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  1. STI Mag with TT 4G2

    Ok I converted one of my .40 mags over.... new style sti tube, grams spring, gram follower and tt 4g2 Runs great in my sti edge. 20 reloadable. I can cram 21 in, but don't think it would go in gun. Checked in mag gauge last night. No room for grip tape numbers on bottom. I will have to check on laser ingraving to number them. Thanks everyone.
  2. STI Mag with TT 4G2

    Can anyone tell me if the New style STI 40 S&W 140 mm Tubes with the engraving on the front with Gram spring and Gram Follower fit the USPSA Mag guage? If so will I have room for Skate tape numbers on the bottom?
  3. Alliant Sport Pistol

    Anyone using it yet? Anyone seen it for sale?