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  1. Dot not bright enough

    Can anyone tell me about sts2 if you have one how do you like it any info I haven't had a chance to look threw one yet
  2. Dot not bright enough

    I set up a glock 17 mos with a vortex viper great sight but on a sunny day tough to see the dot on white steel I have several other make dots I don't have an issue with brightness on those I've even put it side by side with rts2 and dpp and it's dimmer then those anyone else have this same issue ? Is it that there's an issue with my dot or is it just maxed out on brightness ?
  3. Atlas gunworks pistol pics

    Nice pistola !
  4. Lets see your .22 Steel guns

    New 22 for this season
  5. Atlas gunworks pistol pics

    Should have her Monday !!!!
  6. Atlas gunworks pistol pics

    What's the finish on the slide and frame ? Np3 ?
  7. Atlas gunworks pistol pics

    No atlas guns out there
  8. Atlas gunworks pistol pics

    Getting an atlas custom and curious to see yours
  9. got any pics of the grip?

    1. Revofan


      Sti grip ? If so SPF sorry

  10. 190gr ibeji bullets ?

    Is anyone using these 190gr bullets ? How do they feed ? They have a ball like profile And does anyone have load data with wst ? New to reloading 40 but have been reloading 9mm and 38 for years Or should I just go with 180s or 200s I see a lot of talk about those 2 so I saw they offered 190s fig it would be the best of both worlds ?
  11. Which 22 LR Revolver?

    I love my 6" 617 I like the feel of a heavier gun and I like the longer sight radius too Also there is a lot of options for the 617 10mmdave here on enos makes a sweet sight mount amungst other things
  12. Coated bullets

    How about a load for 145 coated with n320 3.5 ???
  13. Coated bullets

    Any one using n320 with 160gr coated in short colt ? If so what's your powder charge ? Looking for 125-130 PF
  14. Coated bullets

    I ordered some sample packs from ibeji thanks guys