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  1. Open Gun Design Questions

    ^^^ This.
  2. Open Gun Design Questions

    Less reciprocating mass on the slide and more weight out front from the hybrid barrel.
  3. Open Gun Design Questions

    Hybrid/Island/Schuemann/Whatever you want to call it. Think the SVI team guns. I run 9 Major. Its the softest and flattest gun I have ever owned.
  4. Open Gun Design Questions

    Hybrid barrel is a must. Biggest improvement I have seen in all the open guns ive had.
  5. Automated Case Pro 100 Vs Automated 1050 with a U die!

    My Case Pro 100 is automated by the one offered by Case Pro. It rolls around 1250/hr. Ive seen others go much faster. Main difference is it case sizes the rim itself.
  6. Storage box

    I use old xtreme boxes. They hold about 400 rounds (9MM) per box and that is my average practice session. For match ammo I use MTM boxes.
  7. Dropped my open gun

    Dont be surprised when your post count gets knocked down for this tactic.
  8. another cracked slide!

    Sounds like a gun smith problem and a reloading problem all in one.
  9. Dropped my open gun

    Is your plan to post on all topics in the open pistols section till you get to 50 posts?
  10. 9 Major Case Rupture

    Na, just clearly what is going on.
  11. another cracked slide!

    Not at all. I have a few guns with 50+K on them without any issue. A lot of it has to do with the actual fit of the gun.
  12. 9 Major Case Rupture

    Post bumping to sell that shogun?
  13. Thank you to the staff for the very fun match.
  14. Open Gun Pictures

    I am actually testing out 1 DP, 1 RTS2, and 1 Slideride Cmore on the new guns. I am currently using the Slideride On my V6s. So far I really like the RTS2 but have concerns with longevity. If I were to rank them right now... #1 Slideride , #2 RTS2, #3 DPP. Assuming the RTS2 hold up, I think it will be the winner. I prefer the shape of the RTS2 window compared to the DPP as well as the dot itself. But the Slideride is a workhorse that has never let me down.
  15. USPA Resistance

    As an open shooter, I like having PCC guys at matches. It pushes me to be faster. Assuming you get some heat to show up.