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  1. 2011 recoils weird

    Thanks buddy! Let me call Mitch real quick
  2. 2011 recoils weird

    Spring isn't binding. .40 major limited setup
  3. 2011 recoils weird

    Two handed. tried crushing the grip with both hands, just left hand and a mix. Same result
  4. 2011 recoils weird

    Messing around with a stroked 2011. I own a few but this one always recoils weird to me. Up and to the right instead of straight up and down. I thought it was me but all my friends say the same and I tried playing with my grip. Any thoughts? It is a long dust cover bull barrel stroked 2011. Polymer grip. 11lb recoil spring
  5. 1050 wont seat bullets straight

    The tool head was hitting because of the roller bearing upgrade. Cut a little off the screws and fixed that problem. turns out the powder through expander was getting stuck at the top of stroke and the next piece of brass would get expanded in a oval. Tightened down the powder return spring and good to go.
  6. Hoping someone can help me on this one. I have loaded over 50k .40 with my current setup without issue. Current setup: Dillon dies with redding competition seating die and Lee FCD. Bullets are not seating straight and bulged out on one side where the base of bullet is at in the brass. I have tried 4 seating dies and nothing has changed. Happens with four different bullet profiles and brands. I'm starting to think something is wrong on the press. The tool head tilts slightly to the rear when it bottoms out at the downstroke. I don't know what on the press would cause the tool head to tilt. I'm starting to wonder if that's normal but my shellplate is bent?
  7. Single Stack firearm question.

    He ran an atlas custom this year at nationals but it wouldn't have mattered which gun he shot. All that matters is reliability and then trigger in my opinion. Accuracy can be enhanced or improved with dryfire and then minor gun tweaks.
  8. Ideal single stack rig

    Having tried multiple brands of holsters belts and mag pouches.... go with DAA SS pouches not the CR speed. Red hill tactical double layer holster is nice and either their hanger or the boss hanger. The CR Speed pouches seemed to hang up sometimes and making them looser resulted in the mags flying out. Im just a lowly A class guy who always shoots SS though
  9. Hello from Orlando FL

    Manny Bragg offers multiple steel and uspsa matches in Volusia. Worth checking out as well. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Ben Stoeger class questions

    If you are c or D class or just beginning in uspsa, I would recommend fundamentals. Skills and drills is more focused on improving stage plans, movement and overall efficiency.
  11. Need fiber optic dealer for .90 -.95 front sight

    It's 105 now. Would really like to get to .90. the rear is pretty wide but I want less of the front sight covering plates at 35 yards
  12. Where should I be looking for a .90 or .95 wide fiber optic front sight for a glock. Dawson doesn't go less then .100 but most are much wider. So where should I be lookin? I'm new to the glock sights. Used to a 2011.
  13. STI DVC Classic Single Stack Reviews?

    Pointed the gun at my ear on a reload. I didn't see it on video and no one on squad did but not much you can do. I wasn't happy considering how well I was shooting. You might sand and polish the pin and hole to see if the pin will stop sticking. If it sticks, it's going to fire out of battery which sucks
  14. STI DVC Classic Single Stack Reviews?

    Does the spring stick out past the end of the firing pin spring? Is the firing pin bent? If you drop the hammer on a dummy round with no primer inserted like on an unloaded start, it will bend the pin almost every time. I wish had known you were having issues. I got dq'ed a second after I saw you at the safe table.
  15. STI DVC Classic Single Stack Reviews?

    Brian, if you can, try pulling the slide back just a tiny bit with hammer cocked. See if the hammer will fall when you try pulling the trigger in that position. If you decide to sell, let me know.