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  1. Tripp 40/10 mm cory 10 rounds

    I took your advice and called them today. They are great. They make a kit that is basically a different follower and a 13 coil spring. $7.95 per mag. So that's a bargain since you get the extra springs for the others. Thanks good deal.
  2. I have several Cory 9 round mags for 40/10mm. Can they be made into 10 rounders? How? New Basepad? Spring, follower. Thanks for any help.
  3. Recoil for 40 S&W spring weight

    I just put an 11# in and it is much better now. Thanks for all the answers
  4. Yes, and with the rear sight that my Ruger had on it, the gun would not fit in the box. So then I tried a different base pad and there in started the issues. Since this I have moved in a different direction. New gun and different magwell.
  5. Struggling with recoil on the Trojan 40 a bit. Seems to recovering beyond parallel. I have a 14 lb in Major power factor running in it now. Curious what you all are doing.
  6. What Mags do you use.

    Single Stack 40 s&w Tripp Corey mags are unbeatable.
  7. STI Trojan MSRP Changes

    Always loved the Trojan. Hard Chrome and Blued great guns.
  8. 1911 .40 S&W for USPSA Single Stack

    I also have 2 Trojan 40's and they are great.
  9. I struggled with the Ice Magwell. Kept having mags not seat well. I ended up using the Dawson IDPA legal magwell and no more issues. Also Cobra mags.
  10. 40 S&W Glocked Brass Dangerous?

    I was thinking with all the guys I know reloading 40 that this was not as serious as an issue as those gentlemen were making of it. Just checking and I spoke with my reloading gru about the issue and he concurs with what you guys are saying. Thanks.
  11. 40 S&W Glocked Brass Dangerous?

    I do this as well. Thanks.
  12. To clarify I am newer to the 40 cal after switching from 45 in single stack. But anyway I have loaded a few thousand now and keep getting quite a bit of Glocked brass. I hear that a lot of the limited and open guns are also running unsupported chambers or I just keep getting a lot of brass from Glocks. I was having issues with my STI Trojan and the brass not fitting into the barrel all the way or even getting stuck. Looking at it you can see it's got a bulge on it. After some research I found the Redding GRx die that is a pass through die for removing this. It has worked great and I have loaded a few hundred in my load development. I am loading to 1.17 COL and using 4.35 gr of Tite Group with it Chronoing at 927- 956fps. All has worked good so far and I am ready to go into winter production and stock up. Problem is: I have ran into 2 people that are saying I am crazy for shooting this brass. Not to do it. On and On. Now I know there there are a bunch of 40 shooters out there. What is everyone else doing?
  13. Holster Gap Rule for Single Stack

    Cool that helps thanks.
  14. Holster Gap Rule for Single Stack

    I did not read that in the appendix mentioned above. Please advise. Where is this stated?
  15. Holster Gap Rule for Single Stack

    Thanks for the help guys. Let's not get caught up in the punishment dealt out. I think he was just stating it to make a point and was not really sure of what he was speaking. It is good to have it clarified though. 2 inches from the inside of the belt. That is it I found it. I read trough that and somehow kept missing it. Now I know.