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  1. Unburned powder

    No but its also not within SAAMI spec which I fully assume that is what that data is based off of. So its a moot point really.
  2. Unburned powder

    Well its using something to come up with all that data... I just don't see in any way how it can be accurate for something like 9 major.
  3. CM 09-14 - Eye Of The Tiger

    PPC - 106.7 % HF - 9.6386 Time: 2.49 3 A 3 B This one needs to be fixed for PCC... Kinda easy.
  4. Unburned powder

    I highly doubt 9 major has accurate data listed. Considering no one offers what most of us load.
  5. Unburned powder

    I just want to know how @andersonj55126 came up with those percentages.
  6. Unburned powder

    Please tell me how one comes up with those percentages... Cuz im completely lost...
  7. Unburned powder

    Every open gun major load has unburned powered. Some more than others. Some less.
  8. Unburned powder

    Yea... many have tried this on their own and seen what MemphisMechanic has already stated. You are more than welcome to try your theory, I just know from personal experience it doesn't work like you stated.
  9. Unburned powder

    ^^^ Facts
  10. Reloading Benches

    Upgraded one 1050 with a MK7 Pro and got another 1050 for 223/300 AAC. Also got my new Roll sizer located on the lower portion of the left bench. My room has been maxed out.
  11. Primers choise

    CCI 500 all day long. Have shot about 150K without issues in 5 different open guns.
  12. Illinois Guy

    Welcome - From Lake Zurich.
  13. .40 cal Major Open

    Risk? What is the risk of 9 Major?
  14. Zelle is awesome. Even better if you have a bank that has Zelle integrated into your banking app already.
  15. Michael Voigt