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  1. Glock 19 Open.

    G19 isn't going to be that great in open. I have shot my G19C in open before just because its my carry gun and I forgot a normal barrel that day. Could you obtain velocities to get to major in a 4in barrel? As everyone here knows, I think Major 9 is a bad idea, but thats a different issue. I have seen some 34s in open that are comp'd and everything. My experience is that the gun beats up your arms and elbows. Nothing like a 124gr pill at 1400 fps in a plastic gun. Also, just purely statistically...I havent seen any G34s winning Open since KC was shooting one. But I also dont hang around the open guys to much. Edit re-read the original post: Sounds like your going to do it with your 19 either way...so... G19 with a storm lake threaded barrel and the 'Double Diamond' compensator. Slap that UTM tactical mount and a micro dot like the C-more on it and then I'd nab G17 mags and the Taran Extensions with Taran followers and springs.
  2. Springfeild EMP 9mm Lightweight Champion

    Just my thought that normal Tripp 9mm mags would fit the gun. I guess I really dont see a purpose of making stuff like that when the difference it so marginal that carrying it would make no difference. I mean, other than now forcing the consumer base to buy your special mags.
  3. New to the forum!

    Shameless Sponsor Plug. Bayou Bullets all the way! 135gr 9mm at 1.125 and 3.2gr of TG will net you a average 132 PF in a G34
  4. Just a heads up for anyone out there that is looking at this particular model of gun. Tripp/Wilson mags do not fit this gun. They use proprietary mags manufactured by Mec-Gar. Pretty disappointing that I didn't know at the time of purchase (buyer be ware). Also if you purchase the gun under the current rebate program, they only ship you 9 round mags instead of the regular 10rnd that come with the gun. Also, Techwell grips and Magwells do in fact fit the gun, but the grips are a little to big Width wise so they hang over the front strap. not enough to cause a functional propblem. but it does feel slightly weird. I have pictures and measurement specs if anyone is curious.
  5. 1911 Maintenance?

    I run both on mine dripping wet and never had a issue. Lube the rails, barrel hood and barrel. Its just absolutely pissing oil during the day shooting but have never had a problem. If my 45 does get a little to dry while it is dirty it will have a problem getting into battery on the first round because I baby the slide forward. Nothing a quick karate chop to the back wont fix. I'll break it down and clean in at about 1000 rounds ish
  6. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    I dont have the data in front of me but I remember in my 6in schueman barrel the Longshot powder was the best.
  7. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    Accuracy I never had a real issue with. Can honestly say that once I get a bench zero on a gun thats 'close enough' I never go back and shoot for accuracy....this isn't bullseye. I will say the coated are more consistent in my Chrono. BBI, Blue and Bayou (all I have shot) consistently have low SDs and Extreme spreads. where my 45, 40 and 9mm xtremes seemed to have wild variations in speed. Also worth noting that this was early in my shooting and reloading "career" so that inexperience might have a factor. Once i switched to coated I haven't looked back. even if Xtremes were sent from the heavens to me, I couldn't justify the price increase. for Xtreme at 82ish dollars per k of 124gr 9s, I'm can load 1000 9mm 124gr Bayous
  8. How long does your local USPSA match last?

    I drive 2 hours to some matches around here. I'd still rather do that then be done at 6pm
  9. How long does your local USPSA match last?

    Exception to that rule....Everything around here is set up the day before the match
  10. How long does your local USPSA match last?

    For a local. Anything after 2PM I just cant find the motivation to care anymore. I cant stand to burn a whole day doing it. Back to my original thing, why do people have kick off at 9 or 10AM? Move that up to 7 so we can get out at a reasonable time. and then it will prevent me from complaining to no one that cares on here ha
  11. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    As mentioned here a few times, I can pull mine without a problem. Potentially the bullet puller whacking the bullet as you swing it and it bounces around? Try and load a super slow one and see what it does. Make sure they are going in generally as straight as possible. Send Pictures. Shameless Sponsor Plug. Bayous are the best.
  12. Finding a shooting coach?

    Pick one of them and befriend them. Try and squad with them whenever you can. even just watch what they do our how they shoot something. Ask why after their run. Thats the best thing I did when I first started. and then a year into it a took Bens class that was super helpful.
  13. svi vs Atlas Titan

    Ha how much time do you have. There is another post on there about him... The gun went off during remedial action. Was it the shooter or the gun, we may never know.
  14. Pros for both: For me the TGO works because I hit the back of the magwell. Plus I dislike the closed front because there is a little gap in there between gun and magwell. Does it matter? no. Its a mental block that I think i'll get something stuck in there (like a finger) The dawson is nice because it has replaceable inserts so if you beat it up alot its simple to replace, whereas the Techwell is gonna be more expensive. I also feel the techwell is wider, but probably also a personal thing having never actually measured it.
  15. magwell: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Techwell-Magwell-P564.aspx grips with a thumb cut like you like: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Techwell-G10-DrillTec-Aggressive-Grip-P3734.aspx both are IPSC and IDPA (CDP/ESP) legal If you want to keep it IDPA legal for ESP, here is the mag button i'd recommend too: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Dawson-Mag-Release-1911-IDPA-Legal-Length-Blued-P2250.aspx