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  1. S&W 19-4 IDPA build?

    I used them a lot back when I did a switch hand reload but after I started keeping the gun in my firing hand during reloads I moved away from them.
  2. 7 shot 9mm S&W

    There is some fine print that usually gets missed, the warranty is only for the original purchaser. S&W will usually still fix it but I have been denied service due to the fact that I was not the original purchaser, something to keep in mind when buying a used gun.
  3. Was that barrel for a 38 special, did you have to trim to fit, I have one but it is 38, Hant to have it put in my 627.

    1. Gregg K

      Gregg K

      Yes, it was a .38 Special. I had to chuck it up in a lathe and set it back to get the index right and then cut the barrel\cylinder gap and forcing cone. It's 8 oz lighter than my 929.

    2. onebadeye
  4. 6" Barrel for 627

    I bought this 6.5" barrel from Gunbroker and mounted it to one of my 627's. The barrel was made for an Outdoorsman and was brand new in the box. As mentioned above, a model 27 will work too. The 27 would be a little thinner.
  5. Chamfered My First Ti Cylinder Today

    If you do the first bit of chamfering with a grinding stone the Brownell's tool will work fine for the clean up.
  6. Best Dremel tools for cutting a hammer

    Someone did something similar in that "neck" area a while back and it failed after a while. I'll be watching with interest to see how this does over time.
  7. 8-Shooter Options; please help. Please.

    I have 3 627's and 2 929's. I spent twice the cost of a 929 on my first 627 to get it to what a 929 is to start with. I like the 6.5" barrels and the Ti cylinder so by the time I swapped the barrel out (twice) and installed a Ti cylinder, I spent a butt load of money on my first 627. I like the combination that you get with the 929. It doesn't matter which gun has a better trigger out of the box since you are going to rework it anyway. I have never seen anyone happy shooting revolvers that did not reload so I wish you luck with that.
  8. IDPA Legal 10mm Dave Cylinder Release

    Yes, it covered those mainspring locks as well. It was a no brainer on the S&W hammer lock since the S&W manual said to never engage the lock with the weapon loaded. The magazine disconnect guys got a break as well like the Browning Hi Power, you can get rid of the disconnects too. 8.1.6 Legal Modifications for All Divisions Storage locks may be disabled or removed. Magazine disconnects may be disabled or removed.
  9. IDPA Legal 10mm Dave Cylinder Release

    This is a picture from before I removed my lock. This is what you do with those hammer spurs. I pointed to the back of the latch and told one equipment guy that it was a factory part, it was a little bit true..
  10. IDPA Legal 10mm Dave Cylinder Release

    The hammer lock was ruled a storage lock. Here is the clip from the rule book regarding storage locks. I have removed mine and replaced it with a plug. 8.1.6 Legal Modifications for All Divisions Storage locks may be disabled or removed.
  11. IDPA Legal 10mm Dave Cylinder Release

    Just remember that it can only be used on the enhanced revolver side of REV in IDPA which is basically your moon clip guns running 155 PF. You can not use anything other than a factory latch on the SSR style speed loader guns running 105 PF.
  12. How Often Do You Shoot Revolver?

    I was one of the faithful 17 in Vegas. Myself, Rob, Jerry and Phil were on one of the stages having a discussion about the sad state of the Revolver division and Rob and Jerry were pitching the idea of the 8 shot to Phil. I told them that what they were proposing would kill off the 625 and they all said that it wouldn't. I think that Phil may have believed it since he was deferring to the wisdom of Rob and Jerry but there is no way that Rob and Jerry really believed it, if I could see that it would be the death of the 625 they had to know it too. I told them that Revolver division looked to be dead any way and I had no better suggestion. It's kind of hard to bitch about someone's idea if you don't have a better one to offer up. Looking back I think that it would have been good to try the stand alone Nationals longer first before going to the 8 shot. The stand alone match allowed people to shoot revolver and not force them to choose between their open or limited gun and shooting a revolver. The stand alone match was probably what got the participation up. I didn't have that crystal ball back in Vegas to think of that idea. I think that Rob and Jerry wanting to shoot minor and working on Phil was one of the driving forces that got us to the 8 shot rule. We are here now and I don't see it changing so we need to play this hand out.
  13. required to use factory ammo for classifer

    And that is one of the biggest problems that IDPA must overcome, people running events that aren't literate enough to read the rule book.
  14. IDPA, tear down this wall!

    Let the 8 shot revolvers play in ESP shooting 125 PF with moons. They would be at a competitive disadvantage against the 10 + 1 autos but it would be fun to watch the auto guys cry about those revo guys whipping their butts.
  15. Anybody run a 625 in IDPA?

    Can somebody post a quick summary of the new rules that apply here? The short story is there is now only one division (REV) that has 2 sub-catagories, Stock Revolver and Enhanced Revolver. Stock Revolvers are your speedloader guns and Enhanced Revolver is your moonclip guns. If you shoot speedloaders you only have to make 105 PF and if you shoot a moonclip gun you must make 155 PF. The Enhanced Revolvers can run a modified cylinder latch but nothing like the Hogue latch. Here are the rules for the new REV division...... 8.2.5 Revolver Division (REV) Revolvers will be categorized into one of the two following sub-categories: Stock Revolver or Enhanced Revolver Stock Revolver handguns permitted for use must be: Any revolver that uses .38 Special or larger cartridges with a rimmed case and is not loaded with moon clips. The unloaded firearm must weigh 43.00 oz. (1219.0 grams) or less. Enhanced Revolver handguns permitted for use must be: Any revolver that uses .357 magnum or larger cartridges with rimmed or rimless cases. The unloaded firearm must weigh 50.00 oz. (1417.5 grams) or less. May be loaded via speed loader or full moon clip. Stock and Enhanced Revolver requirements: The use of trimmed (shortened) ammunition is not allowed. Ammunition used must match the cartridge listed on the firearm with the following exceptions: .38 special in .357 magnum .44 special in .44 magnum .45 Auto Rim or .45 GAP in .45 ACP .45 ACP or .45 GAP in .45 Colt .40 S&W in 10mm Barrel length of 4.25” (108 mm) or less. Be loaded to the division capacity of six (6) rounds in the cylinder. Seven (7) and eight (8) shot revolvers are permitted, but may only load six (6) rounds. Stock and Enhanced Revolver Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): Sights may be changed to another notch and post type. The frame and barrel may be machined to accept different style sights. Action work to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is maintained (smoothing the trigger face, removing the hammer spur, use of over travel stop, conversion to DA only and addition of ball detent are considered action work and are permitted). Grips may be changed to another style or material that is similar to factory configuration, provided they do not weigh more than 2.00 oz. (56.7 grams) more than the factory standard weight for that model. Grip tape, skateboard tape, etc. may be used. Cylinder latches may be changed to another factory offering from the firearm manufacturer. Chamfer the rear of the chambers. Shortening of factory barrels. Re-barreling to another factory offering for that model. Firearms converted to accept moon clips may be used in Stock Revolver provided moon clips are not used. Custom finishes. Enhanced Revolver Additional Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): Cylinder latches may be modified or replaced, but may not protrude past the frame in any direction and may not be thicker than 3/8" (9.5 mm) as measured from the side plate of the frame. Conversion to accept moon clips. - 40 - Stock and Enhanced Revolver Excluded Modifications (Non-Inclusive list): Oversize or heavy barrels. Hogue Big Butt grips and similar are not allowed. The maximum grip dimensions allowed are: 5.00” (127mm) maximum height, measured from the bottom of the hammer opening in the frame to the bottom of the grip 2 3/8” (60.3mm) maximum depth. 1 5/8” (41.3mm) maximum width