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  1. Had one in our squad. Pulled the rope for the pins on the drop turners and was backing up and reloading. The rope wrapped around his leg when he pulled it and tripped him up and he fell over backwards.
  2. We shot this same classifier last match. It was confusing, and the stage description wasn't clear. I remember it not saying"only" in the number of shots specified, because when I got home I read the description on the USPSA website and it was then clear to me that most people shot it wrong. I don't know where the description came from, or if it was old and had since been rewritten? It looked like an official USPSA briefing. Most people did the same and made up shots on the final string. I think where it said "the best 6 are scored", people thought that you could make up extra shots if you had extra time. I have taken the NROI class and shoot fairly often, but can't always remember the rules or find and interpret them correctly in the book. It could have been like us, and made an honest mistake on interpreting the stage description. I think people shouldn't be so quick to judge other clubs. There are many small clubs that don't have the resources of plenty of well educated RO's, GM shooters, or extra help to go around.
  3. Accushadow rear sight adjustment?

    Yes, I had the set screws out, but it still wouldn't budge. I didn't have a sight pusher so I ended up clamping the slide down in my shop press and pushing the sight that way. It was TIGHT!
  4. Accushadow rear sight adjustment?

  5. Accushadow rear sight adjustment?

    Is this rear sight drift adjustable? I am about 4" directly left at 25yds and would like to adjust the rear sight. I see the set screws, and tried tapping on it, but it wouldn't move? Help!
  6. Venom vs Viper

    I use the Vortex Razor on my PCC and love it!
  7. Hi, just getting back to you, if have any 30 left let me know and i will purchase a few. Sorry for the delayed responce, just super busy. 

    Merry Christmas 

    Dan S.

    1. Tech32


      Yeah, I have some.  Let me check how many and get back to you.

    2. Tech32


      I have 3 left.


  8. Pcc loads

    Oops. I meant to type 1050. Around 155PF. Not bad for recoil.
  9. Pcc loads

    I have been using the same loads as my handgun loads. Keeping it simple. 3.2 grn titegroup with a 147grn blue bullet at 1.115 OAL is running about 1250 fps out of a 16" barrel. Accuracy is acceptable.
  10. Blue Bullets and CZ AccuShadows

    I load the 147grn round nose to 1.115. I think Enos or Benos is a good discount code too.
  11. This!^^^^^^^^^^ finally a common sense approach!
  12. Yep. It has to be pointed downrange so as to not break the 180 anyway. I see this more of a procedural issue rather than a safety issue.
  13. I would definitely argue if you tried to DQ me for that.
  14. Geiselle 3G in PCC won't reset

    Yes, I emailed geissele and they were very quick with a response. The ssa was one of the Triggers they recommend. Said that the 3g won't work.
  15. CZ accushadow mags

    Ben stoeger pro shop!