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  1. Hard Chrome CZ 75? Where to do it?

    http://www.mahovskysmetalife.com/Metalife Finish Page 2.htm
  2. 9mm loads for the short chamber guys?

    125 blueBullet 3.6TG to 1.099" works in my cute little CZ P-07
  3. CZ P01 or P-01 Omega for CCW?

    the CZ P-07 makes a nice CCW gun About the same size as a Glock19 Comes with a safety for cocked & locked, or a decocker for DA carry.
  4. Blue bullets = blue fingers?

    embrace the blue
  5. Most fun AR caliber

    I really like 6.8mmSPC
  6. What's a good 230gr load?

    3.75gr CLAYS 230gr BLUE-BULLET coated KART 5" 1911 barrel 767.3 fps average 176.48 power factor
  7. Conversion 9 to 40, Dillo 650

    go here, click on what conversions you already have, and what you want, and it tells you what you need http://thegunwiki.com/apps/calconversion/
  8. What's a good 230gr load?

    3.8gr CLAYS / 230gr makes major shoot soft accurate burns clean 3.8gr is affordable yield was hard to find, . . . but seeing on the shelves again
  9. I called S&W this morning, they said they are backordered, but will ship one out in a few weeks
  10. I bought a used 629-6, and the double action sear spring is bent and folded. when I carefully tried to straighten it out, it snapped in two Looks like brownells and Midway are out of stock ( seems like brownells never has factory parts in stock anymore ) Anybody know were I find find a 629-6 sear spring ? (The hammer, sear, etc., are MIM on this newer revolver) Thanks
  11. 1-4x scopes or good 3 gun/tactical scopes

    I really LOVE my LARUE mounts. I think the WEAVER V3 is a better budget scope than the Millett DMS This thread is what the internet is all about.
  12. Toshiba Laptop - Time to start over

    A good friend of mine has a PC repair business. He says AVAST is better than AVG and it's also free. Also get malewarebytes He also says getting away from MS outlook, and Internet explorer are the best best. Use FIREFOX to browse and THUNDERBIRD as an email program. Both free from Mozilla He says 99% of his business is removing spyware/malware and he hardly every replaces hardware anymore. I got tired of MS and have been using LINUX for a few years. My wife runs a MAC Life is good.
  13. they are making it into a movie.... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480239/
  14. Hone Dillon 308 Die

    I think there was a thread a few years ago, somebody had a local machine shop open the die up a bit. I use a Redding Neck sizer to open the mouth up after the 1200B