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  1. What LB recoil and mainspring for 45

    17 lb main spring and 14 lb recoil for my 200gr SWC shooting Major. I like ISMI chrome silicon. Dcalvert
  2. At one time I had 2 650's on my bench. I added a 1050, now I have 3 1050's. One has a Ponsess Warren drive, you may find that you don't need the auto drive.They are outstanding machines that you could never wear out. I would buy the 1050 and consider if you really need the drive. dcalvert
  3. Green 620 on my shorty's that are quite violent seems to work the best. You will need some heat to remove them. dcalvert
  4. Best 2011 Mag Springs?

    Grams are the gold standard, use them and you can eliminate the spring as the potential problem. dcalvert
  5. Whats next?

    Shoot as fast as you can see the shot. Do everything else fast. Practice until it becomes smooth and fast."Speed is the economy of Motion" dcalvert
  6. Limited to open. Costa comp carry

    The punishment of a slide ride on a major PF open gun will decrease reliability of the sight. As an died in the wool limited guy I find the RTS2 on the Cheely Frame mount a very easy transition. Atlanta Arms sells Major PF 38 Super/Supercomp and 9mm major that is excellent but not as good as rolling your own. Open is expensive and Fun too shoot. dcalvert
  7. Magazines

    1 @ 170 and 2 @ 140's minimum the 3rd 140 is nice for classifiers that have you dropping mags after shooting 6 rounds or so with multiple strings. dcalvert
  8. 180gr 40 cal bullets. What do you use?

    Blue Bullets for Limited and Montana Gold for open can't go wrong! calvert
  9. Best coating for Open 2011

    Hard Chrome is my favorite by far. Looks and durability. I have at least 10 hard chromed pistols that see lots of matches and have never seen one with a speck of rust. dcalvert
  10. Disable grip safety or not.

    Definitely pinning is the way to go. With the proper grip, Thumb up on safety most folks have trouble reliably disengaging them. It is easy to reverse by simply removing the main spring housing to access and remove the pin. calvert
  11. 147 gn Xtreme bullets for open 38sc

    I have had trouble with some plated bullets not being able to hold a group the size of a pie plate at 25yds! Be sure to check you may be surprised. dcalvert
  12. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    4756 is awesome but very hard to find since it has been discontinued. Vit 3N38 is a little cleaner and makes lots of gas! dcalvert
  13. Best drill for a newbie

    I like drills that use partial targets mixed in and concentrate on making tight shots after an easy wide open target. Shifting gears is a good skill set to develop. Also like to drill on standards with long shots using strong and week hands include some gun manipulation skills here. Reloads, transfers etc. dcalvert
  14. Mr Bulletfeeder

    These bullet feeders have set the standard for reliability, So much so that Dillion now carries them. Had one for years, there are a great addition to my 1050's dcalvert