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  1. .40 or .45 Single stack?

    Joe, Trip mags sit lower in the gun than others. If you wanted to use them, the .020" higher shelf on the EGW (special) mag catch will make them work. The down side is your other mags might not.
  2. I spoke to a couple gunsmiths about this and the consensus seems to be minimum for bullseye and +.005" for tactical. Everyone seems to agree that the guy espousing longer chambers is nuts.
  3. I very much prefer the 1911 format. I never did shoot the Sig P22x format as well. Both the 1911 and the 220 will run like a top. I had the factory do their action tune up on my Sig. When I got it back it was a work of art.
  4. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    I like truncated cone for steel. The wider the meplat the better it is for energy transfer. It knocks steel down faster.
  5. I know that Guy. I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the minimum chamber depth should be .907".
  6. I was reading several articles about chamber depth a couple of days ago. There seems to be no agreement over proper depth, except to say shorter for accuracy and longer for reliability. The Barsto barrel I recently fit has a chamber depth of .8986". Factory and reloads drop in and sit below the hood by a couple thou. It's accurate and reliable. However, one of the authors thinks I'm insane if I don't lengthen it by .008". Your thoughts and opinions?
  7. Anyone shoot both Open and CO?

    I shoot Open 40 right now. I went to Open because of eyesight issues, before there was a CO division. My Limited gun was a CZ 75 TS. I've modified it, lightened the slide, put a dot on it and converted it into a SC gun. I ran it all season with a 130PF load. If this pistol were legal for CO, I'd switch in an instant.
  8. My major load was 3.7gr e3 under a 180gr plated bullet for 172PF. For Steel Challenge I substituted a 135gr Rainier. It is barely minor. As an example of what to expect, here is a bullet ladder I did when working up a load for SC. Rainier plated bullets, 3.3gr e3 powder and CCI 500 primer. 135gr, 109PF. 155gr, 131PF. 165gr, 140PF. 180gr, 158PF. I am currently loading 3.2gr e3 under the 155. It makes minor and feels the best.
  9. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    Good point Jack. I do that for 40 and 45 just for than reason. Forget KISS.
  10. .40 or .45 Single stack?

    That may well be moto. Neither of my hands work they way they are supposed to (wounds plus several subsequent injuries). So I don't have the grip strength that most have. As far as GMs go, maybe they don't see a difference. However, the D, C and B shooters at my club certainly do. Lighter bullets and less muzzle rise helps all of them. I well remember a friend who had an epiphany. He shot double stack 45 in Limited and used 230 grain bullets. He paid attention one day and said my gun recoils here, and everyone else's is lower. He switched to 185gr bullets and went from D to C in 5 or 6 shoots.
  11. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    For competitions, I prefer plated TCs in 40 and 45. I do settle for RNFP in 45 if I can't get the TCs. For 9mm I'm going KISS. It will be 115gr HAP for major and minor.
  12. .40 or .45 Single stack?

    Forgot the decimal point. The difference is about 1/10th of a second, with 40 being faster.
  13. Sorry yigal, Mim'd parts should not be used in a competition pistol. I've learned from experience. Now when I build a pistol, all the parts except the slide and frame are weith bar stock or billet parts. I'll accept forged frames and slides, but not cast.
  14. .40 or .45 Single stack?

    I have both. Now, the only time I shoot 45 in a competition is when I shoot bullseye. Why? Several reasons. First is the cost of brass. Every USPSA or club match I shoot is essentially a 'lost brass' match. Even if the club permits you to pick up brass, I can't. I'm either ROing or Scoring. I buy spotlessly clean, processed 40sw brass for 3 cents each. I could pick up all I wanted at the practice ranges, but I don't want to spend the time sorting and cleaning. So you could get all your 40 brass for free if you wanted to. 45 ACP brass is a lot harder to find for free and much, much more expensive when you do. I spent 8 cents each for the once-fired brass I use for bullseye. The second reason is double tap speed. It is much faster with 40 than with 45. Yes the recoil feels different. It is a little harder to the hand, but the muzzle rises less and you get the second shot off faster. The difference between 2 second splits and 3 seconds is 30 seconds on a long stage. I don't want to give that up. Thirdly, it flat out costs less to reload 40. Fourth, You can run 40 Major with ease, but can also load to Minor and still have flawless function. That gives you 8 in a mag for Major, or 10 for Minor if the match layout favors it. You also get to shoot the same gun (Minor) for Steel Challenge. BTW, 40 Miinor shoots softer than a 9mm at the same PF. Chances are you will use either a 180 or 165gr bullet for Major. If you want a close approximation of the differences in recoil feel and speed, load 180s in your 45 and try them. As I've progressed in my competition career, I've gravitated to lighter bullets. I'm faster with them.
  15. Brass shavings from Lee FCD?

    I'm about to load 9mm, so this is interesting. I use a LnL with all Hornady dies plus Lee FCDs. I don't get shavings on 40 or 45 cases, and the use of the FCD all but eliminates Glock bulges. Instead of 10-20 per hundred that would not chamber check, it is down to 1 or 2.