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  1. That looks amazing! The match director at our club says no way to metal wall frames though. He believes it is a risk for ricochet. So I am thinking that I will get some bases made similar to yours except the receptical will be round steel tubing and the flat base. That way 1x treated will just snugly fit into the pipe and I will have a flat base like you have in the picture IF anyone has a pic of one that I am talking about, Please post with dimensions. Thanks
  2. Is there any way that you could send me a picture? And to be clear, are you saying that the bottom of the base is 1/4" thick? How many of the ones at 90 did you end up making? I was wondering if we need more corners or just another pipe next to the first one to extend and make longer walls. I am looking to start making these pretty soon and if you worked any kinks in the system that would be great to know. Thanks for the reply, Seems like everyone forgot about this post.
  3. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    I have 8lbs of AA#7....... Do you think it is worth getting a 4lb jug of VV 3N38 and trying it? VV powder is a ton of money compared to AA
  4. Akai v8 38 SC

    Awesome! Thanks for that. So I am assuming that I just need a ton of gas to get the comp and the V8 holes to work as intended? I have only shot open guns with 1 or 2 normal poppel hols so I don't really know what I am "supposed" to be going for as far as how the gun responds in recoil I look a somo video of my old load with 124's and it seemed to have a good amount of rise still. But the dot still came back to the same spot, and it was accurate as hell! I was getting amazing groups at 50 yds just messing around with a target my brother in law was sighting his shot gun in with. Thanks agan, I really appreciate it
  5. Akai v8 38 SC

    I have a V8 Akai and I am looking for load recommendations. I have 8lbs of AA#7 so I would like to use that, and Precision Delta 124's. Curious to know if anyone else has the V8 and how much powder they are using. I am wondering if I have to feed those holes tons of gas. Thanks in advance
  6. Highjack my thread much? I worked on this a little bit last night. I used a diamond file on two spots that were just killing. After that, I used some 320 and 400 on the front and back of the grip because those are the only places that have the nasty Hot Spots. The rest of the grip doesn't really bite in that bad. I am mostly worried about dryfire and lots of reps tearing my hands up. I would like to hear from other folks that have the PT grip and have done some work to it Thanks
  7. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    Thanks for the advice. ill pick some up and try.
  8. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    Precision delta 124's Akai recommended them when I asked a question about the gun. He also said to use VV powder, but that stuff is double what aa#7 is. So I guess I'll turn up the powder and see how it feels. I also have some slowmo video of that load so I'll bump it and video it again and see if I can spot a difference. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    Thanks for that info. I will bump up the powder and see how that goes. I really liked the 124's in my old gun. Do you really notice any "difference" between the 115's and 124's? So far it is VERY accurate with the 124's so I hesitate changing. I am due to order more bullets this week so I need to decide soon if it is worth trying something different. Thanks for the input.
  10. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    Ordered one last night! Thanks for the info I appreciate the info. Anything special that I need to know when I set that new die up?
  11. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    Attached is a video of me shooting it. Think I need more gas? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. Can’t tell. I’m thinking raw though. im worried about going too far, so that is why I’m asking
  13. My Akai has a PT aggressive and I was wondering what people are using to knock down the bit a little bit. My IT guy hands are getting eaten up! Thanks
  14. Load for my Akai V8 (38 Sc

    Just picked up an Akai V8 in 38 SC I am using AA#7 ( and I have 8lbs left so i'm gonna use it ) and Precision Delta 124's. Does anyone have a V8 and what kind of loads are they running? I am not going to switch to VV powders it is just too damn expensive. It also has a Kart barrel, and I am wondering if anyone else has experiened them having a tight chamber at all. the loads I have been using before had no trouble getting in the chamber, but this one seems a bit tight Thanks in advance
  15. We are thinking about building wall bases out of steel. I have seen ones that have a flat piece of steel with pipes welded vertically to hold the 2x2 for a wall. I was wondering if anyone had any info for me on these? Like how thick is the flat base metal, what ID of pipe to use, and how tall the pipes need to be. I have a metal fab shop that is a client, and I can get the steel much cheaper, but I don't know what exactly what I need so I can tell them. Thanks in advance. Matt