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  1. AA#7

    Ditto in the best load I've tried, not overly dirty at all. Never tried hs7 though.
  2. Temperature and bullet velocity

    You might as well just delete your account here then and call it a day.
  3. Temperature and bullet velocity

    Has anyone above left ammo in the sun on a 80-90degree day and then chrono???? It is mentioned that you guys have chronoed ammo in hot weather, but ammo left in the sun would be simulating something like (wild guess) 140degree+ temperatures. I have wondered the same thing myself as the OP. There has been many times where my range bag/ammo or mags have been left on a table at a match in the sun and I questioned the pf swinging due to it.
  4. Pictorial Comparison RTS2 vs Deltapoint Pro

    the 2.5 dot looks much smaller than that picture in person. The photo is focused on the wrong spot to actually see the size comparison of the two dots. The DPP is bright on the highest setting, creating, to my eyes, a slight starbust effect which makes it appear slightly larger.
  5. svi vs Atlas Titan

    I made that post. I'll say it, he isn't and wasn't a "nice guy" to me. Everything in the post is true, it's not a made up account/story just for kicks. ill say it again. I owned and atlas, I own an svi now. Go with the svi, you won't regret it.
  6. Mount for DPP

    Your only options as far as I know are, Double tap two sided or Sv two sided and both are setup originally for an RTS2. (or at least the SV is) and they say if you want to mount a DPP you will need to grind off the tabs.
  7. Mount for DPP

    I dont think it would be an issue. Ive had one on an open gun before and many others have and have yet to have an issue. As long as the screws are tight and loctited properly there shouldnt be an issue.
  8. Mount for DPP

    any rts2 mount will work. You have to trim the mounting tabs off and viola, its now a DPP mount.
  9. svi vs Atlas Titan

    I'll be the other side of this one. Go sv you won't regret it and the wait will be worth it.
  10. AA#7

    Im ditching all of my autocomp and only shooting AA7 from here on out. Thats the plan at least. 10.5 under a 115mg jhp was right at 170-172pf over the chrono yesterday in 80degrees F. I dont know if this powder is temp sensitive. I only just started using it. My particular Barrel seems to be slow though.
  11. AA#7

    Also It is my favorite load in 9major and the best I have ever felt.
  12. AA#7

    Just shot about 400 rounds with 10.5 and a 115 in 9mm yesterday in practice. No malfunctions at all. I didnt break the gun down yet but nothing seemed overly dirty.
  13. I'm thinking about getting a new open gun built.

    That was the same reason I went with them originally. Competitive pricing and a lot of praise on here. The pricing is through the roof now, and there was a lot of, say one thing and do another. I am not a fan.
  14. STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    What do you mean by this? and I didnt know that would be bad for the extractor. Thanks, I probably dropped the slide on an round in the chamber 20-30 times over the weekend when hand cycling some rounds to see what the ejection looked like.
  15. How did I do for $900?

    Wow looks like a steal