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  1. Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    I love PT and all their parts. But this seems odd. I dont see the market for it. I also dont see how a glock barrel with their single lug is a good idea long term for a 2011 design. Taking comps and front sight blocks on and off seems like a pain. I hope this works out well, just don't see the market at that price point.
  2. Real MOA Dot Size: BEnos User Reports?

    First off... DPPs are for sale on amazon right now for $375, free shipping, no sales tax. I would not buy from optics plant (I turned down a job offer from there as its a shitshow), but that's a whole different story. The changes you made to scale them actually don't change where they rank in size outside of the delta point pro. Thats what im saying. There are a ton of other threads detailing this info. It might be best to make a chart with the info you have found and post it for others. Vs starting a thread where you once again will need to scroll and search for the answer.
  3. Real MOA Dot Size: BEnos User Reports?

    But its not out of the realm of sizing comparing to others which is why I say its not a big deal.
  4. Real MOA Dot Size: BEnos User Reports?

    This honestly is making things much harder, especially for newer shooters. The only readily used optic (For USPSA/IPSC Open and CO) that has a weird label is the 2.5 MOA Delta Point Pro. (2.5 looks like 6 MOA)
  5. DQ or a WARNING

    Yes. 100% necessary.
  6. Primer Sense

    A spent 45 case slips right over the primer rod. I hold it on with some painters tape. This helps with that issue.
  7. Primer Sense

    Just bend the wire so when the tube is nearing empty, it trips the switch. I had to adjust mine as well. I had to bend it up and then open the angle forward to have the rod trip the switch.
  8. Primer Sense

    No issues outside the obvious "what if" the column blows...
  9. Remove Holes

    Clean your red dot glass. Most open shooters deal with this exact issue all the time.
  10. 9mm Major primers??

    CCI 500s for over 150K 9 major rounds. Never had an issues. They rock in the RF100 as well.
  11. Mark 7 Sensors

    I set my MBF so it doesn't drop on a 380 Vs 9mm, so the machine will stop as no bullet will be present. It will also stop for upside down bullets. Its simply a laser line that needs to be cut to continue to run the machine. If the laser is able to bounce off the mirror and return the indicate hole, the machine stops.
  12. how to clean blast residue of my c-more lens

    Q tip and windex. Nothing else is needed.
  13. Open Gun Pictures

    The RTS2 is the same way. You need to hold down a button also.
  14. Open Gun Pictures

    I have since switched to the RTS2. The DPPs have held up great but I like the dot shape better of the RTS2. Back to back they shoot the same for me. No speed difference at all.
  15. EVO grip questions

    Sounds like parts aren't properly fit for said environment. All grips aren't equal. Same with parts. This is why they are fit together and aren't drop in parts.