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  1. 38 SC Brass?

    Hey I love shooting 38 SC but I am tired of having to buy new brass all the time. Does anyone have a source for SC brass that is maybe once shot?
  2. Deltapoint Pro Dot Failures

    The one time it happened, I was shooting a stage. I got 4 shots off and then it just went out. I hit it with my hand a few times and it came back on. Then it will going off and on with every shot. I replaced the battery and the rest of the match was fine. When I pulled the battery, the only thing I saw was a spot in the middle of the battery that had been "worn down" from where it was touching the contact on the bottom of the compartment. I am happy with it for sure, but I just want others to know to replace the battery more often than i did.
  3. Deltapoint Pro Dot Failures

    I had my battery go out on me at the last match of the year. It looks like there is a "scraping" effect going on at one of the terminals. I have only Changed the battery 2 times this season, so I guess that I should pay more attention. It has been a great optic so far, and I can't complain about a few batteries. I would still recommend it.
  4. Anyone go back to a C-More from a mini?

    I bought a Slideride and the dot was not even close to round and way off center with the glass. I have to send it back and I just got it. Anyone else have that issue and need to send it back? It looks to me like the coating on the diode is just scratched off for the size dot that you requested. And it looked like it was scratched off out of round and off to one side pretty significantly. I compared the dot size to my DPP and it seemed to be exactly the same size. Confusing to say the least. Super disappointed
  5. Anyone go back to a C-More from a mini?

    That is the response that I was thinking about when I originally posted this. I feel like I am experiencing the same issue you are. When I dry fire I seem to get the dot with no issues. But when I am at a match, odd shooting positions and strong hand weak hand give me all kinds of trouble. What is the "drift" you are referring to? Like I said I am new to Open so I don't know all the ins and outs yet. Thanks for this post.
  6. Anyone go back to a C-More from a mini?

    I think the DPP is a great sight, but the second that I picked up a Slideride I really noticed the size of the glass and how crisp the dot was. I am thinking I will pick one up and see how it goes. Any suggestions on a mount?
  7. This is my first open gun and it came with a DDP. I was looking at another open gun on a vendor table this weekend and it had the original C-More on it. I really liked the bigger dot and the larger glass. Has anyone else switched back after shooting something like the DPP?
  8. Problems with .38 super in MBX mags

    I had the same issue. Switched to comp and it was good to go.i still have a bunch of super brass I would like to shoot up. I wish they would figure this out Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. Comp For New Build

    Thanks for the ideas. I don't know if it matters, but i am going to go 38 Super Comp and I am loading AA#7 with a 24grn Precision Delta pill. I was also planning on some popel holes as well. ( I just like how loud it is ) Does that change any of the suggestions?
  10. Firing Pin Stop question

    Awesome! That is the exact question that I had! Thank you so much.
  11. Firing Pin Stop question

    I was wondering what other peoples firing pis stops look like? My Dawson limited hun has a real steep flat that goes down to a small rounded area at the bottom. I heard that it makes a real difference in the way the gun handles and I am curious about that. Anyone have good pics of their stops?
  12. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    Same here. No issues for me. I have about 2500 rounds down range in 38 super
  13. Comp For New Build

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Keep on with the suggestions if you would please. I also did some searching and I found one person saying that the firing pin stop made a huge difference as well. Anyone have pics of their stops? Do you think I should start a new topic on the firing pin stops?
  14. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    I leave the cover on as well. Sometimes it will turn off automatically but I just bump the gun with my hand and it comes right back up. It is weird but not a big deal if you just slap and tickle the gun before you walk up. And yes, off and on are a pain. That is why I only do it and the beginning and end of the match. Hope that helps
  15. Comp For New Build

    I am new to open but I love it already! I found a smith to make me a custom gun and now I need to pick parts. The only thing that I am not sure of is the comp. There only seems to be a few that sell them and I see tons of different configurations on other custom guns. So are the smiths making them or just reconfiguring factory made models? The other question that I have is what configurations do people like? I see 3-4 ports, side ports, side cut outs etc. but I can't figure out what the best one to get is. Seems like all the other choices that I have to make are much more self explanatory, but the comps are a whole different deal. Thanks in advance.