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  1. open 22 for steel

    I have been having trouble with both CCI Minimags and CCI AR Tactical ammo lately. I have been using them in a custom 1911 with a Marvel Unit 1 conversion. I've upped the mainspring to 19lb and still have FTFs. I don't want to go any higher, because I like the trigger and this is my 1911 competition gun. I recently switched to Aguila SuperExtra hi-speed (40gr @ 1250fps) and the FTFs disappeared. I also chrono'd them. SD for a 10-shot string was 4.71. The AR Tactical was SD 20.15. Minimags were SD 31.29 for a 5-shot string.
  2. I would start with a comp, and only add ports later if I wanted it flatter. I'm in the process of building two comp's 9mm guns right now. The 1911 will be a dedicated 9mm Steel Challenge (Minor) gun. It has Aircooler6racer's custom comp cut into a Truebore barrel blank. You don't need 10 shots on a SC stage, so what good is a 2011 with 23 or 29 unless you want to shoot the same pistol for SC and USPSA Major. I got tired of shooting Major for SC. That's the reason for the 1911.
  3. open top end parts

    Before you decide, measure the frame rails on your gun. That will help you decide whether you use a Caspian slide of an STI.
  4. KKM or STI Trubore Brazos combo

    I also got tired of comps coming loose, so I went with Trubore for my next two builds. However, I went with a Trubore blank with Aircooled6racer's custom comp cuts. $325 shipped. I plan to run both as is and add poppels later if needed. Search around and you can find pics of it, or PM him for pics.
  5. Slides, STI vs CK vs PT

    Personally, I'd go with the PT slide and grip. If you decide otherwise, Caspian is what I would pick.
  6. Disable grip safety or not.

    My main open gun has an active safety. I left it that way because some of the events I shoot require all safety mechanisms to be active. My backup gun has a pinned GS. It is a fact that you can draw more consistently with an inactive GS. You don't have to pin the GS to inactivate. You can disable by wedging in a small piece of safety pin. If you decide you like it, you can have it pinned later.
  7. Open or limited holster question

    I have both and use both. The Alpha-X is more rugged, but interferes with some thumb rests when the gun is in certain positions. The Race Master is fiddley, and requires more frequent tightening, but it interferes with nothing. BTW, if you wear a floppy belt, you do not want the Alpha-X.
  8. 147g Ammo

    Perception only. Actual recoil is often more.
  9. Fast vs Slow

    I choose my powder based on consistency of results. If the chrono results do not return SDs in the single digit range, I work up another load. As a general rule, slower powders are dirty and inconsistent at low pressures. If you find one side of the case blackened after firing, your pressure is to low. Either up the charge, or switch to a faster powfer.
  10. Building off of STI Edge .40 frame

    Main gun has threaded bull. Backup has threaded standard with cone comp. It cycles faster. Gans price list is on the web. 10 oz. Slide lightening with exotic cuts is $500. If you go coned, you dont need that much. Barrel fitting is $95 if memory serves.
  11. Building off of STI Edge .40 frame

    My main open gun started life as a 40 Edge. It was sent to Gans along with all new SVI parts. He lightened the slide and frame and fit a new, threaded 40 barrel. with comp, along with fitting all the other stuff. You might consider doing the same, especially since you will shortly be shooting open 40 with another gun. The only real potential disadvantage is 26 in a mag instead of 29. No biggie for me, and then there are thr advantages.
  12. Milling a Slide for Sights Question 1911 A1

    SAs generally have LPA rear sight cuts. You can find good adjustable r that cut.sights fl
  13. Convert an open gun to Limited

    +1. Yes, you can do 40 for the limited slide.
  14. .40 Minor for IDPA

    RT, if you are considering switching to Clays, I'd suggest you turn to Alliant e3 instead. You use the exact same recipes as Clays, but you lose the pressure spickeyness near the top, and it exhibits zero temperature sensitivity. It meters well and burns clean. Since you have a boatload of 180s, my major load was 3.6gr e3 under a 180 (172PF), and 2.8 for 140PF. In my pistol, POI is exactly the same at 15 yards, and so is accuracy. I stayed with 140 because I could use the same 13lb recoil spring for both loads. If you want to try different weights you can go down so low it is stupid soft. For example: 3.3gr e3 under a 135 is 109PF. Yes, it works. If it were not for the bang and the sound of the bullet hitting steel you would swear the gun didn't go off. The same charge under a 155 is 131PF. It feels great to shoot. Under a 165, 140PF.