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  1. New Atlas Open 2011

    lacivilian, yes it was on transitions and yes the weight difference was the reason. I shot the Atlas for about 3 months and just decided I was already ahead with the older gun so stick with what works best for me. Yes in time I may have been able to get there but if I spent the same amount of effort with the gun I was already shooting I figured I would be still further ahead. If I had never used a lighter gun I would not have known the difference. Open is very subjective it is personal to each shooter I know others who love the heavier guns.
  2. New Atlas Open 2011

    I had an Atlas gun for a few months, and I will say I really liked it. I liked the looks, the balance, and how flat it shot. The one thing I did not like was I was having trouble stopping the gun exactly where I wanted to. I tried several drills with it and my older open gun and found that I was consistently better with my older gun which was 10oz lighter. I ended up selling the Atlas gun to a friend and built another light gun. I don't think there is a right answer to which is better its just finding what works best for you.
  3. WAC/AC temp sensitive?

    I used WAC all year last year in my open gun and was consistently at 173-174pf. That is on my chrono as well as match chronos. Temps were from the 30s up to mis 90s at matches I shot last year.
  4. .40 cal Major Open

    Never tried it. The only way I would is if I found a deal on a 40 I couldn't pass on. I would never build one, I think you would take a big hit on resale.
  5. "Graduating" to an open gun?

    If everyone is shooting minor then you are not at a disadvantage. If you are going to shoot open minor like someone posted above a steel master would be a good choice. For minor a short light gun would be my choice. I shot iron sights for 3 years before switching to open.
  6. Build my custom 2011....

    Thats not a bad plan, if I were going with the steel grip I would buy an Atlas. I like the PT grip better. The 1050 would be great for sure.
  7. EGW Igniti0n Kits

    Fo0, The C&S kit is very nice. But I still dont believe in drop in parts. I have seen to many instances of sear and hammer not engaging evenly. The parts can be mated perfectly to each other there is no way to guarantee they will work in your frame. Brazos also sells a great kit.
  8. EGW Igniti0n Kits

    Nothing for 1911/2011 is really drop in. I have always found some fitting needed. Usually the hammer and sear engagement is not even. This is why most its worth letting a smith install it if you are not familiar with doing trigger work. Also the disconnector is very likely to need some work.
  9. PT grip - 2011 CK frame

    It took me several hours to fit my first one. Its time consuming but and its not always obvious where material needs to be removed. I used small files and just worked slowly, I did not want to make it a loose fit.
  10. PT grip - 2011 CK frame

    Metal grips usually are not a slip on fit. I have put 4 on different guns. Only 1 fit without a lot of work. Now if it were CK grip and frame that may be different.
  11. STI Steel Master with PT Grip

    That is an awesome deal! The steel grip probably is overkill if your shooting minor.
  12. Fault Lines and being exposed to targets

    I hear these same discussions locally at matches, I personally like the fault lines it makes it an easy black and white decision on when to issue a PE. The idea that this is combat shooting or training for such to me is false. IDPA is a game we play, it will help hone some of your gun handling skills for sure and that is a good thing, using a timer and keeping score add some stress which is the purpose and it works, we have all experienced buzzer brain. As far as reloading, to me I like the new way better as well, but the old way did not bother me. I can say for a fact I have gotten more PE penalties since we started using fault lines mainly because the SO can more easily see it even if they are not in the perfect position.
  13. Carry Ops>Limited?

    Moto, you are correct. I found that out shooting open, my comment was to the OPs comparison of Limited and CO.
  14. Carry Ops>Limited?

    If we are only talking money CO may be the way to go. There are good options for limited for less than 2k. The CZ and Tanfo guns are nice. I like 2011s so I shoot them in limited and open, just my preference. As others have said having a dot can be a huge advantage depending on the COF.
  15. 40s&w open...comp or just weight

    I think the comp is working even though you don't have a lot of gas. Is it working as much as it could? No but I still think its doing something just by redirecting the gas that is available up not out the front of the barrel.