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  1. There is some variation when running the press but I suspect some of this is new operator technique running the press. I have had good luck with TAC, CFE223, and 8208. The NM crowd seems to really like Varget and RL 15 as well. I will try and attach a youtube video that I picked up a couple of tricks from. Notice how smooth he runs the press when loading. Also, just my opinion, but mean radius is probably a poor and expensive choice when searching for accuracy nodes (precision). Both of those pictures you posted are pretty underwhelming accuracy wise and I would seek something like the photo I attached. Once I have found the accuracy node I can shoot a 10 shot group and see what that looks like (real close to 1 moa). Actual radii are probably a better indices of precision. I don't wan't to go out in the weeds on this tangent though, and like I said, it's just my opinion. I would also encourage the use of a chronograph. Low standard deviation and low extreme spread are good indicators of consistency and uniformity of combustion. If you have another optic from a hunting rifle to evaluate the precision of your loads that would help too. I shoot a lot of sub moa groups with the 6x optic on my 3 gun rifle but I now use and old Nikon Monarch 14x scope for testing, MUCH easier. Its pretty hard to shoot good groups at 100 with a 3x optic (for me).
  2. Light springs & Primers

    I thought the Fiocchi primers were hard like CCI.
  3. Chronographs

    I have a ProChrono and like it OK. I have a Magneto Speed I like better because it is easier top setup at the gun club I shoot at. If price is no object you could consider a Lab Radar. There is some innaccuracy in chronographs and here is a review Brian Litz did in case your obsessive like me: http://www.appliedballisticsllc.com/Articles/ChronographChapter.pdf
  4. I think the only thing you NEED is dies and conversion kits and quick change kits. If it were me I would get one of these to not speed large to small primer change over: http://www.dillonprecision.com/xl-650-small-priming-system_8_116_23808.html Its two bolts to change from large to small now. I assume you got the correct case feeder plates. I broke/screwed up a couple of things when I first got my 650. If you are a competition shooter and load at the last minute, I would have a spare parts kit on hand. The machine will run better with a Dillon resizing die in station one in my experience but it will run with others.
  5. This a GOOD 650 Deal?

    You want the Dillon trimmer so do you want the RCBS trimmer? Maybe you can get the price down that way...
  6. I have not tried the 62 grain bullets. The match type HPBT bullets make the most sense because they retain energy better (flashing targets, spin spinners), have more wind resistance, and are more accurate. Only one zero with those also. If your only doing bay style shooting just get 55's.
  7. Need a consistent sub moa 223 ar15 barrel

    https://www.odinworks.com/223_Wylde_Barrel_18_3_Gun_Rifle_p/b-223-18-3g-r.htm has a sub moa guarantee . Spend the $54 to upgrade to an adjustable gas block. Some of the other brands already mentioned maybe very heavy depending on your intended application. Depends if your after a service rifle barrel or a run and gun 3 gun style barrel or a standard length more precise barrel. I hear from people I trust the Criterion barrels are good to go also.
  8. Don't shoot indoors all the time. Tumble outside, wash your hand after reloading, cast bullets outside. Get your lead level check annually. Mine is around 13-16. No reason to freak out.
  9. New barrel, new problem

    I have purchased 2 barrels from Odin Works now and they are awesome barrels. They have had great customer service for me as well. Their adjustable gas blocks are awesome too!
  10. Ankle Holster..?

    Another happy Galco Ankle Glove user here. I wear it to church or anywhere else I want to. You have to make sure that your pants are wide enough at the bottom to accommodate it though. I carry a G26 in mine. My wife likes it as well ands its always with us when we travel. Super easy to get at when driving or in traffic and it's easy to take on and off in a gas station etc when you stop.
  11. Setting up a XL-650

    I had run a 550 without a strong mount previously. When I got a 650, my bench is very thick and with the pres mounted at the edge I was only able to get partial range of motion with the handle, so I was forced to go strong mount. The strong mount is very nice BUT I really love the bullet tray. The ergonomics of setting bullets is awesome with the bullet tray. You basically don't take your right hand off the handle and set bullets with your left. I got another 550 recently and I have a strong mount and bullet tray and empty case bin etc. It's just the way to go. If you don't try it, you might not miss it but I highly recommend it.
  12. Shotgun choice for do all

    Of the guns you have listed the Stoeger would be the best choice and I would get the M3K variant. 26" guns do pattern a little better supposedly if you don't buy the M3K. I have been shooting 3 gun for 3 years now. I see a lot of the JM 930's have problems. I don't see any 1187's but some Versa Max's. The M2 is the best choice if you can swing it.
  13. 9mm bullet seating question - newbie

    Another option is the Lee Factory Crimp die which uses a circumferential squeezing force on the bullet for crimp. I would probably not use that with a plated bullet. Just putting this out there for information purposes.
  14. Stock Glock hot loads

    I have never been able to find +P+ load data though there is some +P. Power Pistol will give good performance but has a big flash. It's new cousin BE 86 is flash suppressed and should provide good performance. I have not tried it though a fellow 3 gunner I shot with is very impressed with it. I second the Gold Dots. I would easily feel comfortable shooting max loads in a factory glock barrel. Check out load data for 9mm major on this forum. The OP lives in the Southeastern US of A. I wouldn't sweat the hand loads too much down here. All my carry guns have some type of +P+ 9mm LEO ammo in them. I will be switching over to all Underwood ammo in the future. I bought some 10mm ammo for my trips into grizzly country and I am impressed with it.
  15. Broke my first Dillon part

    Anything I break and don't have I buy an extra when they send me the part. I have only broken a couple of parts and those were caused by operator error, learning the machine...