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  1. 40s&w open...comp or just weight

    I think the comp is working even though you don't have a lot of gas. Is it working as much as it could? No but I still think its doing something just by redirecting the gas that is available up not out the front of the barrel.
  2. Selling/Trading this for that....

    I don't think 2011's are more prone to failure than other platforms, but as competitive shooters we tend to modify and customize things. This modification process can lead us to push equipment to the edge to get the performance we want. I agree with CHA-LEE on viewing your Eagle as strictly as a backup for majors, then its not getting used and that is expensive. My first limited guns was an Edge and I wanted a backup gun, but it had to be something that served a purpose other than being a backup. I bought an Eagle in 40 so it could be used as a limited gun and made a very nice ESP gun for IDPA. I later had a Limited gun built and the Edge was modified to make them the same, and the Eagle very seldom gets used for USPSA but it is still my IDPA gun and if needed could be used for Limited without any modification. I guess it depends on what you want. Do you need a backup? Like you said I am very confident in my gear when I leave the house but I still like knowing I have a backup to me its worth the cost.
  3. Selling/Trading this for that....

    I have 2 limited guns which are very close to being twins, I don't consider them primary and backup because I will use either with complete confidence. The gun I had built is a little more accurate so it is the one I tend to use for major matches but I would not hesitate to use the other gun. I shoot several major matches a year and with the expense involved and time off from work I would hate to have a gun break and not have a backup to allow me to finish a match. As some one mentioned you could probably borrow a gun as I could but would you have confidence in the gun you are borrowing? I have only had a gun issue at one match, and having a backup was a good thing.
  4. 1911 Ambi thumb safety recommendations?

    The EGW also uses a Longer pin for the hammer that helps hold the right side safety. They are pretty wide so you may need to trim them to fit but being EGW I am sure they are a quality part. http://www.egwguns.com/1911-parts/egw-hd-ambi-thumb-safety-machined-from-barstock-ss/
  5. open

    Open is a lot of fun, never shot CO but I went to open from Limited all last year and had a lot of fun with it. If you watch the classifieds here you can pick up a good used open gun at a reasonable price. Open is not cheap, but can be done for a reasonable cost.
  6. SV trigger fitting

  7. SV trigger fitting

    CCG, Are you using the widebody or the one for infinity billet grips?
  8. SV trigger fitting

    Thanks, thats what I want to avoid. I was hoping they would fit without a bunch of work.
  9. SV trigger fitting

    So my question is, how do SV triggers fit in PT metal grips? I have them in my metal grips now but they are sloppy becuase I modified them to fit the STI grip. PT says designed for SV triggers.
  10. What are 2011 limited shooter using for IDPA

    I shoot a STI Eagle in 40, I did not buy it just to shoot IDPA but as a backup limited gun but went with the bushing barrel so I could do both. The nice thing is I don't change a thing on the gun to shoot minor and it has always run perfectly.
  11. Feeding issue with STi Edge

    This does not appear to be a feeding issue to me but a failure to extract in which case COAL would not matter. The fired case is not being pulled from the chamber and into contact with the ejector. I would say extractor tension should be checked. I would first remove the extractor and clean, the extractor tunnel can get debris in it and it can effect how the extractor works.
  12. Replacement MBX mag springs?

    OP, why change? If you ran MBX for the last year why not just put in a new MBX spring and be done with it.
  13. USPSA SS setup

    I don't know about some of the other parts listed, but every custom builder I have dealt with likes EGW parts. I have them in all of my 2011s and the triggers on my open guns are a little less than 1.5#s and the older one probably has 30K on it without any issues. EGW sears a through hardened so they are supposed to last a long time.
  14. New member from Virginia

    Where at in VA, there are a lot of matches available depending on where you are and how far you are willing to travel.
  15. Your last two sentences are it. Learning to shoot in a way that will allow you to win stages or matches is the real goal and your class will be a by product. Each division has the ability to teach us something. I don't know that any one division is easier to be competitive in vs another, maybe at locals but not at nationals. I tend to agree with the thought of shooting the division that has the deepest talent pool where you are. It gives you the chance to learn from others and some friendly competition will help make you work harder to improve.