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  1. More AFTEC

    Appreciate all the input. I compressed the extractor and springs in the vise overnight, did a little judicious filing on the hook and reinstalled. It was better but the case was still held a little tight so I reinstalled with the front spring only. I took it out for a short session. I ran 100 rounds of the same ammo from 3 mags (including a full 170mm MBX) with no issues. I'm hoping to get it out once more before the match this weekend but I'm very encouraged. Thanks again.
  2. More AFTEC

    Yeah. I was surprised with the difference in the "fit". I was expecting the only difference in the dimensions between the two Aftecs to be on the hook. Since the 9mm is going in the same hole in the same slide with the same fitted FP block as the 38 Super I was expecting something different. I'm going to give the above suggestions a try.
  3. More AFTEC

    Thanks all. I'm going to try all of the above one at a time starting with the spring mashing. I'll post results.
  4. More AFTEC

    Thanks for the response.
  5. More AFTEC

    I've got an STI GM in 38 Super. When the hook broke on the extractor last year I replaced it with an Aftec for 38 Super. Popped it in with both springs following all instructions. It has run like a top since. I decided to get a 9mm barrel fitted to "Ole Painless". I picked up a 9mm/38 SC Aftec. Popped it in with both springs according to all instructions. Way, way too much tension. I reinstalled with one spring (rear) and still too much tension. I compressed the spring for 10 - 15 seconds and still too much tension. It takes a lot to get it to turn loose of a dummy. I'm getting a lot of mis-feeds too on all magazines with 9mm, none with Super. The 38 Super Aftec supplies less than optimum tension (won't really hold an empty case) in the same gun with both springs installed but the extra rim on the Super is probably forgiving. Anyone have any suggestions? I was going to call Aftec for tech support but haven't been able to find a webpage.
  6. Threaded barrel in carry optics ported core

    Cool. I'm printing this along with my email from Troy and sticking it in my range bag. I need to find some scales.
  7. Thanks for the update. I'll make plans accordingly.
  8. How is Carry Optics shaping up as a recognized Division? Thinking about switching.
  9. Threaded barrel in carry optics ported core

    I asked NROI: I recently purchased a Performance Center 4.25 inch M&P for use in USPSA Production and Carry Optics. I am sure you are familiar with this gun. It came with a ported and a non-ported barrel. The non-ported is threaded and about 5 inches long. It also has a factory ported slide. Is this gun legal for Production and CO in the non-ported factory configuration or am I restricted to limited and Open? Thank you. NROI Response: It's legal in the non-ported version for both divisions if it's on the list.
  10. USPSA's Value Proposition

    Maybe the non-members should also be exempted from pasting/resetting targets, keeping score and running timers too. That way it will be all about them and members can be their......[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks to Elizabeth, Brad and all the staff for a great match. The stages were great (except for that one target ) and the staff was excellent. As good a bunch of RO's as I've been around. Burgers were good too! It was a very well run match over all.
  12. Open Gun Pictures

    Did you do cut outs or did it come that way? Looks factory. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Using coated bullets in a Comp'd gun

    Not blue but I run BBI exclusively in 125, 135, 160 and 230 grn bullets in Open, limited, revolver and SS. No leading up to 1400 fps.
  14. I'm no expert. I drop parts in Glocks, polish S&W internals and have a good set of punches and screwdrivers. I just wanted to share this recent experience with a new STI. Got my brand new discontinued STI GM in 38 Super. What a beautiful thing! I picked it up from my small town USA FFL delivery with much pageantry. We passed it around, racked the slide, felt the trigger, turned on the dot and just generally admired it. The Owner of the shop admitted this was the first one they had ever received or even seen. One of the girls that works there seemed a little left out so I asked if she would like to check it out before I left. She sheepishly said “I already have. I checked it out when it came in”. I don’t blame you, I replied. I took it home, showed it to the wife (“yep, that’s pretty”) and took off to the basement. My brass and dies came in the next day from Starline and Midway. By that time I had field stripped, wiped it down and re-lubed. I proceeded to load up some 125 grn. BBI’s to my 9mm major recipe. This load only produced about 155 pf. as opposed to 170 in my Glock. Turned a few more flats on the powder measure which produced about 168 pf. Problem was the gun was not extracting. The slide was just barely moving with these loads. I got on Benos and discovered several posts on faulty new STI’s. Somehow I missed these when I was deciding to buy one. One of the posts had an STI quote saying to run 100-500 175 pf rounds thru it to break it in. Turned the measure again and got in the 174 range but the gun still wasn’t cycling enough to reach the ejector. By this time I’m starting to look at warranty return information. Since it was Friday and nobody was home at STI I decided to think on it more over the weekend. I read a lot of the forums and decided to do some backyard troubleshooting. First I racked the slide several hundred times til my hands got raw, wiping and re-lubing along the way. Next, I ran 10 190 pf rounds (124 grn. Jacketed). It was still a single shot and only barely bumping the ejector enough to release the spent case. It still wasn’t ejecting or coming to the rear enough to pick up the next round. I decided to forget it was a brand new factory gun and just act like I had thrown a bunch of parts on a frame and do what I would do. The slide was very smooth. The gun failed the same way with or without the magazine installed. My first guess was that the recoil spring was too heavy. I trimmed 2 coils off the recoil spring and it started cycling 175 pf but still stovepiping every few rounds. Progress! I trimmed 2 more coils and it started running 175’s no problem. I dropped back to 170ish and it started running. It hasn’t jammed in a couple of hundred and fifty rounds. I used all the new STI magazines with no problems. The cases are all exiting nicely in an arc landing 3 to 4 feet away. I think it’s going to be really nice. I’m figuring STI must have installed the “Heavy” recoil master instead of the “Light” called for with the 38 Super. I tried to call STI Monday but wasn’t able to get thru so I ordered a light spring from SC. BTW, this gun did not come with a test target.
  15. 8 shots invalidating classifier scores?

    Maybe this was all a ploy by ICORE to drop the price of 625's. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk