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  1. Metal grips, mags wedging

    Anyone have a steel grip and find that magazines can wedge themselves when reloading fast? Not in the gun but just barely started. i can literally get a mag wedged in so hard I have to hammer it out if not perfectly straight when inserting. Im thinking about switching to the PT evo and wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue
  2. Atlas Titan recoil spring?

    Go down to 9 pound. It will feel better and no reliability issues
  3. Mag carriers for MPX

    Red hill tactical makes a really nice one. That's what I have been usingz
  4. Tanfo Stock II, 9mm - Where are they??

    I got one with less than 1k rounds through it.
  5. PT slide / frame fitment ?

    I have been looking at the Phoenix trinity "shortblock" kits with frame / slide / and grip. How much fitment is involved with the frame and slide? Im used to STI and having to mill the bottom of slide and also even up the frame rails. Anyone hav w experience with the PT stuff?
  6. Mag pouches

    They can make them for the sten mags as well.
  7. Mag pouches

    I carry my PCC mags in a red hill tactical mag pouch. Normal uspsa belt. I bought two of the double layers for my mpx. what brand of mags are you using?
  8. Trubor - Best Firing Pin Spring?

    I always clip 3-4 coils off the Wolff springs. Never an issue. The big thing is make sure the spring is always longer then the tip of firing pin when mounted. They really never go bad
  9. STI DVC Limited

    My dvc classic has a coated ramp and barrel. It has over 25k rounds with no wear anywhere. It is crazy durable in my opinion.
  10. SIG MPX failure to eject

    Gen 1 or gen 2? Did you try any other ammo?
  11. SS holster

    99% of people can't mimic their open or limited setups. SS has to be higher and further back on the hip.
  12. SS holster

    I love my red hill tactical paired with a boss hanger. I went with a double layer because the single layer I tried from bladetech flopped around more then I would like.
  13. How well do crazy drill times translate?

    It translates on some stages. If there is a position with three targets at 10 yards, I bet Vogel or stoeger kill it. No one skill makes you great but fast transitions always help on every stage
  14. 2011 recoils weird

    Thanks buddy! Let me call Mitch real quick
  15. 2011 recoils weird

    Spring isn't binding. .40 major limited setup