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  1. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    $105 plus shipping. I had the Blade Tech previously, like everyone says you have to choose between retention or draw. You can't have both.
  2. invictus practical r12q

    No problems at all. The size doesn't seem all that different than the 8q's or whatever they're called that I've been running for a couple years. I keep a 12 and an 8 on my belt full time and it gets me through most stages other than a monster shotgun stage.
  3. The rulebook size would probably quadruple in order to address the non-issues that USPSA shooters have small heart attacks over. Whatever, outlaw matches are often better than 3GN ones from what I've seen.
  4. Scope help

    Was the zero stop set up by the previous owner?
  5. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    I use a Red Hill Tactical holster with the Blade Tech WRS retention system for 3 gun. You may not need retention during a stage like I do for 3 gun but it might work great for you if you're worried about the gun going overboard. RHT is a vendor here on Enos, his prices and service are quite good.
  6. RO'ing at local matches . how much does it affect your

    I played RO for the first time last sunday. At a 3 gun match, with a squad of mostly newer shooters I was unfamiliar with. While trying to coach a buddy through his first match while sharing all my gear with him. To say it was a hectic day and I was completely unfocused is an understatement, I was usually still helping score before realizing I was on deck. I had a decent finish but I think it was mostly dumb luck and some duct tape that got me through the day.
  7. M&P 9L Performance center USPSA division ?

    The gun won't be keeping you from hanging with 2011's. Just go shoot it in open and worry about not getting DQ'd before you get too concerned with equipment.
  8. Our difference of opinion is probably just because when I started 3 years ago it was commonly accepted that 3 gun was a game with little to no combat or practical influence. Each to his ownI guess, I've never known it any other way so it doesn't bother me. I've talked to a few Mil/LEO guys that tried 3 gun once and they take it a step further than just objecting to the impractical nature of 3 gun. They all insist that the shotgun has no reason to exist outside of bird hunting, therefore 3 gun is stupid. Then they mutter something about how unrealistic it is that they just got smoked by some skinny accountant and walk away.
  9. Say what? You may be in the wrong sport sir. Any stage I see that only requires 2 guns is a letdown.
  10. Yeah but they have to be blackpowder so you need to clean them mid-stage. Anyone not cleaning during a run is a pussy!
  11. Shortest rifle length gas barrel?

    Keep us posted!
  12. Shortest rifle length gas barrel?

    That looks cool but I'd hate to be the guinea pig to see if it even works. The company name is cause for concern too..
  13. Shot gun ammo

    I only run 1145fps stuff through my 1301, these guns seem to digest anything you want them to.
  14. Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    Just remember they're about 11lbs empty...