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  1. There is a club and some matches in Buffalo, there is also a club and matches once a month at Shoshoni, another club in Casper has uspsa matches as well as Jackson. There is an indoor match in Rawlins as well as a steel challenge and a falling steel match mid summer. I might add that Area 1 Regionals is just a bit north in Montana this spring
  2. 2018 IRC Registration

  3. Ruger ICORE survey

    Wait until you see Ruger's new shooting team, I think that we might just see a full out run at s&w market.
  4. Just a couple of things about this match, with a second entry you can shoot a different division you will need to squad and shoot the second gun on Friday with staff/RO's and other 2nd gun shooters. Yes you get a second walk of the prize table. The other thing is we are going to have a man on man shoot off on Sunday the 29th of April 2018 in the morning. This is only open to the folks that shot the SW REGIONAL. Winner will get $100,
  5. I use a 38 short colt roll crimp as my last stage, reloading 9mm or short colts. No bullet creep.
  6. Comp-iii Modification

    Take the new loader and drive the roll pin through the other side to take apart, grind the disk down with beltsander, deburr, insert plastic plug from ACE hardware, reassemble without dust cover, makes for better grip in my opinion.
  7. IRC 2018 and 2019

    What we did for last years SW REGIONAL, is similar to that. We did gave plaques to all 1st place division, class and categorie winners. Division winners got money plaques along with other cash for first place, with 2nd and 3rd place got plaques and cash and just plaques for class winners. No raffle tickets, but each entry to the match got one name into the prize bucket, the only way to have more than one chance was to sign up and shoot 2 different guns/divisions. The only exception to this was I let all junior shooters walk twice. All names in the prize bucket was random draw.
  8. IRC 2018 and 2019

    As difficult as it is to get stuff for the prize table, after all awards and everyone has "walked" have taken place, I would save any leftovers for the next match that I was going to have that had a prize table.
  9. If you have kids old enough, and ride dirt bikes we have the moto-cross track, also go carts, the Casablanca has a great spa and pool for your wife. After shooting there is always golf if you do that.
  10. You could try and be here Friday and enter with a second gun, then shoot main match on Sat. I'm not sure about Sunday yet because not many stayed around and shot on Sunday last year, but those of us that did had fun. I might add that Sunday was a USPSA match.
  11. Hey Vince the Rocky Mt. Regional ,I think is all ready scheduled on July 21st and 22nd?
  12. IRC 2018 and 2019

    Looking at 14 stages. Trophies by placement, prize table by random.
  13. IRC 2018 and 2019

    This has my experience as well, too often I've seen the second time worse than the first.