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  1. FYI... Menards sells butcher block "counters"

    I went to grab this exact one at my local Menards and every single one (all 10 in stock) had some sort of crack or separation between the boards. Ended up just making my own.
  2. Skinny Sammy Auto Poppers

    Grizzley makes a static one, and a post plate (Non resetting) and a ground unit with sniper legs, but not a auto popper that is mounted to a 2x4.
  3. Skinny Sammy Auto Poppers

    Looking for some Skinny Sammy targets (Scaled down auto popper with a 4 inch center circle) that is made to be mounted to a 2x4 and not attached to a plate that has stakes driven into the group or has sniper legs to raise the target off the ground slightly (I know lots of vendors off something like that but I need the 2x4 mounting) Red stitch tactical used to make them but has since removed them from their website. I emailed them and they keep saying they will bring them back, but its been 9 months since they first said that and recently came back with the same answer when asked again, so im looking elsewhere. I love using these for training for USPSA and would like to grab a few more. Anyone know of a vendor that offers something like this?
  4. Rolling break or wall?

    Pull the same regardless of how its set up. Hard and fast.
  5. Between Walls

    If you can see it, you can shoot it. Assuming its within the 180 and not a forbidden action.
  6. Refund/Cancellation Policies

    If its a major match then No refund 0-30 days out. 50% 31-60 days out. And full refund before that. That tends to be the standard for most majors I go to. The local match I run has limited slots (32) and almost always has a waitlist. Sign up is the Sunday before a Wednesday match. I only provide a refund if your slot can be re sold to another shooter on the waitlist or some sort of family issue. If we dont have a waitlist, you dont get a refund. If you dont show, no refund. If you try to cancel late (Less than 24 hours before the match) No refund.
  7. New PF in PractiScore

    You still pay a $1.50 activity fee per shooter when not running a classifier. If you use the USPSA rule set and arent paying USPSA for it; You are stealing. Pretty cut and dry.
  8. New PF in PractiScore

    If you use USPSA rules without being a USPSA club, you are stealing. Plain and simple.
  9. New Atlas Open 2011

    Actually there is a huge reason to. It is best to strip it down and review internal part for proper fit. Most fitting issues happen in the first few thousand rounds. Its a good way to catch something before it gets really bad.
  10. The plastic tip might be chewed up. Also try to clean the internal primer tube itself.
  11. EVO grip questions

    Hammer follow isn't the grips fault but rather other ignition parts not being set up correctly. Or shifting overtime. I have dawson mag releases in 3 guns with 9mm MBX mags and they run amazingly. Order them from PT or wait for SSI or SC to have them. They make 2 Grips. The new EVO grip which is made in 1 texture type and 1 metal type. Then they have the boxier classic grip that has a more aggressive texture version than the evo, and not so aggressive (Skip it IMO) and a flat for grip tape. They also make varying versions in different metals at different price points. As their website notes. http://www.ptrinity.com/firearms/#tab-box|0
  12. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    In before @Gooldylocks tells you, you are wrong or some paid shill for BIG 124's!. LOL
  13. Foot speed, general awareness

    This gives you a good idea. There is massive cross over for footwork from most main stream sports.
  14. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    KA/me did say "most," if course there are the silly people like you who have experimented with other stuff and still choose an inferior powder. Those people can't be helped in their misguided ways. Lulz...
  15. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    Lulz... right...