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  1. Open Gun Design Questions

    Gotto love people that actually try stuff, I like that way myself
  2. Open Gun Design Questions

    thats 2 slides, no frame
  3. extraction issues, stock open gun

    Shot a L3 this weekend, 1 MAJOR jam, I needed 1 more friggin shot, but noooo, and some jams after shooting last round, was lucky really, could have gone so much worse,... So, put an aftec in from another gun, perfect fit really. gun ran 700 rounds in a row, no jams, but ejection is weird. like with stock extractor, but doesnt jam so thats good. Pulled the mount, shot 100 rounds through it with no mount, all brass ends up same place... but brass goes UP not sideways. so definetly needs ejector tuning. Putting an SVI rts2 mount on now, measurments suggests its gonna fit with ejection just behind it from looking at brassmark on other mount. just slapped a romeo3 on top as well... thinking Ill keep the aftec though, as I had some "wont go under extractor" issues this weekend, and that seems to be solved.
  4. extraction issues, stock open gun

    happens with 9 different mags. all mags are freshly cleaned and have fairly new springs :/ magsprings and mags are important for sure.
  5. extraction issues, stock open gun

    Im borrowing the gun, so I really dont wanna do anything that causes. Id put a SVI rts2 mount on if, but the screws seems like green loctite not red/blue there is no shockbuff, recoil is #7 video shows it ejecting to the side pretty good, but I think its going via mount a lot of the time. Ejector is fairly long, but seems straight, so guess needs a few file drags on the ejector.
  6. Looking at pics, what do you think, more or less tension? It feels fairly snug, gun only done around 1000-1500 rounds, brass is sorted, rollsized etc and pretty much perfect, all jams are identical. IT actually feeds a new live round every time, almost into the chamber as you can see. Leaving for worldshoot in a week...
  7. Czechmate vs 2011

    the CZ plain works, always. 2011 is to me a better grip and ergonomics. if done properly they last. a lot of times they are not.
  8. Selfie

    You gotto load really really short in the sigs, a buddy shot off his comp! that was interesting but honestly with say 3n38 you should be fine.
  9. Selfie

    Gripping your gun like that is very hard on a fast draw, I used to grip like that when I shot prescision, but changed it for ipsc. I know some uspsa/ipsc shooters do shoot liket that with success though. love the sigs, I got a few X series myself :=)
  10. Best mag setup STI or MBX

    except the basebads are horrible to get off? I use tooless daweson on both the 140 and 170 mbx, also grams guts, not crazy about the mbx follower.
  11. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    its "ohh holy shit" much faster than n105, l at same powerfactor, your gonna have 15-20.000 more PSI of pressure in chamber, and far less gas for comp.
  12. Best mag setup STI or MBX

    why wouldnt his stuff fit mbx? I
  13. 30 round 2011 magazine?

    27-30 is pretty much irrelevant, Id take a 27 that runs 100% over a 30 that runs 97%
  14. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    3n38 and n105 are the powders from VV to shoot on open major. 340 is WAY TO FAST 3n37 and n350 makes some hefty pressures as well n105 = supersafe all day 3n38 = safe in right ammounts.
  15. Old School

    N110 is cheap, and my 9x25 just got a new romeo3