first position - but the timing ended up working out better the way I ended up shooting it - the swinger ended up taking an Alpha/Delta - which is OK. - I had a NS on stage 1 for getting on the trigger too quick - saw it in my sights and made it up pretty quickly in second to last position - but that cost time as did the make up at the popper in the second position. Accuracy was good on this stage - I probably could have shaved a second from my time if not for those 2 makeups - which was HUGE on that stage. - Glad I practice SHO/WHO every practice session - paid dividends on the standards when everyone whiffed something awful and stacked up penalties. Thoughts on SHadow 2 - damnit - should have gotten one sooner. This thing is amazing. now I need another one... so if anyone wants to buy a Shadow 1 let me know. The shadow 2 recoils appreciably less - the sights settle down faster.
  3. Here's my prediction - there will be one arbitrary standards stage then a bunch of 32 round field courses and a carnival stage. Here are my predictions Stage 1 will be a shoot house - there will probably be a hidden target - meaning you engage it in only one location and the sight lines will be. It will likely be start in a box outside the shooting area, advance into a shooting area where there will be an array on the left of the house and a right of the house. There will be 4-5 targets in the house and a target on each side you have to shoot from within the house out of the windows. The last position will be shooting out the back door for a few targets. It will be really straightforward. Stage 2 will be a large free form stage where there will be a huge shooting area and because of vision barriers a lot of options - you'll see several different viable plans here and the divisions will tackle them appreciably differently Stage 3-8 will be straight forward long courses with one stage with a very tricky gimmick - like a memory stage, or reloads from barrels or something like that. Stage 9 will be a carnival stage with some kind of arbitrary WSB rule thrown in like SHO or WHO after mandatory reload. Stage 10 will be the standards stage which is over the top on marksmanship. There will be a decent amount of steel - probably using a plate rack on one stage.
  4. CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    DONT get the Ghost shadow 2 holster... has one from forever ago while my RHT Is being made and holy cow I hate this thing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    Mine is still pretty new- I have two buddies who have had them since the beginning and after 6months of use- no issues . Given my track record with the shadow I don’t expect issues Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    Recoil on a Shadow 2 has a more similar characteristic to the Glock because it sits lower than other CZs and the grip is longer front to back so it feels like a contoured glock frame at the base of your palm. The contour up at the grip tang is different than the glock or the STi and you will want your thumb to rest on the safety- and that looks different on CZs than other platforms due to slide in frame construction. Shadow 2s muzzle climb is comparable to a glock now- but you don’t have to work at it as hard to hold it on target than you do with polymer guns. I started competing with Glocks for a year or so, spent a year on 1911s and nearly 2 years on a Shadow now and am just coming up to speed with the Shadow 2 now. I can say unemotionally the Shadow 2 is the finest 9mm I have shot- passing a tuned Tanfo even. It’s really heavy so you will have to learn to swing it around but it tracks so consistently in recoil you’ll have a hard time not liking it. The one criticism is the stock grips are kind of trash- you might be OK because it will feel like a Glock with a spiky front/ backstrap but if you put the palmswell bogies grips from LOK grips it becomes the most ergonomic handgun I have held. The trigger return Spring will go about 12 k rounds- so swap it at 10k. 86 the shock buffs it comes with right out of the bag unless you want to stay on top of another part you will need to change every so often. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Do Shadow 2s still come with the extra safeties?

    I recently bought an Urban Gray S2 - the price was approx $50 lower than the best price I've seen on a black. I hadn't seen an UG stateside yet so that triggered my impulse buy.
  8. SP01 mods on a budget-edited

    unless you're super patient - I would skip the short reset kit - working on the decocker sear cage is pretty challenging so I'm told. Ultimately - the comp hammer would be one upgrade - I haven't messed with a decocker model. then an extended firing pin, reduced FP spring, and an 11.5 mainspring. That should put you right at your budget - get a floating trigger pin if you're shooting USPSA - the trigger return spring is a maintenance item.
  9. Shadow 2 mag drop not dropping magazines

    No - it feels like the mag catch isn't clearing the magazine and getting caught right on the edge. Then I took it to the range at lunch for some practice and it dropped every magazine (16, 17, and 18 rounders) 100% - that absolutely wasn't the case this AM.
  10. Shadow 2 with 16 round OEM/MecGar

    I just came from the range practicing with my Shadow 2 - first time out I only used 17 rounders - which were 100% - but the next time out I used 16 rounders - which were far from 100%. I left the gun/mags with my buddy/gunsmith so they're not on hand at the moment - but we did notice that the feed lips and the front of the mag tubes are appreciably different on the 16 rounders to the 17 rounders that it shipped with. the 18 rounders didn't have an issue either and were 100% as well. The 16 rounders every once in a while would have a round pop off and be loose in the gun and not feed. Pull the mag - the round would fall out of the grip - re load it into the magazine and go again and ti was fine. I can think of 3 - could be some of all 1- breaking the edge a little further on the slide. That bit that we had to do on the shadows initially - it appears to have a slight bevel as is 2- I just need to get some stronger mag springs 3- Adjust feed lips on my 16's. Anyone else have issues with 16 rounders on their shadow 2s?
  11. It’s like a 1 in 25 occurrence but with MG16 and OEM 17 the mag drop won’t let go, I can feel it making contact in the gun on the magazines- where do I need to polish to make this issue go away? EDIT: it’s a much more regular occurrence than I thought, when the gun is straight up and down it’s not an issue as much- like square range stuff- in dryfire just now with the gun on an angle it’s more common than not Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Do Shadow 2s still come with the extra safeties?

    The extra safeties are in the box... why is the UG less costly than the black ones? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The Urban Grays have a much lower price point- I remember seeing something about them not coming with the extended safeties- is that right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Alright alright analysis. For me - the theme of the day is make up shots and faster reloads. The match went OK. I had only 1 mike that I didn't see and make up on my sights. I saw pretty much everything happen. So, lets dive in. Stage 9 - 2 mikes on steel, probably nearly 1.5s in make up shots there. Stage 1 - had a hard time getting on the gas settling in. A bit of a blooper of wasted time of not reloading when I wanted to. Stage 2 - issues with make ups. All the makeup shots were warranted. Slow reload entering the 3rd position Trying to exit the 4th position I had fits on hard cover mikes. Stage 3 - leisurely draw and could have done a little better on points - but a decent run for me. Stage 4 - This stage went pretty well - on a nuanced level probably not going so deep into the second to last position could have let me reload on the way to the 2 targets I rolled by and saved a near standing reload at he end of the stage. Stage 5 - This went pretty well, I was conservative and my mike came from my first shot in my WHO string attempting to prep the trigger, sights weren't totally lined up and cranked one of ther the left shoulder of the target as a result. Stage 6 - I should have included the large popper visile from the left port into the first position - it would have given me flexibility in the last steel array and saved a standing reload for me. I threw a mike on one of the tuxedo targets in the middle port - it was pretty close to wherei it looked good on my sights. 2 makeups on steel. Stage 7 - Drew to a hit on a no shoot - whoops - so I saw that happen and made it up. Last position on the bridge I yanked a shot actually off the big popper but catching the mini< I had no respect for the target and had 2 make ups on the big popper. Stage 8 - Drew to a mike on the popper - don't mike. Good points, decent time for a makeup. All in all - I need to execute better. it's good I'm seeing the mess ups, but it'd be better if I didn't mess up. I'm going to re-visit the palmswell grips to see if they help me get a better grip.
  15. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Match Video from the Carolina Classic - commentary to follow.