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  1. I know this is a couple of years since the last post but I recently bought a model 57 (.41 mag) and then a model 629 (.44 mag, 3"). Both guns are in excellent shape. No bad manufacturing or tooling marks and the barrels and sights are on straight. They compare nicely to my models 19 and 64 that I purchased new in the mid 70's. The cylinder lines up with minimal gap. The timing is right. Nothing bad to say about either gun.
  2. Congrats on your semi-retirement that starts today Brian. I retired on 6/1 and have so much more time to do the things I want to do:reload, shoot and golf. Have a good one!
  3. 147 gr Rainier HP & Titegroup

    I've been using 147 Xtreme's RN with 3.3 TG @ 1.15 in my PPQ M2 4". Very accurate and soft.
  4. Ok, how's this. First match in 30 years. Thought I was ready but knew it would be slow. Practiced mag changes but didn't think about changing with retention in IDPA. Let a mag with ammo fall on the ground with a round in it on a tactical reload. Left it there. Then I found out that a mag I was using was bad and had a double feed on an Officer's ACP (Shooting CCP). Did I react immediately, no. Just stared at it for a couple of seconds. Duh! Then on to another stage. Picked up speed, good shots, FTE. Stared at it for a couple of seconds. Double Duh! Didn't end up at the bottom but not far from it. Moral of the story: practice and check your equipment. Better than Duh!
  5. Dillon RL 550B

    I recently went through the same process of which press. If I was only loading one pistol cartridge the the SDB would be the way to go. Since I load 3 pistol cartridges now and want to go from my green RC to a progressive for 2 rifle cartridges, the 550b was the best choice. I got it 3 weeks ago and have cranked out 500 each of .45, 40s&w and 9mm. No problems at all and the caliber change takes about 5 minutes. I know, newbee on it. You have to buy the dies but you can use other than Dillon dies if you already have them. I'll probably get a SDB for a solo round if one comes around cheaply but the 550b truly is the Dillon workhorse.
  6. Any day is a good one to head to the range!

  7. Hello from Central Ohio

    The 550 is here and set up. Been playing with it getting used to .45 and trying hard not to crush cases. Lol
  8. Hello from Central Ohio

    Thanks all. I'm looking forward to cranking out some rounds in way less time than it took on the green one. It's a good press that I'll use for rifle load development but the 550 will be the numbers machine.
  9. Just ordered a 550 in .45 with a change kit for 9mm. Been reloading off and on for 35 years but on on a RockChukker. Can't wait to start on the 550!
  10. Indoor Range and Mag Changes

    I've been shooting a Glock 21 only indoors and only drop the mags. Never had had a problem with any of them. Nor have I had any major problems dropping Colt .45 mags from my Gold Cup or Officer's. Dropping from about 6 feet has never been a problem on concrete.