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  1. Shooting My First Icore

    All that said, since it's a local match and it's your first time, just bring something that goes bang reliably and no one is going to care. Aim a lot, be safe and have fun.
  2. Shooting My First Icore

    Here is the clip from the current rule book, if you fail chrono you do get a score but with 360 added to it. 5.3. Ammunition must produce a minimum power factor of 120. All competitors may be tested for minimum power factor at any ICORE match. Six rounds will be collected from each competitor at random during the match and at least one of those six must equal or exceed a 120 power factor when shot over a chronograph through the competitor's firearm. A seventh round may be collected and weighed to accurately determine bullet weight. "FAILING TO MAKE CHRONO" will result in 360 seconds being added to a competitor's score. Chronograph testing of a competitor’s ammunition is mandatory at Regional and higher matches effective 01-January-2018. Chronograph testing of a competitor’s ammunition has been mandatory at the 2016-2017 International Revolver Championships. (REV 19-July-2017, added chronograph requirement for Regional and higher matches)
  3. It looks like now instead of subjective cover calls we have subjective placement of the fault lines defining cover. It would be nice to come up with a way of mandating where the lines would be placed so that we don't have a wide array with the line set for the innermost target and ending up with USPSA firing positions. To your other question, I haven't been to Austin much or shot much IDPA in San Antonio the last year. I have been kicking back and enjoying some Steel Challenge shooting and putting on a monthly steel match in Bandera. The steel has been fun, no thinking, planning, and no arguments over rules, just listen for the beep and step on the gas. I think it was Max Michel that said it was drag racing with a handgun. It's been a nice change for a while. I'm a firm believer in doing what's fun and gives you some enjoyment. When something loses its fun factor I do something different.
  4. Yes, there is still a limit. I looked this one up and found.. 6.6.12 Required shooter movement under their own power of more than 10 yards between firing points is not permitted. Total required shooter movement under their own power of more than 20 yards is not permitted
  5. Yes, I did. After I shot one local match with the new cover lines (foot faults) it was immediately apparent that IDPA would no longer be shooting from cover. The old shoot them as you see them no longer applies since if you position yourself right on the cover line you can often see them all and have to remember what order to shoot them. I didn't have enough interest left in me to go to the Nats this year, first one that I missed in the last 14 years.
  6. All 617s need reaming?

    It removed so much that I stopped and double checked the part number. It works much better now with less lite strikes and easier reloading.
  7. S&W 19-4 IDPA build?

    I used them a lot back when I did a switch hand reload but after I started keeping the gun in my firing hand during reloads I moved away from them.
  8. 7 shot 9mm S&W

    There is some fine print that usually gets missed, the warranty is only for the original purchaser. S&W will usually still fix it but I have been denied service due to the fact that I was not the original purchaser, something to keep in mind when buying a used gun.
  9. Was that barrel for a 38 special, did you have to trim to fit, I have one but it is 38, Hant to have it put in my 627.

    1. Gregg K

      Gregg K

      Yes, it was a .38 Special. I had to chuck it up in a lathe and set it back to get the index right and then cut the barrel\cylinder gap and forcing cone. It's 8 oz lighter than my 929.

    2. onebadeye
  10. 6" Barrel for 627

    I bought this 6.5" barrel from Gunbroker and mounted it to one of my 627's. The barrel was made for an Outdoorsman and was brand new in the box. As mentioned above, a model 27 will work too. The 27 would be a little thinner.
  11. Chamfered My First Ti Cylinder Today

    If you do the first bit of chamfering with a grinding stone the Brownell's tool will work fine for the clean up.
  12. Best Dremel tools for cutting a hammer

    Someone did something similar in that "neck" area a while back and it failed after a while. I'll be watching with interest to see how this does over time.
  13. 8-Shooter Options; please help. Please.

    I have 3 627's and 2 929's. I spent twice the cost of a 929 on my first 627 to get it to what a 929 is to start with. I like the 6.5" barrels and the Ti cylinder so by the time I swapped the barrel out (twice) and installed a Ti cylinder, I spent a butt load of money on my first 627. I like the combination that you get with the 929. It doesn't matter which gun has a better trigger out of the box since you are going to rework it anyway. I have never seen anyone happy shooting revolvers that did not reload so I wish you luck with that.
  14. IDPA Legal 10mm Dave Cylinder Release

    Yes, it covered those mainspring locks as well. It was a no brainer on the S&W hammer lock since the S&W manual said to never engage the lock with the weapon loaded. The magazine disconnect guys got a break as well like the Browning Hi Power, you can get rid of the disconnects too. 8.1.6 Legal Modifications for All Divisions Storage locks may be disabled or removed. Magazine disconnects may be disabled or removed.
  15. IDPA Legal 10mm Dave Cylinder Release

    This is a picture from before I removed my lock. This is what you do with those hammer spurs. I pointed to the back of the latch and told one equipment guy that it was a factory part, it was a little bit true..