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  1. IRC 2018 and 2019

    Looking at 14 stages. Trophies by placement, prize table by random.
  2. IRC 2018 and 2019

    This has my experience as well, too often I've seen the second time worse than the first.
  3. IRC 2018 and 2019

    This is how we ran the SW REGIONAL 2017 this year and it seemed to work quite well and most folks were please at how it went.
  4. IRC 2018 and 2019

    And just in case someone is wondering, right now we will NOT let you shoot 2 guns in one day,I really don't care how fast you are, you put more burden on the rest of the squad on taping and resetting the stage while you are switching gear around.
  5. IRC 2018 and 2019

    No it won't be a practice match, they will both require a separate paid entry, in different divisions, one division a day, and the plan right now is to count both for score in the divisions that you shot in. So , for instance you shoot Classic on Thur. and Fri for one score, and then you shoot limited on Sat. and Sun for score. Just like shooting two separate matches.
  6. IRC 2018 and 2019

    There will be practice bays available to shoot in, but not sure about classifiers though unless it's Wednesday. What the plan is right now is to have staff and ROs along with folks that want to shoot a second gun in a different division shoot Thur. and Fri. and then have the main match on Sat and Sun. You would also have the option to just shoot the match on Thur. and Fri. if you wanted.
  7. Solution for Crimping Hardcast Lead TCFP

    You can do a roll crimp with the TCFP that you have , you don't need a groove to do this. A taper crimp may not have enough tension to prevent bullet creep while shooting the revolver.
  8. IRC 2018 and 2019

    September 27th,28th,29th and 30th. Staff and ROs and folks that are shooting a second gun in a second division will shoot 27, 28, and the main match will be 29th, and 30th.
  9. Plan a long weekend, Staff and ROs along with folks that want to shoot a second gun in a different division will shoot Friday and main match on Saturday. 8 stages with a classifier.
  10. So um, where are all the Federal primers?

    No there are not that many Revo shooters, but the Bottom Feeder guys with light triggers like them also.
  11. Our New Flyer

    UPDATE to the prizes. thanks to Mesquite Gaming's sponsorship we are adding $$$$ to the top winners and added $$$$ to random drawings also. Plus many more drawings for prizes from Hogue Grips and Revolver Supply. It's only $50 in enter until End of August $75 September 1st. Special room rates at Virgin River. Search practiscore for mesquite to sign up
  12. Our New Flyer

    In addition to the $100 ICORE MONEY Plaques, we will be paying out $200 cash to the overall High Score, $100 for 1st place in each of the four divisions and $50 for second place in each division. Several random draws will be for cash, Trophies for classes and divisions depending on how many entries, and also for each category. Random drawings for several nice prizes, IRC entries, Berry Steel entries, TPC Training certificate, Hogue Knives ,50%off for a Thunder Beast Suppressor, grips and many more items, and did I mention CASH? at least 20 different people will win some cash prizes in varying amounts. There is more than $6000 in merchandise and cash up for random draws. Sign up and come SHOOT.