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  1. AR triggers (2018)

    SSA-E or AR Gold in our stuff. I want to try a HSNM. I have shot and do not like the HF 24-C.
  2. Having issues with re-sizing 223

    Remember the shell plate floats a little. I adjusted my sizing die like a single stage press, that is screwed in until it touches the shell plate and I had the same problem that you are experiencing. Go up to 1/2 more turn in and you will get than extra sizing need for your rounds to drop in the gauge. Let me see if I can find the video that helped me...
  3. 30" barrel for 3 gun

    My interpretation of that data is different than yours, the was a reduction in velocity measured in hundreds of FPS which is huge. Your assertion that "barrel length has no affect on pattern" may be true in the test in this link, but bare in mind tighter patterns are where the money is. What the shot column does when it is constricted in the choke directly results in variances in pattern dispersion, that is the purpose of backboring and other enhancements to reduce pellet deformity when the shot column is restricted. For that test to accurately reflect pattern, they (should have) would have to install a choke after every barrel cut and preferably test the pattern through a full choke. I suppose if all you ever use is a cylinder bore that test could be relative. The use of cylinder bore exclusively is hardly relative to any shotgunning I have ever done in various shooting sports and hunting.. The guys shooting the Saiga shotguns in 3 gun use higher velocity rounds and more choke because of the short barrels on the Saiga. And again I assert that if there was no difference in barrel length performance, the Clay shooters would have shorter barrels to get quicker swing speeds. So i respectfully disagree with you on this.
  4. Feeling the need for a 650

    I have a 550 and a 650. Shooting 3 gun primarily and dabbling in USPSA a little for pistol tune ups, my 650 is my main work horse for high volume 9mm and 223. The use of a case feeder for brass processing is VERY nice and the case feeder is just nice. I guess it depends on what kind of numbers you are cranking out. I do like the 650 better. I was loading some 45 ACP the other night on my 550 and missing some of those features on the 650, but the 550 is a robust work horse in its own right.
  5. 30" barrel for 3 gun

    I believe my M2 has a 28" barrel and I believe those pattern better and hit harder than a 24". As a point of reference you see NO clay shooters running 24' barrels as a rule, they use 28' and up. A 30' barrel might swing a little slower arguably but you already have up to 12 shells in the mag tube below it. I would pick a 30" and run it if the trade was good for you. The Stoegers I see in the game run good.
  6. Dawson adjustable vs fixed Rear sight for g24

    We have Dawson adjustable sights on 4 guns used in 3 gun and IPSA competitions. I have never broken anything on them and the pistol are not gently grounded in 3 gun. I have changed from lighter to heavier bullets and from slower to faster powders and required multiple sight adjustments.
  7. Press suggestions

    The case feeder is a must. I first borrowed a 650 without one. Every single person on this thread has indicated that. So your at 2k, not bad...
  8. Press suggestions

    I know you know this, but the Dillon is going to work WAY better than the Lee. I started with a Lee press and now have a 550 and a 650. I would make a list of everything you need. I registered on the Dillon page to make a wish list. Add everything you want/need to the wish list with the 650. If you can swing it, get it. If you get sticker shock do the same thing for the 550. I think the 550 will work awesome for you but if the cost of the 650 is no problem I would get that. I have both and I don't think change over is that bad. If I had a 650 and I were loading those caliber I would get a 2nd primer assembly. They were about $88 last time I looked. 2 bolts and you switched from large to small primer.
  9. Reliable .223 seating dies for progressive

    I use a 650. I jammed my Forster Micrometer seating die seating a crooked bullet so many times it eventually broke. I like it other than that. I have the Dillon die back in it, the problem there is the little rings it puts on the match bullets. Those bothered me enough to get another die. I have a Lee and a RCBS seating die I should try them again. The micrometer is nice. If I was more judicious with the bullet alignment I would not have the issue. But the case does rock back and forth a little as you say..
  10. I mostly shoot 3 gun but just had an old Colt 1911 gone through and want to run some single stack in IPSA. I had read the reloading section here and thought Clays would be a good choice. I have about 10 pounds left over from my shotgun days. I ordered 2000 185 JHP's from Precision Delta and I am now questioning myself. I wonder if I should have ordered 230's to use with Clays. My Lyman manual has the max below major PF but the Hodgdon site said I can go up to 4.9 gr (its for a SWC) and that would make it easy. I use N320 for 9mm and have quite a bit of that on hand. I also have 15-20 pounds of Power Pistol. I know that will make major easy, but be flashy and louder with a more pronounced recoil impulse. One of my goals is to use up some of my other propellants like Clays or Power Pistol. It seems like a lot of folks are using 200 grain bullets. Any load recommendations to make major on these 185's coming in? As usual, thanks in advance!
  11. Lead poisoning while hand loading

    Mine got quite high years back from shooting and spending too much time in indoor ranges. It'f fine now, maybe a little above 10. I loaded about 8k rounds last year, did no casting.
  12. STI DVC Classic

    Can you transfer a used gun in from out of state?
  13. Longer OAL without reaming

    Pick a bullet with a long skinny ogive like the one pictured above or something else. The Ogive on the Blue Bullets I tried (147) jammed into the rifling on my Glock. I switched to Precision Delta's and have not have the first problem. Blue Bullets took my order back and were very nice about the whole process and, to be fair, there are a lot of Blue Bullet fans out there. My thoughts are if you have to ream the damn barrel to use a standard weight bullet and run a SAAMI COAL, I am changing bullets. I don't like loading such a small case that short anyway. I don't know what the Blue Bullets cost but if you buy 2000 of the Precision Delta 124 HP's there $88/1000 delivered . Thats a real bullet, not plated or coated. That may be a little more but I think its worth it. I don't know the other prices I have stuck with them for a couple of years now.
  14. New style STI mags

    1911store has the Gen 2 9-140'a and 40-140's on sale for $50 right now. I just bought 3 more.
  15. I have a 650, shoot 3 gun, and switch between 9mm and 223. I really love the press and the changeover is a snap now after doing it frequently. I load over a 1000-2000 rounds between change overs. I broke 2 or 3 things during the learning curve (my fault). I have the power trimmer and it is awesome. The Giraud is probably better from a precision standpoint but not handling all that brass is YUGE. I am using Dillon dies mostly though I have tried others. I would get the large Dillon tumbler. I have both Dillon tumblers and the big one is the only way to go IMO. The rifle ammo I load consistently shoots sub moa out of multiple rifles. I only want to load on Dillon's anymore. My wife told me to get a 1050. I did not do it because of the caliber conversion cost (I load 40 also) and the 1050 only has a 1 year warranty. But I can tell you this, i would get the 1050 today. The supers swage process is when I inspect all my brass. I have had a case head separation so I am very careful about that. I load my large primer stuff on a 550. If you don't like it you won't take that much of a hit if you sell.